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'Mammoth' genes study traces easier path to woolly elephants - CNET

3 weeks agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Researchers analyzed the genomes of several elephant species. They found that ancient DNA could be a viable tool to save today's threatened animals.

Fighting with Black Panther. Killing zombies. Writing plays. What can't Danai Gurira do?

Danai Gurira, 40, stars in "The Walking Dead" and is a playwright best known for "Eclipsed," which received six Tony nominations in 2016. Her new play, "Familiar," runs at Woolly Mammoth as part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival in Washington, D.C., through March 11. She plays Okoye in Marvel's...

George Church: "Genome sequencing is like the internet back in the late 1980s."

The pioneering geneticist on why he wants us to earn money by sharing our genomic data, his plans to resurrect the woolly mammoth and how narcolepsy helps him generate ideas • How can I make money from my DNA? A new genetic testing company called Nebula Genomics wants to help people profit from their own genomes. Show More Summary

Spot the Woolly Mammoth Model

Which Woolly Mammoth Model is This? The successful British television detective drama "Endeavour" has begun its fifth season and one of the episodes of this prequel to the long-running series "Morse", featured a story involving a film company called "Mammoth Pictures Studios", which had made a horror movie about an Egyptian Pharaoh and a curse. 

A Closer Genetic Look at the Quagga, an Extinct Zebra

Like the dodo bird, heath hen, and woolly mammoth, the quagga vanished so recently that glimpsing its evolution is possible, using DNA from museum specimens and breeding modern relatives to select individuals bearing ancestral trait...

200K Antelopes Died Suddenly. Now Scientists Know Why

Saiga antelopes have been roaming Central Asia since the time of the woolly mammoth, an achievement only a resilient species could pull off. But now, "total extinction" may be on the horizon. That's according to researchers studying the deaths of more than 200,000 endangered saigas in Kazakhstan in 2015....

Nonfiction: When Woolly Mammoths Roamed the Earth

Three books examine our fascination with the ancient pachyderms and their extinction.

Mammoth skeleton sells for nearly 550,000 euros at French auction

3 months agoArts : Artdaily

The nearly intact skeleton of a woolly mammoth that lived at least 10,000 years ago was sold at auction for more than a half million euros Saturday in the southeastern French city of Lyon. The giant skeleton -- mounted in a forward walking...Show More Summary

Playing God: should we revive extinct species?

Scientists have sequenced the DNA of the Tasmanian tiger, which died out in the 1930s, bringing them closer to recreating the animal – and there are plans to do the same with the woolly mammoth. But is it ethical to do so? It soundsShow More Summary

10,000-year-old woolly mammoth skeleton sold for $645,000

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

10,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Skeleton Sold For $645,000 A 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth skeleton found in Siberia about 10 years ago was sold for $640,000 (€548,000) at an auction Dec. 16 to French waterproofing company Soprema. France-based auctioneer Claude Aguttes revealed on Twitter the...

Woolly mammoth skeleton fetches record price at French auction

The ancient, nearly intact skeleton of a woolly mammoth sold for 548,000 euros at auction in the French city of Lyon on Saturday.

Why Did Male Mammoths Get Stuck In Traps More Often Than Female Mammoths?

While conducting an analysis of woolly mammoth DNA, European researchers noticed something a little strange. A disproportionate number of male mammoths were found preserved in traps, such as holes and bogs. The explanation, say the researchers, can be be tied to the behaviour of their distant relatives - the modern elephant. More »      

Male mammoths more often fell into 'natural traps' and died, DNA evidence suggests

Researchers who have sexed 98 woolly mammoth specimens collected from various parts of Siberia have discovered that the fossilized remains more often came from males of the species than females. They speculate that this skewed sex ratio—seven...Show More Summary

Male mammoths more often fell into 'natural traps' and died, DNA evidence suggests

(Cell Press) Researchers who have sexed 98 woolly mammoth specimens collected from various parts of Siberia have discovered that the fossilized remains more often came from males of the species than females. They speculate that thisShow More Summary

Woolly Mammoth Bachelors Skew the Fossil Record

When paleontologists pull woolly mammoth fossils from mud pits, sinkholes, mudflows and other ancient booby traps, odds are it was a male that fell victim to the hazard. This macabre gender bias, researchers say in a new study, serves as a window into the behavioral patterns of these hirsute beasts that died out roughly 10,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Are Humans Increasing the Number of Species?

After decades of researching the impact that humans are having on animal and plant species around the world, Chris Thomas has a simple message: Cheer up. Yes, we’ve wiped out woolly mammoths and ground sloths, and are finishing off black rhinos and Siberian tigers, but the doom is not all gloom. Show More Summary

In a mammoth undertaking at Cal State Fullerton, an ancient skeleton is assembled

A crew spent two days this week installing a woolly mammoth skeleton about 20,000 years old in Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Student Union.

Watching Two DC Theater Giants At Work

6 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"As artistic neighbors go, Howard Shalwitz and Michael Kahn appear to be miles apart. Shalwitz runs the new-plays troupe Woolly Mammoth Theatre; Kahn heads the classical Shakespeare Theatre Company. Woolly seats 265; the STC’s two stages combined hold more than 1,200.... Swinging up and down Seventh Street between the Lansburgh and Woolly from morning […]

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