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The Near Impossibility of Moving Up After Welfare

In the wake of welfare reform, unemployed people are pushed to quickly find work, any work. But too often those jobs lead nowhere.

The return of Abbott

Tony Abbott lost his leadership in part by pushing too hard on unpopular measures he thought necessary - especially spending cuts and needed welfare reforms…

Maximum Family Grant Dead in California

The welfare reform movement of the 1990s really was the political peak of the white backlash that began having political success in the mid-1960s, when the civil rights movement came to the north and west, outraging whites in those regions with demands for the end of de facto segregation, the end of police violence against […]

Congressional Reassertion

Last week, I noted around here that the House Republican agenda, now being rolled out in stages, is both impressive and tragic. The substance, particularly on welfare and regulatory reform, has been quite good on the whole. But thisShow More Summary

CorpEd's "Third Way" Is Corporate Welfare Stealth Scheme

Corporate education reform is scrambling to come up with a new scheme that can be foisted on a general public that is now finally awakened to the giant sucking sound that charter schools make when they start drawing off millions of education dollars to fund segregated corporate reform schools. Show More Summary

Why Hillary Has Never Apologized for Welfare Reform

The 1990s policy fight shaped her as a politician. Now, her positions seem to undermine her presidential platform.

Republican Welfare Reform Doubles Down On What Didn't Work Before

Relying on TANF as a model and focusing on symptoms, not causes, undermines any attempt to address poverty.

Universal Basic Income’s Growing Appeal

Speaker Ryan released the first part of his anti-poverty agenda this morning. If there ever was a consensus in this town, it is that the current welfare system is broken and needs to be reformed. The status quo is not acceptable anymore. Show More Summary

The Speciesism of “Plural Approaches”

In response to a critique of welfare reform and other approaches that actually promote animal exploitation, some supposed animal advocates say that we need “plural approaches.” They say that, in addition to promoting veganism as a moral...Show More Summary

House Bill would Strengthen Welfare-Work Requirement

Rep. Jim Jordan was behind this recently-proposed bill on welfare-work requirements: Rep. Jim Jordan introduced a bill Thursday that would reform the Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. “Welfare programs are meant to be a temporary safety net, but they have become a permanent way of life for millions of Americans,” Jordan, R-Ohio, said […]

On Welfare Reform, Moynihan Was Right

Twenty years ago, to acclamation in some quarters and disdain in others, Daniel Patrick Moynihan predicted devastation would trail in the wake of welfare reform, especially for children, whom he anticipated would be "put to the sword"...Show More Summary

Why the U.K. Government Has Failed the Disabled Community

This is a time of great tribulation for disabled people in the United Kingdom. As a result of more than half a decade of austerity cuts and reform to the country's welfare state, hundreds of thousands of disabled people around the country...Show More Summary

Kuwait freedoms make austerity drive tricky for government

KUWAIT (Reuters) - A three-day strike by oil workers in Kuwait last month over pay reforms shows the government faces considerable opposition as it prepares to push through painful and controversial cuts to longstanding welfare benefits.

California’s Minimum Wage Increase Is Not Enough for the Working Poor

Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a minimum wage increase into law. But if we really care about those living in poverty many of whom are Latinos and their children—the next step must be repealing the state’s "family cap" welfare reform that penalizes the poor for having children. The post California’s Minimum Wage Increase Is Not Enough for the Working Poor appeared first on Rewire.

Did Welfare Reform Lead Some American Families to Work Less?

From Microeconomic Insights: Did welfare reform lead some American families to work less?, by Patrick Kline (Berkeley), Melissa Tartari (Chicago): The landmark US welfare reform of 1996 provided strong incentives for poor women to work while receiving assistance – but...

Hillary Clinton: ‘We Have To Take A Hard Look’ At Welfare Reform

"I believed that it could be a net positive if it were implemented right," she said of her support for a bill that drastically changed the safety net for the neediest. The post Hillary Clinton: ‘We Have To Take A Hard Look’ At Welfare Reform appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Incremental Reform in the Human Context Is Not Analogous to Welfare Reform and Single-Issue Campaigns in the Nonhuman Context

A question we received: If we think that the prison-industrial complex is wrong and we want to abolish it, we would all think it would be okay to work at the same time for single issue campaigns to improve the lives of the prisonersShow More Summary

Japan’s ageing population and welfare reform

Most countries with a generous pay-as-you-go social security system and ageing demographics will need to implement significant welfare reform, such as a major cut in benefits or a significant increase in distortionary taxation. Individuals’...Show More Summary

It's Time to Give the 90s a Rest

The 1990s sure are being relitigated these days, aren't they? The repeal of Glass-Steagall. Welfare reform. The crime bill. NAFTA. This is...mostly kind of boring. Glass-Steagall almost certainly had nothing to do with the 2008 financial crisis, and it had been effectively dead for years before it was officially repealed anyway. Show More Summary

No, Bill Clinton, You Can’t Blame Welfare Reform’s Failures On Republicans

Bill Clinton claimed that poverty decreased and any failures are thanks to Republicans, but that's not what the data shows. The post No, Bill Clinton, You Can’t Blame Welfare Reform’s Failures On Republicans appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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