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Democratic Convention Live Blog, Day 2: Whither the DNC?

3 days agoNews : Truthdig

WP:NFCC#4 / Wikimedia Commons After Monday’s tumultuous and charged launch in Philadelphia, the second day of the Democratic National Convention began with more than a few hefty questions still unanswered. LOOK: A Lens on the Democratic...Show More Summary

How Will Russia Respond to the NATO Summit?

TNI Staff Global Governance, Europe A CFTNI panel weighs in. Join us for a lunchtime panel discussion on Russia's potential military response to the NATO summit.     Image: A NATO peacekeeper. Wikimedia Commons. Read full article

Why Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler Is an Embarrassing Act of Ignorance and Also Political Irresponsiblility

Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons, Donald Trump in 2015, by Gage Skidmore Several times this year Donald Trump has been compared to Adolf Hitler by some people in America, mainly by his political adversaries who disagree with him passionately. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Gabriel Metsu portrait

Portrait of Lucia Wijbrants, Gabriel Metsu Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable high-resolution file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This splendid 17th century portrait by Metsu was for a long time known simply as “Portrait of a Woman”, but the Minneapolis Institute of Arts website […]

Eye Candy for Today: Louis Buvelot’s Yarra Flats

Yarra Flats, Louis Buvelot Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the National Gallery of Victoria, which also has a zoomable version. 19th century Australian artist Louis Buvelot was influential on the generation of Australian painters who followed, including those known as the “Australian Impressionists”, […]

To Save the Northern Bald Ibis

Juvenile Northern Bald Ibis photo by Mich77/Wikimedia Commons Among the most critically endangered birds on the planet is the Northern Bald...

Comments of the Week: Know Your History

3 weeks agoNews : Truthdig

American history, by the textbook: John Trumbull’s “Declaration of Independence” Wikimedia Commons The week that included America’s birthday brought to Truthdig’s comment boards a host of history lessons and discussions that ranged far...Show More Summary

Is Compromise Possible on the Gun Debate?

By Stephen Z (S&W 22/32 Kit Gun Pre 34), via Wikimedia Commons It is often said that one can identify an effective compromise because both sides are inevitably unhappy with it. There's probably some truth to this notion. After all, nobody gets everything they want in a real compromise. Show More Summary

Battle Royal: When England's Henry VIII Wrestled France's King Francis

?Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1545? (Wikimedia Commons) Wrestling, even more than boxing, became a source of entertainment and spectacle in Britain and in the United States in the twentieth century, but it had a rather grand history.Show More Summary

For Fans of the Gigantic

By Kathinka Pasveer - Kathinka Pasveer, CC BY-SA 3.0 The 2019 Holland Festival is, somewhat unbelievably, going to stage Stockhausen's Licht cycle of seven (7) operas, one for each day of the week. Show More Summary

Staring Into The Abyss... Well, Sort Of

Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons, Self-Portrait In Black, Acrylic 18 x 24 inches, 2016, by Peter Reynosa What do you call it when you shut your eyes to go to sleep but keep staring into the black? I've developed over the last year a syndrome... Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Thomas Shotter Boys watercolor

Le Pont Royal, Paris; Thomas Shotter Boys Watercolor and ink over graphite. Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Yale Center for British Art, which also has both zoomable and downloadable files. 19th century British watercolorist Thomas Shotter Boys has given us a view […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like 2016?

Photo of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton via Wikimedia Commons (BU Rob13 and Gage Skidmore) Admittedly, my title doesn't have the ring to it like "How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?" from The Sound of Music does, but when you pit the two predicaments against each other, our present national political quandary seems more pressing. Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Florence Rodway charcoal and chalk portrait

Portrait of a woman, Florence Rodway Link is to zoomable vdersion on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the National Gallery of Art, Australia. Charcoal and chalk on paper, roughly 23 x 18 inches (58 x 46 cm). This forceful but sensitive portrait drawing by 19th century Australian artist Florence […]

Bill to Expand the Muhammad Ali Act to Include MMA Is Now in the U.S. Congress

Photo via Wikimedia Commons For those of us who have dreamed of the day when mixed martial arts would work its way into the national political debate, last week was a quiet victory. On Thursday, Markwayne Mullin, a Republican congressman...Show More Summary

Comments of the Week: Reality Check Edition

2 months agoNews : Truthdig

Nevit Dilmen / Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA) It’s time, once again, for our roundup of some of the week’s most considered, insightful and just plain well-put posts from Truthdig’s comment community. And once again, we’d like to emphasize...Show More Summary

Eye Candy for Today: Ramon Casas’ Plein air

Plein air, Ramon Casas Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya, Barcelona. Casas was a Catalan Spanish painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known primarily for his portraits. I believe the “plein air” of the […]

skunkbear: Because of their adaptive abilities — rapid growth,...

Photo Credit: David Wiltshire Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons Photo Credit: Scott Portelli Photo Credit: Albert Kok/Wikimedia Commons skunkbear: Because of their adaptive abilities — rapid growth, short lifespans and flexible development — cephalopods are sometimes called “the weeds of the sea.” And it seems like that might be serving them well. Show More Summary

The True Cost of Online Crime

Photo Credit: User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-4.0 You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. That's a lesson I learned long before testifying in 2000 at the trial of a man who'd sold 10,000 fake luxury goods through a website, including counterfeit Rolex, Cartier, and Movado watches. Show More Summary

Why Physics Experiments at the Subatomic Level May Cause 'Unknown Unknowns' to Destroy the World

Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons, a simulated particle collision at the Large Hadron Collider, Lucas Taylor "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. Show More Summary

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