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An Octoroon Explores Race Issues Through Historical Lenses at Woolly Mammoth

The lead actor likens the show to "Hamlet on crack without the mommy-daddy issues." [ more › ]

Mammoth species evolved away from one another but interbred to create new creatures

2 months agoNews : The Raw Story

The mammoths that once roamed North America were open to breeding with other species — and may have done so extensively. The woolly mammoth is the most famous species of the extinct genus Mammuthus that lived from the Pliocene epoch, which began about 5 million years ago, until they went...

Woolly's Moving and Impossible 'Nether' World Tackles Virtual Ethics

Woolly Mammoth's The Nether will make you question morality in virtual reality and leave you wanting more. [ more › ]

'The Nether' at Woolly Mammoth is a creepy puzzle of a play

In 'The Nether,' a detective attempts to take down a virtual-reality world where people have sex with, and then dismember, children. Does it make it better that all the people behind the avatars are consenting adults?

Miami Beach’s Clubhouse for the Superrich Will Be (Literally) Underwater in 85 Years or So

What would the woolly mammoth tell us, if it could speak, about what it’s like to go extinct? Probably it would point out that those Hollywood movies about large-scale environmental disasters are bullshit. That extinction isn’t something that happens dramatically and all at once, but slowly. That it just creeps... More »

Far Cry Primal Review – The Final Verdict

So is riding Woolly Mammoths in Far Cry Primal as fun as it looks, or is Primal a step back for the series? Peep this review and find out for yourself. [Far Cry Primal] The post Far Cry Primal Review – The Final Verdict appeared first on Geeks are Sexy Technology News.

Let’s talk about how hilariously awful Far Cry Primal’s mammoth missions are

Chase a ghost rhino and avenge the deaths of your woolly bredren. “This is why we pay extra money and waste hours of our lives, herding mammoths and chasing fucking ghost rhinos.” I like Far Cry Primal. It’s bonkers in all the right places and has a streak of creativity like warpaint across a neanderthal’s […]

Conan and PewDiePie Learn a Lot About Early Man While Traversing the Video-Game Primeval in Far Cry Primal

Riding woolly mammoths, befriending degenerate badgers, transforming into owls that dash themselves against a cliff over and over again without consequence: Boy, being a caveman sure was weird! Conan and YouTube video-game demigod PewDiePie really dug deep into our early ancestors’ day-to-day experience while playing Far Cry Primal last night... More »

Far Cry Primal - All ridable beasts video - CNET

Of the many different animals you can tame in Far Cry Primal, there are only a few you can mount and ride into battle. Check out these highlights of the Brown Bear, the Sabretooth Tiger and the Woolly Mammoth.

Claims about Woolly Mammoths

In a working paper released in December 2015, the economists Naima Farah and John R. Boyce find that the discovery and exchange of mammoth tusks is having a serious effect on the market for living elephant tusks. Since the collapse of...Show More Summary

Prehistoric mystery meat put to the test (spoiler alert: It’s not woolly mammoth or giant ground sloth)

Sorry, Explorers Club, but woolly mammoth is no longer on the menu. Neither is the giant ground sloth.

DNA Test Reveals Explorers Club Never Ate Storied Woolly Mammoth Meat

5 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Yale scientists analyzed leftovers from the 1951 fete, and discovered that the legendary dish was actually sea turtle.

The Men Who Claimed They Ate Woolly Mammoth Steak

The menu for the annual 1951 Explorers Club dinner, held in the grand ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, featured an entree of “prehistoric meat.” The Christian Science Monitor reported that after dining, the members were told they had just consumed meat that came...

The 65-Year-Old Tale of Mystery Meat Believed to Come From a Woolly Mammoth

A 65-year-old mystery surrounding the origin of some meat—believed to be the flesh of a mammoth or giant sloth—has once and for all been solved.

China's shutdown for Chinese New Year celebration hits local businesses

Lia Sagehorn couldn't tell you if the upcoming Chinese spring festival marked the Year of the Monkey or the Year of the Woolly Mammoth. What the director of production at a local clothing brand does know is that for a few weeks her factories in China will be incommunicado. That means no shipments,...

'Prehistoric meat' from 1951 dinner turns out to be a mammoth ruse - CNET

When you explore the far reaches of the globe, no ordinary dinner will do. But woolly mammoth and giant ground sloth? More hoax than haute cuisine, new research says.

DNA Analysis Shows Legendary Explorers Club Dinner Didn’t Actually Include Woolly Mammoth Or Giant Sloth

In the days before DNA testing and the Internet, it was possible to get away with telling people you’re serving them prehistoric animals for dinner. Not so much now, as scientific research has shown that a legendary Explorers Club dinner from 1951 that offered “prehistoric meats” didn’t really serve members giant sloth, as the menu had it, or woolly mammoth, …

DNA Analysis Shows Mystery Meat On Explorers Club Menu Was Not Mammoth

5 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

In 1951, the Explorers Club allegedly served a frozen woolly mammoth to its members--but is that really true? Researchers use DNA testing to discover the truth behind the original exotic feast of this secret society.

Tiny Dinosaur Skeleton Paper Sculpture Kits

5 months agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Herbert Hoover has created Tinysaurs, a fantastic collection of tiny dinosaur skeleton paper sculpture kits. Build kits for the Stegosaurus, Woolly Mammoth, T-Rex, and more are available to purchase on Etsy. images via Tinysaurs via Fubiz Media

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