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CNN's Hughes Likens Tim Kaine's Spanish To 'Dora The Explorer'

Scottie Nell Hughes, formerly known as CNN's Tea Party spokesperson, is now one of the sycophantic Trumpers, still earning money from that same network. She was someone whom Wolf Blitzer sought to opine on the debut of Hillary and Tim...Show More Summary

Melania Trump's other policy positions, as inspired by Twilight Sparkle

Of all the 10,000 excuses generated by the RNC’s Donald Trump excuse machine in the past 48 hours, my favorite has to be their official explanation for Melania Trump’s plagiarism. Talking to Wolf Blitzer, Republican strategist Sean Spicer...Show More Summary

RNC Hack Invokes Twilight Sparkle From 'My Little Pony' To Dismiss Plagiarism Charges

The RNC is now so beholden to Trump that they'll resort to this type of foolishness to defend the indefensible. Luckily for Sean Spicer, he'll always have a willing dupe in Wolf Blitzer, and others just like him in the media, to play...Show More Summary

Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Priebus' Lies About Hillary And The FBI

Tonight on CNN, Wolf Blitzer had Reince Preibus on to continue his nationwide "bash Hillary, defend the racist, orange faced shit gibbon" tour. Tonight's topic? A segment where Hillary Clinton says the following: "The killing of people is somehow all about him" Wolf asks Reince if she has a point. Show More Summary

CNN's Blitzer Presses Hillary on E-Mails; She Sticks To Discredited Talking Points

CNN's Wolf Blitzer refreshingly pursued Hillary Clinton on Friday's The Lead over her e-mail scandal. Blitzer twice quoted from FBI Director James Comey: "You acted — in his an 'extremely careless' way in handling classified, sensitive information. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton: White People Must Listen To 'Legitimate Cries' Of Black People

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Friday that white people must do more to understand the experiences that African-Americans have had with police officers. Speaking with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Clinton made...Show More Summary

Wolf Blitzer Confronts Hillary Over Emails: ‘Should You Have Known Better?’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

After Wolf Blitzer spoke with Hillary Clinton about the horrible shootings this week, he also confronted her about the FBI's conclusion that she was reckless and careless in dealing with classified material.

‘Did She Lie to Congress?’ Wolf Blitzer Confronts Clinton Spox

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Wolf Blitzer confronted Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon earlier tonight over the FBI's scathing indictment (though minus an actual indictment) of her personal email use.

Watch Bernie Sanders call Wolf Blitzer 'Jake,' apologize, and then do it 2 more times

Bernie Sanders can't seem to catch a break, as he repeatedly called Wolf Blitzer "Jake." Jake Tapper is an anchor on CNN, and likely the cause of this mishap. Produced by Emmanuel Ocbazghi Follow BI Video: On Twitter      Join the conversation about this story »

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton Won Fair And Square

3 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) admitted presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the primary, but hesitated to admit his time in the race is over. CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Sanders about the race. "She won fairShow More Summary

Watch: Bernie Sanders Can’t Stop Calling Wolf Blitzer ‘Jake’

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

There must be some kind of a bug going around cable news today. Earlier Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Brian Williams misidentified President Obama as "President Reagan," and during a lengthy interview this afternoon, Independent Vermont Senator...Show More Summary

Wolf Blitzer Gets Combative With Clinton Ally Over Emails: What Was She Thinking?

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Wolf Blitzer got combative with Hillary Clinton ally Lanny Davis tonight when Davis tried to dismiss the seriousness of what FBI Director James Comey said about her email use today.

Morning After, UKIP Leader Admits He Exaggerated Brexit Claims

A load of codswallop proves to be just the thing to get nativist Brits to abandon the EU. And the US press could take a lesson from this Good Morning Britain reporter on the art of pushing back. I'm talking to you, Wolf Blitzer. Piers...Show More Summary

CNN's Blitzer to GOP Rep: 'Don't You Feel Bad for' Illegals After Court Ruling?

As Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger appeared as a guest on Thursday's Wolf show to react to the Supreme Court ruling against President Barack Obama's executive order helping illegal immigrants get work permits, CNN host Wolf Blitzer at one point begged of his Republican guest on whether he "feels bad for" the millions of illegals affected by the decision.

Gun Control and the Art of the Sit-In

“The point here, Wolf, is that this is a publicity stunt,” Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, told Wolf Blitzer, of CNN, at about 6 P.M. on Wednesday, explaining why he was ignoring calls for an up-or-down House vote on gun-control legislation. Show More Summary

Paul Ryan addresses whether he trusts Donald Trump: 'It depends on the issue'

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Wednesday that he only trusts Donald Trump on certain issues. During an interview on CNN, host Wolf Blitzer pressed Ryan to answer whether he trusted the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. "It depends on the issue. Show More Summary

Wolf Blitzer to Paul Ryan: Do You Have a ‘Clear Conscience’ About Supporting Trump?

last monthNews : Mediaite

Wolf Blitzer asked House Speaker Paul Ryan some pretty blunt questions today about his support of his party's nominee, starting with "Do you trust Donald Trump?"

Wolf Blitzer calls out Katrina Pierson for Trump flip-flop on guns: You’re saying ‘what the NRA says’

last monthNews : The Raw Story

CNN host Wolf Blitzer pressed Katrina Pierson on Tuesday over whether Donald Trump was changing his stance on a specific type of gun sale ban in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting attack. “Yes or no — does he believe that people on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list should...

Orlando for President

It was a perfect moment. Mid-afternon, June 15, 2016. CNN. Wolf Blitzer had his team of talking heads ready to bloviate on Trump versus Hillary in the context of the Orlando shooting. They had just seen a video clip of the Donald, posturing and gesticulating, the consummate blowhard, bully, and con man. Show More Summary

Former DNC Vice-Chair Tulsi Gabbard ‘Not Prepared’ To Back Clinton [Video]

Prominent Bernie Sanders surrogate Tulsi Gabbard has said she is not yet prepared to endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. During an appearance on CNN’s “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the news anchor asked the Hawaii Congresswoman if she still backed Sanders for president or if she would now be supporting Clinton. Show More Summary

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