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Optimizing Your Website for Speed: We Compare the 6 Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Page load speed is more important than ever for websites today. We tested several WordPress caching plugins you can use to speed up your website load—which one performed best? The post Optimizing Your Website for Speed: We Compare the...Show More Summary

Polymath15, fourth thread: closing in on the test problem

This is the fourth “research” thread of the Polymath15 project to upper bound the de Bruijn-Newman constant, continuing Progress will be summarised at this Polymath wiki page. Show More Summary

WordPress Plugin to Find Waldo in a Twitter TAGs Conversation Explorer

I’m a huge fan and repeat user of Martin Hawksey’s Twitter TAGS. If you are doing a class or project with activity around a hashtag, and you are not using this tool, just stop everything and set one up. It’s rather brilliant, a Google Spreadsheet with some Hawksey-ian script genius underneath. It archives all tweets […]

So Many Sites – Cleaning Up Users

There are lots of ways users can end up associated with many sites in a WordPress multisite install. That’s no big deal if it’s only five or ten but sometimes it’s way more. It’s not just messy, it actually degrades performance when you’re logged in because the admin menu bar loads all those sites. Show More Summary

WordPress Timeline JS Plugin

Background I like Timeline JS. It’s a nice way to create multimedia timelines. I’d previously done some work that would take WordPress JSON API data and insert it into the Timeline JS view.1 It was nice for creating alternate and standardized views of blogs that might be useful for different reasons. Show More Summary

Adding Code-Splitting Capabilities To A WordPress Website Through PoP

Speed is among the top priorities for any website nowadays. One way to make a website load faster is by code-splitting: splitting an application into chunks that can be loaded on demand — loading only the required JavaScript that is needed and nothing else. Show More Summary

How to Fix WordPress Showing Localhost IP Address for Comments

On a regular web host, WordPress has no problems displaying the correct IP address of your site visitors, commenters, etc. However, on some servers your WordPress site may not display the correct IP address in the comments dashboard and other places. Show More Summary

YouTube is still the most lucrative platform for creators — with Etsy and Instagram trailing behind

The internet has sparked a new kind of economy, as creators find new ways to directly reach their audiences and customers. Services like Etsy, Wordpress, and Amazon's Twitch don't have a lot in common, except for the fact that they give...Show More Summary

Migrating a WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS: A Complete Guide by @vahandev

Learn how to move an HTTP WordPress website to HTTPS in this step-by-step guide. The post Migrating a WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS: A Complete Guide by @vahandev appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Deal: Dessign WordPress Themes

Access more than 180 fully-responsive designs and layouts with a lifetime membership to Dessign Premium WordPress Themes. Save 71% off the regular price in The Awesomer Shop. And use code USA40 for an extra 40% off this deal today (2/20/18 only).

Can Wordprezz Embedz GIF?

It seems like WordPress can auto-embed giphy URLS although it is not a service listed in the codex. Nicely done, WordPress, nice. Yup that is an auto-embed simply by putting on a blank line: [crayon-5a8c3c1a7d346899138406/] Look out...

Changing Web Hosts? CDN Caching Might Break Your Site

If you’re moving a WordPress website from one web host to another and you’re currently using a caching plugin with a content delivery network (CDN), be careful because the moving process may not go as smooth as you think it will. This...Show More Summary

An Interview with Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand

Here’s an interview I gave recently to Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand on the European issue and some others. Some readers may be interested in it.

Blippar developing 'WordPress of AR' to feed Apple's ARKit, Google's ARCore

Early entry into augmented reality solutions company Blippar has two new products, with one being a universal kit to develop ARKit and ARCore applications and provide them data.

Daily Deal: Dessign Premium WordPress Themes

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Whether you run your own website or build sites professionally, it's extremely valuable to have a theme library at your disposal. The Dessign Premium WordPress Themes collection features more than 170 fully responsive, beautiful themes designed to make your sites stand out. Show More Summary

How To Streamline WordPress Multisite Migrations With MU-Migration

Migrating a standalone WordPress site to a site network (or “multisite”) environment is a tedious and tricky endeavor, the opposite is also true. The WordPress Importer works reasonably well for smaller, simpler sites, but leaves room for improvement. Show More Summary

WpGet: Private wordpress plugin repository

Implement a private Wordpress reposiotory using Angular and PHP slim framework as backend.

WordPress: Version Control Made Easy With Git

Connecting WordPress and Git is not a bad idea per se. But, how can you do that without having to become a Git expert first? I’ll show you in the following article. The Default: WordPress Unsecured The most popular CMS amongst our readers is easy to install and to operate. Updates to the functional core...

How to Delete Unused Database Tables in WordPress

When you install a plugin in WordPress, it automatically creates all the necessary folders, files, and database tables for it to work properly. However, when you deactivate and remove the same plugin, it may not delete the database tables along with the files and folders. Show More Summary

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