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How to Regain Your Life/Work Balance and Take Your Life Back

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t keep the tears back. There was no more hiding that day. — According to a 2013 Gallup report, 70% of people hate their job or are disengaged, and perks don’t help. I experienced this first hand...Show More Summary

Ditch Work/Life Balance and Find Real Happiness: Part I

Part I: Your Blissful Stew Work/life balance is a nice idea. It's that ever-elusive dream that we can achieve that perfect mix of professional, personal and parenting activities, all executed with drive and grace. The problem? It's impossible to achieve. Show More Summary

Want To Improve Your Work/Life Balance? Take The 168 Hours Challenge

It's on everyone's mind: Where did the day go? But one expert says you can hack your busy day hour-by-hour with her audit trick.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Work and Life Don't Always Have to Be Balanced

We all know how things can spiral out of control if you don’t know how to balance your work and home life. However, perfect balance may not always be necessary. In fact, lacking that balance might just help you come up with more creative solutions to your problems. Read more...

Check Out These Tips for a Great Work/Life Balance

Professionals often wear many hats and are expected to sacrifice personal time to further their career. You can achieve healthy boundaries and a career balance to succeed on the job and within your personal life. Learn how to limit the...Show More Summary

#TheAskCharlieShow: Balancing Time

How do you balance working hard and having a family? Three tips to juggling your life and business.

Leading Your “Work/LifeBalance This Summer, Part 2

What you "do" and how you "show up" this Summer counts more than ever with your business, your family, and your well-being.

'Beauty and The Beast' Season 3 News, Spoilers: Vince and Cat Struggle to Balance Domestic Life and Work

The new episode in the third season of the hit supernatural crime-fighting TV drama series "Beauty and the Beast" will feature the show's beloved couple adjusting to their new domestic set-up while at the same time dealing with ongoing work-related threats.

This Crazy Thing Helped Me Be a Working Mom

2 weeks agoTechnology : The Goods

I make no apologies for working full-time while raising kids. That's made for a happier, more balanced life.

Why Aren't Men Talking About Work/Life Balance?

Men use the same techniques as women to score more family time. They just don't talk about it. Is that a good thing? We explore both sides. Recently, my husband had one of those days that, were he a woman, might have inspired an Allison Pearson novel and a Sarah Jessica Parker movie. Read Full Story

8 dad entrepreneurs share how they balance work and life

This father's day, we salute dad entrepreneurs who share with us how they prioritize their family. Follow The American Genius on Facebook for exclusive & breaking business stories Get more Business News at AGBeat

Ex-Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior uses haiku and painting to find balance in work, life

Former Cisco chief technical officer Padmasree Warrior is a painter and a haiku poet, as well as one of the leading female executives in the technology world.

The Future of Life: Are You 'Life Working' or Trying to Balance?

We spend much of our lives being told about the golden path that we must follow. I learned about it first in a sociology class I took in high school where the teacher talked about the importance of social norms. And what better way to...Show More Summary

Leading Your "Work/Life" Balance This Summer, Part 1

Just because "school's out" doesn't mean you are. Set yourself up for success at work and home this Summer.

3 Reasons Work-Life Balance Makes or Breaks You as an Employer

3 weeks agoTechnology : The Goods

In our world of constant connectivity and blurred responsibilities, the balance between work and life can plague the general workforce. Thankfully, it can also be a primary selling point for savvy and competitive employers.

The 5 Most Common Frustrations Of An Entrepreneur

The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the independence to make your own decisions, the flexibility for a better work/life balance, and personal satisfaction from driving change. But nobody said it would be easy. The road to business success is filled with challenges and frustrations that most aspiring [...]

Forget Work Life Balance. It’s All About Work Life Integration

The post Forget Work Life Balance. It’s All About Work Life Integration appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. Every so often (though less often than I’d like), I ask one of my team into my band room, a place I created five years ago where the only rules are honest conversations and unbounded agendas. Show More Summary

Taylor Swift Taught Tavi Gevinson to Accept Her Lack of Work-Life Balance

Separating work and life isn’t an easy feat for anyone, but especially so when you’re Tavi Gevinson and your career began in middle school. On Sunday, at the second annual Vulture Festival, Gevinson explained just how inextricable the two can be. “I started writing publicly when I was eleven, and... More »

Long life: Balancing protein and carb intake may work as well as calorie restriction

Cutting calories through dietary restriction has been shown to lower cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity, and even prolong life in mammals. Now, new research shows that, at least in mice, low protein, high carbohydrate diets can provide benefits similar to those obtained with calorie restriction.

6 tech hacks to master your work/life balance

Hearing more chatter — either at home or at work, or both — about work/life balance? You're not alone While the concept of a balance between your work and your play has been around for decades, more companies today, especially startups,...Show More Summary

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