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A Yale Dean Was Put on Leave for Writing Mean Yelp Reviews

The residential-college dean referred to “white trash” and “low class folks” in the reviews.

In White Folks News: Ben Stiller And Wife Christine Taylor Split After 17 Years Of Marriage

14 hours agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Bossip

Ben Stiller Splits With Wife Christine Taylor Another Hollywood couple is biting the dust. You probably recognize Christine from several of Ben Stillers films, as he was cast alongside his wife in films like Dodgeball and Zoolander. The coupled

White Privilege: Southampton Board Candidate Says “Nier” Freely Because She “Doesn’t See Color”

15 hours agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Bossip

Southampton Board Hopeful Defends Her Right To Call Black Folks N-Word In todays edition of toxic white entitlement, we present Valerie Smith. Smith is a candidate for the Southampton Village Board and last year she called the police because there

White Folks Still Claim Jesus Was A Cracker

Teen boy: Do you know where I can find those Communion wafers? I want to eat them with salsa. Friend: Um, you can’t just eat those. It’s the body of Christ. –Rockefeller Center Overheard by: Jason Headline by: Bored Beyond Belief Runners-Up: · “Besides, Three Days Later You’ll Be Hungry Again” – Sparky · “…And […]

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Sinks As White Voters, Republicans Withdraw Support

2 days agoNews : Newsweek: US

The folks who voted for Trump in droves have begun to back away from the president, a new poll found this week.

How Black and White Folks can Listen to Each Other Even When We’re Afraid

We spit in the face of domination and oppression by sharing our pain and learning to hear that of another. The post How Black and White Folks can Listen to Each Other Even When We’re Afraid appeared first on The Good Men Project.

In White Folks News: Scarlett Johansson Gets Caught Slobbin’ Down SNL Actor Colin Jost

Colin Jost Had Scarlett Johansson Singing Hallelujah After SNL Scarlett Johansson is enjoying being a single lady again. The actress made an appearance as Ivanka Trump on Saturday nights episode of SNL which included her wearing a wig and singing

White Womens Catch Fade At Graduation: Woman Uses Thor Punches! [Video]

Some white folks were filmed thugged out at graduation this week and two of them seem to be the aggressors. The one lady in the tiger dress is pushing everybody around and throwing serious hammer punches. SMH Savage! IMAGE VIA

Time Magazine Shows White House Morphing Into Kremlin

And remember folks, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. This video shows the Trump White House morphing into the Kremlin, with audio of the so-called President lying about his phone calls to Russia. Because he's a liar and a Kremlin...Show More Summary

The Yale dean's Yelp reviews use phrases like "white trash," "low class folks," and "barely educated morons."

WaPo reports under this faux-naive headline: "Yale dean once championed cultural sensitivity. Then she called people ‘white trash’ on Yelp." As if it's a puzzling paradox that an elite administrator would propound the usual diversity pap and actually view nonelites with contempt. Show More Summary

In White Folks News: Lonely Becky Says “Yes” To Her Own Dress And Marries Herself [Video]

A Woman Marries Herself People are single and lonelier than ever before. During a recent listen to an NPR radio segment, it was reported that 45% of the adult population in America is single. People are using social media

Parmesan Crusted Tears: Uber Driver Called ‘Racist’ After Ejecting White Folks Using “Ngga” From His Car ?

Getty Images Uber Driver Praised For Booting Out Ngga Rapping White Folks An Uber passengers tweet went viral after allegedly witnessing two white passengers get the boot before their ride was complete. They got kicked to the curb after repeating

Ho Sit Down: WWE Diva Ariane “Cameron” Andrews Says She Loves Vanilla And Doesn’t Date Black Guys!

Wrestler Says She Likes White Guys, Doesnt Date Blacks At All For the folks who watch WWWE Divas did you know one of the young black women on the show has such a love of the swirl that she

Flacks on Comey Firing: Nothing to See Here, Folks! Trump: Hold My Beer

Trump sends out flacks to say the firing of Comey had nothing to do with the Russia investigation, and was based on a recommendation from a career DoJ guy. Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells TODAY that President Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey “has nothing to do with any investigation […]

WATCH LIVE: The Latest Media Snowjob From Our Dishonest White House

Yes, I know the headline might strike some people as "biased." But that's what it is, folks.

Watch Nas & Jack White Cover A 1920s Blues Song

2 weeks agoMusic / Indie Music : Stereogum

American Epic is a forthcoming PBS documentary about the early-20th-century birth of the American recording industry -- specifically, about the era when labels would go out into rural America to find blues and folk and country musicians. There's also going to be a performance special called The American Epic Sessions in which musicians like Willie…

Let’s Laugh At All The White People Mad That Betsy Devos Got Booed At Bethune Cookman

We are Bethune-Cookman University. And best believe Mary taught us well. $murf ???? (@smurfresh) May 10, 2017 White Folks Are Mad Betsy Devos Got Booed On Wednesday, stepped-on mayonnaise packet Betsy Devos spoke at HBCU Bethune-Cookman University. Of

The white working class, back in charge

Lisa and me and several other political folks – a Prime Minister, a Premier, and some impressive cabinet ministers and strategist types – were at a fascinating event in Toronto last night. Professor Justin Gets spoke. A snippet from the column that arose out of his talk, below. The white working class – who wanted Britain out […]

Fox Buffoons Pretend Russian Scandal Is Hearsay, Not As Serious As 'Unmasking'

The folks on the Fox curvy couch were very confused by the Senate testimonies of James Clapper and Sally Yates. They've imbibed so much Fox/Pravda/White House Kool-Aid, they absolutely think there's no evidence of Russian-Trump Campaign collusion. Show More Summary

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