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8 sci-fi ideas that might become science fact pretty soon (pictures)

We're still not holding our breath for ubiquitous hoverboards or flying cars, but we could soon see a breathing woolly mammoth. Plus, seven other crazy things that sound impossible today.

Mammoth remains, as far as the eye can see: Widest distribution of mammoths during the last Ice Age

Ice Age paleontologist recorded the maximum geographic distribution of the woolly mammoth during the last Ice Age and published the most accurate global map in this regard. The ice-age pachyderms populated a total area of 33,301,000 square kilometers and may thus be called the most successful large mammals of this era. Show More Summary

3D printed, stainless steel Kraken dice will stab holes through your table

Last month, we got a glimpse at some fancy, $250 dice made out of the 10,000-year-old tusks of woolly mammoths. If you wanted to be the big shot at your next game night and splurged […]

These dice are made from tusks of the ancient woolly mammoth

2 weeks agoTechnology / Internet : Webware

Who knew dice made from the tusks of a giant extinct beast could be so popular? Artisan Dice, that's who. And you can reserve yours now.

Survival Skills: How to Escape Attacks by These 3 Animal Predators

The fear of dying by animal attack is as old as woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. This fear resurfaces (and rightly so) when we square off against contemporary animal predators. When dealing with modern predators, there’s a lot...Show More Summary

Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals

Scientists claim their research settles a prolonged debate over whether mankind or climate change was the dominant cause of the demise of massive creatures in the time of the sabretooth tiger, the woolly mammoth, the woolly rhino and the giant armadillo.

News Post: Holyhedron

3 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: When I was a child, my mother told me that woolly mammoths weren’t real, and that the devil - or God, I can’t remember - had placed tusks and dinosaur bones or whatever to test the faithful. So now that people are making dice from these things, I don’t know if my mom was wrong, or if Satan is just very committed to the joke. Show More Summary

DNA Analysis Reveals the Role of Climate Change in Mammoth Extinction

Over the past few years, advances in ancient DNA extraction have fueled a lot of debate over whether scientists can—or should—resurrect the woolly mammoth from extinction. Interestingly enough, these very same advances have simultaneously...Show More Summary

Climate Change Dunnit: The Case of the missing Woolly Mammoths

By Chris Turney and Alan Cooper | (The Conversation) | – – Imagine a world populated by woolly mammoths, giant sloths and car-sized armadillos – 50,000 years ago more than 150 types…

What really wiped out the Woolly Mammoth?

As we trudge into what scientists are calling the Holocene extinction, it is difficult to ignore the destructive power that humans wield over the natural world. The passenger pigeon, the thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), the Carolina parakeet; the list of by

Abruptly Warming Climate Triggered Megabeast Revolutions

Around 34,000 years ago, woolly mammoths went extinct from parts of Europe, only to be replaced by… woolly

Did climate change kill the woolly mammoth?

last monthTechnology : Tech Talk

A new study suggests these giant prehistoric mammals were not taken down by human hunters alone

The Mammoths of Wrangel island

Evolution: The Island of Misfit MammothsAuthor:RocaSummary:The genomes of two woolly mammoths have been sequenced. One of the last survivors had reduced genetic diversity. Although divergent in their mitochondrial genomes, the mammoths had similar nuclear genomes, a finding germane to elephant conservation.

Genome Study Brings Woolly Mammoth DNA Back From the Dead

A study found the genetic adaptations which allowed woolly mammoths to endure severe Arctic conditions, raising the prospect that the animals could one day be resurrected.

One Small Step to a Woolly Mammoth: Genome Fully Sequence, Cold Adaptions IDed

Elephantid Genomes Reveal the Molecular Bases of Woolly Mammoth Adaptations to the ArcticAuthors:Lynch et alAbstract:Woolly mammoths and living elephants are characterized by major phenotypic differences that have allowed them to live in very different environments. Show More Summary

First comprehensive analysis of the woolly mammoth genome completed

The first comprehensive analysis of the woolly mammoth genome reveals extensive genetic changes that allowed mammoths to adapt Arctic life, including skin and hair development, insulin signaling, fat biology, and even traits such as small ears and short tails. A mammoth gene for temperature sensation was resurrected in the lab as a functional test.

Scientists 'resurrect' gene believed to have helped woolly mammoths tolerate cold

2 months agoHealth : Booster Shots

No one has brought a woolly mammoth back from extinction, but a team of scientists has brought back a woolly mammoth gene, discovering that it and others unique to the long-vanished elephant-like beasts probably helped the animals withstand the harsh cold of the Arctic tundra.

How to Clone a Mammoth: But should we?

With the science nearly upon us, a new book highlights the ethical and logistical issues of bringing back proxies of extinct animals such as the woolly mammoth

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