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Back to Surface: Old Russian Sub Found in Swedish Waters Could Be Lifted

A new chapter in the dramatic story of the recently discovered World War I-era Imperial Russian Navy submarine is about to start – salvage hunters plan to file a request to lift the Som, Alex Max of the Icelandic company iXplorer ocean research told RIA Novosti.

Treating ships' ballast water: Filtration preferable to disinfection

Untreated ballast water discharge from ships can spread living organisms and even pathogens across the world thereby introducing non-native or invasive species into the local environment. Scientists therefore recommend using physical treatment processes such as filtration rather than electrochemical disinfection, which creates countless potentially toxic compounds.

Chinese potatoes to chip in as water shortages hit staple crops

BEIJING (Reuters) - Once seen as food for the poor, the humble potato is being pushed in China as a tasty, nutritious part of any meal as the world's most populous country struggles with water shortages and looks for alternatives to the traditional rice and noodles.

Mercedes-Benz Says No To Water Injection Systems

The automotive world can seem like a grand illustration of monkey see, monkey do. While there are always government regulations—see turbos and hybrid systems—to consider, there's plenty of terminology and tech, like four-door "coupes," and fake engine noise, which spreads among manufactures for no good reason at all. So when rumors...

Climate Change is Making You Depressed (But Not for Obvious Reasons)

Climate change is a major bummer. Already, the warming planet is wreaking havoc around the world in the form of natural disasters, environmental contamination, ocean acidification and, oh yeah, almost zero fresh water for us to drink or bathe in. Show More Summary

Do You Know There are Worlds Within Worlds?

In the dry places of our planet, water takes on a special significance and the inhabitants of the human and non-human realms know all about its vital importance. The post Do You Know There are Worlds Within Worlds? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Jamestown remains identified as four early leaders

When the Virginia Company sent the first batch of 104 settlers to colonize the New World, they chose Jamestown Island, marshy and mosquito-ridden with virtually no farmland, bad hunting and no fresh water but secure from any potential attack by Spanish ships, as the site for their new colony. They built James Fort, a triangular [...]

Could Pluto Join The Growing List Of 'Water Worlds?'

Not too many years ago, it seemed that Earth may be rather rare in its ability to harbor water in its liquid, life-enabling form. But as we take a closer look around some of the smaller worlds in our solar system, the universe is starting to look wetter than previously [...]

The world's longest water slide basically never ends

The best way to transport your body a third of a mile is to hop on Action Park in New Jersey’s 1,975-foot long waterslide. It’s the world’s longest water slide and it basically goes on forever and ever and ever. I think you could read a book by the end of the slide. Or write the next great American novel. Read more...

A Ride on the World’s Longest Water Slide

yesterdayHumor / odd : Neatorama

(YouTube link) Action Park in New Jersey is famous for their history of crazy and dangerous rides. The newest attraction at the refurbished and upgraded park is a water slide that’s 1,975 feet long. That’s a third of a mile! The folks at Guinness agree it is the world’s longest water slide. Show More Summary

Praise Be, NYC's LaGuardia Airport Is Getting A $4 Billion Makeover

But would this be a bad time to mention, there's actually one great thing LaGuardia shouldn't change? LaGuardia, NYC's smallest airport—known throughout the world as "that airport with the lone water fountain that's perpetually out of...Show More Summary

WATCH: Slide for 1/3 of a mile on world's longest waterslide

2 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

New Jersey's Action Park is legendary for crazy rides, and now it has a water slide that's about one-third of a mile long. Above: a ride by park employee Jasosn Mulder, including a mid-air corkscrew flip. Read the rest

Invention Of The Week? Cruise On A Floating Hotel

A Serbian architecture and design firm is now offering travelers the best of both worlds: a fancy hotel on the water. Yes, you get to cruise hotel-style while floating down a river. Question is will their invention set sail?

[Fantasia ’15 Review] ‘Ojuju': An Engaging, Funny Nigerian Zombie Film

“70 million Nigerians exist without access to safe drinking water.” Therein lies the premise of director C.J. “Fiery” Obasi’s zombie film Ojuju. Part of Nigeria’s Nollywood movement (the second largest film industry in the world following India), Obasi’s film is an unpolished blend of horror and comedy that’s more enjoyable than most indie DTV fare […]

All the crazy things Republicans have done to get attention in the world of Donald Trump

President Barack Obama, dipping his toe into the 2016 waters for the first time at length Monday morning, hit on a key trend developing among the Republican Party's crowded, 16-person presidential field. Obama talked specifically about former Arkansas Gov. Show More Summary

Is science drawing closer to an alien world?

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

NASA’s discovery of Earth-like exoplanet Kepler-452b, nicknamed “Earth 2.0?, has social media buzzing about the chances of finding a faraway world, possibly with alien life or key resources such as water. Science or fiction? The experts respond. – Is ‘Earth 2.0?...

Waterworld: Research Reveals Oceans Will Rise 300% More Than Expected

The water level of the 'World Ocean' is rising much more rapidly than previously thought, and dozens of the world's biggest cities may be submerged by 2050, US scientists warned.

The SALt Lamp Runs On Two Teaspoons Of Salt And A Glass Of Water

It is unfortunate but there are parts of the world where getting access to running and stable electricity is not possible, meaning that when it is at night, getting light isn’t as easy as flicking on a switch. While there are methods such as using kerosene lamps, they can be dangerous for the environment and human health. Show More Summary

America’s most dangerous water park now has the world’s longest water slide

Unless you grew up in Northern New Jersey in the 1980s, you probably heard about Action Park through the internet. From 1978 to 1996, Action Park was open in Vernon, New Jersey and […]

The Lifeblood Of Egypt: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Nile River!

While the Nile River might be the most well-known river in Africa, or even the world, the winding waters still hold many interesting facts.

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