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Stone Carvings Show Comet Hit Earth in 10,950 B.C.

Ancient stone carvings confirm that a comet struck the Earth around 11,000 B.C., a devastating event which wiped out woolly mammoths and sparked the rise of civilizations. Experts at the University of Edinburgh analysed mysterious symbols...Show More Summary

ICYMI: There's A Virtual Reality Facebook Now, Because That's Exactly What We Needed

Plus, Bill O'Reilly may be making his exit, watch out for that fastball, the fate of the woolly mammoth, and much more! [ more › ]

Scientists May Have Solved Mystery Behind Extinction of Ice Age Giants

Melting glaciers turning land to bog was behind widespread extinctions of animals like the giant sloth and woolly mammoth between 15,000 and 11,000 years ago.

Nine burning questions about CRISPR genome editing answered

In recent years, science and the media have been buzzing with the term CRISPR. From speculation around reviving the woolly mammoth to promises of distant cures for cancer, the unproven potential for this genome editing tool has been stretched far and wide.

Woolly Mammoth's One-Woman 'Pike St.' Could Have Used More Actors

Playwright-actor Nilaja Sun does it alone, but her characters would have benefited from a full cast. [ more › ]

How Often Do Ice Ages Happen?

The last ice age led to the rise of the woolly mammoth and the vast expansion of glaciers, but it's just one of many that has chilled Earth throughout the planet's 4.5-billion-year history.

Take a Break From Politics With These 12 Stories

2 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

Curious about the plan to bring back woolly mammoths or how blind people use iPhones? We’re reading these articles and more.

A Purple Woolly Mammoth Inspires Dexter and His Classmates

Whirley Primary School Reception Children Study Dinosaurs Children in the Reception class at Whirley Primary School have been studying dinosaurs and learning about fossils this half term.  Under the expert guidance of their teachers, the children have been looking at different types of dinosaur and working out which ones ate meat and which ones ate

Is There a Woolly Mammoth in Our Future?

The Atlantic reports on a Russian bio-dome project that might involve mammoths. And who doesn't like mammoths?

Genomics: Gene time bomb hurt mammoths

2 months agoAcademics : Nature

Before becoming extinct, the last mammoths accumulated harmful genetic mutations that may have altered their behaviour and appearance.Woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) disappeared from North America and Siberia 10,000 years ago, but small groups survived on islands until about 4,000 years ago. Rebekah

The Last Woolly Mammoth Was Neither Woolly Nor Mammoth

While one group of scientists is working to de-extinct the woolly mammoth, another is looking at the last days of possibly the last small herd of the species before extinction. Let’s hope they get together at some point so the poor animal doesn’t suffer the same fate...

Last of 'too silky' woolly mammoths blighted by bad mutations

Researchers comparing genomes of ancient and more recent Arctic island relatives find latter developed coats too soft for the cold Scientists analysing genomes of the last woolly mammoths dwelling on island between Russia and Alaska found they were in the grip of mutational meltdown. Show More Summary

Woolly mammoths suffered genetic 'meltdown' before extinction

3 months agoArts : Artdaily

Before woolly mammoths went extinct thousands of years ago, their dwindling population suffered a series of genetic mutations that hampered their ability to survive, researchers said Thursday. Woolly mammoths were once among the most...Show More Summary

The Devastating Way Woolly Mammoths Went Extinct

3 months agoNews : Trending Now

Evolution: Examining why woolly mammoths went extinct holds lessons for protecting endangered species today. Can we bring mammoths back?

Woolly Mammoth Genome Meltdown

Mammoth Mutational Meltdown As Species Headed for Extinction Woolly Mammoths experienced a mutational meltdown in their genome prior to their extinction according to a study published this week by researchers at the University of California (Berkeley).  The Woolly Mammoth genome has been mapped (2015), scientists have been able to make comparisons between the extinct species

Stuck on Island, Last Mammoths Had Gene 'Meltdown'

On Wrangel Island off Siberia, a small group of woolly mammoths managed to survive for some 6,000 years after the mainland mammoths died off. Though humans were a little late in discovering that—by the time we made it to the Arctic island 3,700 years ago, the beasts...

The Woolly Mammoth’s Last Stand

3 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

A new study shows how an endangered or declining species may result in an irreversible genetic meltdown.

The woolly mammoth die-off was even sadder than you think

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Rest in peace, big guys Wikimedia Commons Woolly mammoth I’m not crying, you’re crying You probably already know that woolly mammoths went extinct on the American continent around 10,000 years ago. But few have heard that a small population of these Ice Age giants persisted for much...

Woolly Mammoth DNA Mutations Piled Up Pre-Extinction

The extinct woolly mammoth lives on today as a regal symbol of the last ice age, a poster child for de-extinctionists and an occasional guest on HBO's Game of Thrones. But new research reveals that when it made its last stand on a remote...Show More Summary

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