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5 Reasons To Kill The Work-Life Balance Myth

Work or life? Nope. There’s no such thing as either/or. The work-life duality is a fallacy. One way or another, we all know, deep down, that it’s simply not a functional construct, particularly in 2016. Here are 5 reasons why. 1.) Passion is seamless If we’re engaged in our work, we’re working [...]

Can Uber Employees Balance Work And Life?

What is the work-life balance like at Uber? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Pedram Keyani, Engineering Director of Growth at Uber, on Quora. Show More Summary

Six Ways to Make It Work

Photo by Julie Blackmon.After the honeymoon, real life sets in—budgets to balance, toilet seats left up, and in-laws coming for dinner. Relationships aren’t easy, says Susan Piver, but if we practice the six paramitas, or transcendent perfections, we can discover how to live in love. Show More Summary

Confessions of a Divorced Single Mom: Work Life Balance Is Not Always Easy

I'm that person who forgets to eat, return calls or emails and is the definition of a workaholic some days. I will literally write or work until I cannot stand it and I have to shut my laptop. I forget that there is a whole big world beyond my work. Show More Summary

The Air Bonsai – health, wealth, and patience

When you are finally settled into a “flow” of life, and find enough balance between work and a social life that you have unused time, you fill it with a hobby. Some people like to do social things like play ultimate Frisbee or want to join book clubs, but not everyone enjoys being around a bunch of people all the time. There are those who charge their social battery with...

Why This Company Banned Email On Weekends And Company Holidays

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

Learning how to balance work and life is a top priority at Vynamic, a health care consulting firm based in Philadelphia. It's so important that the company even created a system called "Zzzmail," in which no emails are to be sent late...Show More Summary

The 20 best companies for work/life balance — as ranked by staff

Job-hunting website Glassdoor has produced a ranking of the 20 best companies in the UK for work/life balance, based on data from anonymous employees who have left reviews. The site lets past and present employees post anonymous reviews...Show More Summary

How Facebook Is Helping Employees Tackle Work-Life Balance

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

With many employees struggling to balance work and life, the average tenure at a company has fallen from 10 years to five years to as low as three years for tech enterprises because "the burnout factor is significant," according to Carolyn Everson, Facebook's vice president of global marketing solutions. Show More Summary

A "Balanced Diet" Approach to Work & Family

We need to stop seeing work and family as "either-or." Time for work and time for family are both very important components of a full, meaningful life, and there's more to life, too! The following is an excerpt from my book, The Working...Show More Summary

A Remedy for the Regular Unhappiness of Being Human.

I have those weeks too, when what I am doing just doesn’t seem to add up to enough. When I try to balance my work, love, family, spirituality, exercise, nature time and social life, and it all just doesn’t fit. I fall short of what I think I should be or could be and I […]

JPMorgan is taking on one of the most notorious problems on Wall Street (JPM, GS, BAC)

JPMorgan on Thursday told its investment bankers that they should take weekends off when they're not working on imminent deals. The new initiative, dubbed "Pencils Down," aims to return some "life" to the work-life balance of bankers. It's...Show More Summary

The unexpected challenge of unlimited vacation time

What job perk could possibly be better than unlimited paid vacation days? Just picture the perfect work/life balance, the quality time you’d spend with family and friends (or maybe just a good book on the beach). When I first began to...Show More Summary

Remember To Try And Balance Work And Life, Especially If You Own a Small Business

Getting the right work-life balance is hard, but there’s also a school of thought that holds that work and life don’t actually need to be perfectly balanced all of the time. More »      

Three Practical Tips To Better Integrate Work And Life

VideoBy now I hope we can all agree that work-life balance is dead and that instead we are moving towards a world of work-life integration. In this very special episode of The Future in 5 I am joined by Anne, Raimondi who is the SVP of Strategy at Zendesk. In [...]

Sleepion Helps You Fall Asleep

[CES 2016] In this fast paced world that we live in, it is all too easy to get stressed up, especially with the kind of pressure that one faces at work, not to mention having to juggle a balanced family life once you return from the office. Show More Summary

Napping: The Underestimated Health Tip

As a college student, I know firsthand how hard it can be to get enough sleep during the term. The demands of every-day life: classes, work, internships, volunteering and so on can through one off balance. With such packed schedules, sleep time can be shoved on the back seat. Show More Summary

Jim Cramer tells us about balancing multiple jobs, his bar in Brooklyn, and coming back from the Jon Stewart interview

You may know Jim Cramer as just an energetic guy on television, but there's a lot more to his life story. After graduating from Harvard University, he worked as a legendarily aggressive reporter. After a few years of that, he went to...Show More Summary

The 20 best companies for work/life balance in Britain according to employees

Job-hunting website Glassdoor just put out a ranking of the 20 best companies in the UK for work/life balance, as chosen by employees. The site lets past and present employees post anonymous reviews about where they work and s taff can...Show More Summary

Ten Steps to Balance Writing, Working, and Raising Kids—While Staying Sane

I started writing this article by staring at the screen for five minutes, trying to think of a good comparison for my life, so I could be witty and demonstrate my writing chops. But you know what? I’m too tired, because my 17-month-old was up in the middle of the night, suddenly terrified of his baby monitor. Show More Summary

My year in reading, 2015

I’ve learned over time that work/life balance not only looks different for every person, but looks very different for an individual from one moment to the next. The needs you and your loved ones have and the things that give you the most pleasure can radically change over time. This year, I really tried to...

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