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Why You Shouldn't Shine Lasers At Police Aircraft (You Get Hunted Down)

When I was a kid, I had a small laser pointer. It chowed down on single cell batteries and did little more than annoy my pets. Now, modern laser pointers, such as the Wicked Lasers that exist for whatever reason, can burn through stuff and shoot a beam all the way into space. Sure, that sounds pretty cool but all of this can be bad news for helicopter pilots. More »      

Why You Shouldn't Shine Lasers at Police Aircraft (You Get Hunted Down)

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

When I was a kid, I had a small laser pointer. It chowed down on single cell batteries and did little more than annoy my pets. Now, modern laser pointers, such as the Wicked Lasers that exist for whatever reason, can burn through stuff and shoot a beam all the way into space. Read more...

Fawout Wazer Wifle Weplica Wooks Wicked

5 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : technabob

For just £395 (~$670 USD) you can get yourself this amazing life-size laser rifle from Fallout 3. You might recognize it as the Wazer Wifle, which is a unique version of the AER9 laser rifle. It…

Wicked Laser’s Flashtorch Packs Enough Power to Cook an Egg

Wicked Laser's handheld laser products are beloved by Star Wars fans everywhere. But they also make a high-end flashlight. The latest tweak to their Flashtorch design packs up to 4,100 lumens of light, making it powerful enough to cook an egg. The

2014 Wicked Lasers Flashtorch

A flashlight with a powerful 4100 lumen halogen lamp. Its heat-resistant lens and reflector lets it provide a wide floodlight or a focused beam that can set objects on fire at close range. Because this is Wicked Lasers we’re talking about.

Wicked Lasers Flashtorch Flashlight: Yep, It Also Sets Stuff on Fire

7 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : technabob

Wicked Lasers has updated its Flashtorch flashlight to be lighter and longer lasting than ever before. The company claims that the Flashtorch is the world’s brightest and most powerful flashlight. I can’t verify that, though I…

Handheld Laser Harnesses Moon’s ‘Dark Power’ to Set Stuff on Fire

11 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gadget Lab

We weren't aware the moon was a source of "dark power," but apparently it is. That power has been harnessed in one of Wicked Lasers' latest creations, the Lunar laser.

Wicked Lasers Spyder III Lunar and Inferno: United Colors of Sith

12 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : technabob

Wicked Lasers recently added two new members to its dangerously powerful Spyder III series. The Lunar and Inferno lasers produce malevolent purple and red beams respectively, countering the green Krypton and the blue Arctic. The Spy...

Major Lazer – “Jet Blue Jet” Video

Do you have limited budget in the creativity department? Just spend the funds on a half pound of green and a wicked laser light show. Invite four thots over, let [...]

Review: Wicked Lasers EVO and Arctic Spyder III Lasers

The guys at Wicked Lasers recently sent me a couple of their top-of-the-line lasers to test out, including the recently announced programmable EVO laser and the insanely powerful Arctic Spyder…

Wicked Lasers Evo: The Programmable, Hackable, Portable Laser

I don’t know what you would do with a laser that you can control remotely using a smartphone, but I want one nonetheless. I own a few lasers from Wicked

Wicked Lasers announces the Evo open source laser with iOS control

The day has finally come. What day is that? The day when you can control a laser pointer wirelessly from your iPhone. Wicked Lasers has announced the world's first open source laser, the Evo, and it's fully controllable wirelessly. Not...Show More Summary

You Can Control This Blinding Green Laser Pointer With Your Smartphone

There's really no practical reason anyone needs to own a high-powered green laser pointer (sorry stargazers, not buying it) but that doesn't make them any less desirable. Especially now that Wicked Lasers has just revealed the Evo which can be customized and controlled via an app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Read more...

Smartphone Controlled Evo Laser Would Scare Even a Jedi

Well, despite being able to burn things, Wicked Laser’s line of handheld lasers are all certified as street legal in the United States. That’s a good thing, because there’s a fair amount of fun to be had with the Evo, their newest laser. Show More Summary

Science trumps the Force to create a real-life lightsaber

last yearTechnology / Gadgets : Crave

Science fiction or science friendship? (Credit: Wicked Lasers) In journalism, there's something called a lede, which is just another word for the main or most important part of your story. Normally you want to lay it out for the reader in the first sentence or two. Show More Summary

Welcome To Camp Rave: Trippy Laser Portal In Campfire

last yearOdd : Geekologie

This is a short video of a Wicked Lasers Spyder III 3 Arctic laser with a perpendicular plane lens and a Krypton laser with a star lens making some sort of trippy moving starfield in the smoke of a campfire. I really felt like I was traveling through outerspace. Show More Summary

Campfire Light Show

last yearOdd : Neatorama

(YouTube link) Tim Roman and friends pulled out their Wicked Lasers and pointed them at the campfire, producing an eerie psychedelic portal to another world. They used the Spider 3 Arctic blue laser and the Krypton green laser, which aren't your average laser pointers. Show More Summary

Food In Science Fiction: In The Future, We Will All Eat Lasers

Food is one of the most important world-building tools in a writer's kit — it defines a world and the people in it. Self-described "food writer with a wicked sci-fi addiction" Jason Sheehan muses on food in science fiction — and whether, in the future, we'll all be eating dinner in pill form.

Laser Minigun: Team Fortress 2: Blood Dragon

Patrick Priebe is no stranger to laser-based prop weapons, and Wicked Lasers is no stranger to borderline illegal lasers. Put the two together and this is what you get: a minigun replica…

DIY Laser Gatling Gun By Wicked Lasers

The DIY laser gatling gun is certainly a project anyone can be proud of. Like It, +1, Tweet It, Pin It Original content from Ubergizmo.

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