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In Search Of Fall Color

The Fall foliage has been a little slow to develop this year but I started seeing a little more color to the leaves this weekend. I visited the reservoir on Saturday and was pleased to see my first White-throated Sparrows and Juncos of the season. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #221: Nest Watch, White-throated Sparrows

11 months agoHobbies / Birding : Birdchick Blog

Help a graduate fund her research project. How much would you pay to go glamping for a nigh parrot in Australia? The city if Wichita is offering tips to prevent herons and egrets from nesting in your yard. The California super bloom has been great for birds too. Be sure to check out the video. It's project nest watch time and there is of course an app for that.

Robert Bateman “White-throated Sparrow and Pussy...

Robert Bateman “White-throated Sparrow and Pussy Willow” 1984 by Beth Timken Via Flickr: Robert Bateman, OC OBC RCA (1930- ) Canadian naturalist and painter. Website: acrylic painting This is a copyright work for educational purposes only.

Weird Genetics: White-throated Sparrow

The White-throated Sparrow is one of my all-time favorite birds. I saw and heard my first on April 12, 1975, when I was a brand-new birder. I was in Virginia for an environmental education conference right when White-throats were in full migration down there. Show More Summary

White-throated Sparrows

By November most of our songbirds are gone. But at least a few white-throated sparrows, which nest farther north and have been migrating through here since late September, elect to stay instead of heading to the southeastern United States to spend the winter. Not only do they stay, but they continue to whistle their plaintive […]

November Birds

3 years agoHobbies / Birding : Looking Up

This morning, despite the frost, the pumpkin maintained a stiff upper lip. It was time to head out to the local metropark to drop in at the window on wildlife. Fox Sparrow White-throated Sparrow A closer look There are 10 birds in this photo :) _______________________________________________

Peabody Street Pickwick Club

(Transcript of today's For the Birds) Now that our huge warbler migration fall-out is over, life on Peabody Street is much less fraught. During the peak, I was getting several hundred White-throated Sparrows in my yard—now I have fewer than a dozen from day to day. Show More Summary


White-throated Sparrows, one Fox Sparrow, and several White-crowned Sparrows cover the ground in my own backyard, where I scatter white millet for them. Not one sparrow has hit my windows this year. Right now, the western end of Lake Superior is in the midst of a massive migration fall-out. Show More Summary

Wild sparrow study traces social behaviors in the field to specific gene

A unique study of the white-throated sparrow has identified a biological pathway connecting variation in the birds' aggression and parenting behaviors in the wild to variation in their genome. The Proceedings of the National AcademyShow More Summary

Zonotrichia albicollis (White-throated Sparrow)

4 years agoHobbies / Birding : Ecobirder

The white-throated sparrow is a new world (Emberizine) sparrow that is named for the white throat patch below it's beak. They breed in the eastern three quarters of Canada as well as in parts of north central and north eastern United States. Show More Summary

Winter Coming?

Today, I saw my first White-Throated Sparrow, a sure sign of winter approaching. The forecast for tomorrow night is for a hard freeze so the bird seems to know what he is doing. I read that one comes first as a scout for the others so...Show More Summary

White-throated Sparrows

White-throated Sparrow By: Pat Coate The white-throated sparrow is a handsome bird that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. They tend to be on the early side of migration, so I love the re-awakening of the garden and the milder weather that I have come to associate with them. Each spring they […]

Bird Banding

We had a great, if a bit chilly, day at bird banding.  Here are some of the birds we caught, banded, and released: Gray Catbird Song Sparrow Black-capped Chickadee Common Yellowthroat Yellow Warbler White-throated Sparrow Hairy Woodpecker, Female Blue Jay The ever observant Terry LeBaron also noticed a Song Sparrow fly up out of the […]

Is birdsong really music?

Birds may be moved emotionally by their own music in the same way as we are by ours, suggests a new study on white-throated sparrows. read more

Birdsong study pecks theory that music is uniquely human

A bird listening to birdsong may experience some of the same emotions as a human listening to music, suggests a new study on white-throated sparrows. The new study found that the same neural reward system is activated in female birds in the breeding state that are listening to male birdsong, and in people listening to music that they like.

Birdsong study pecks theory that music is uniquely human

A bird listening to birdsong may experience some of the same emotions as a human listening to music, suggests a new study on white-throated sparrows, published in Frontiers of Evolutionary Neuroscience. "We found that the same neural...Show More Summary

Zonotrichia albicollis

6 years agoHobbies / Birding : Ecobirder

Zonotrichia albicollis, or the white-throated sparrow, is an emberizine sparrow that can be found in the eastern half of North America. White crowned sparrows breed in eastern Canada and the north central and north eastern United States. Show More Summary

New Research on White-throated Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos

(Transcript of today's For the Birds) One of the abundant backyard birds in north country in October is our little White-throated Sparrow. Juncos are starting to outnumber them at feeders now, and by the time the first snow flies most...Show More Summary

Sparrows Seem to Have Second Set of Sex Chromozones

7 years agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

A close look at a common North American songbird, the white-throated sparrow, reveals that it may be evolving a second pair of sex chromosomes. –read more I couldn’t quite wrap my head around this so...

Random White-throated Sparrow

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