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Understanding The CSS Property Value Syntax

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) uses a particular syntax to define the possible values that can be used for all CSS properties. You may have seen this syntax in action if you have ever looked at a CSS specification — as in the syntax...Show More Summary

You'll Love What Hillary Clinton Has to Say About Resilience

What's the most important personality trait a person can have? That's the question one curious soul asked the willing World Wide Web (Quora, specifically). And really, there are a ton of potential answers - kindness, control, patience, esteem, level-headedness, compassion, consideration. Show More Summary

The Second to Last Mile

By AKASH RANDHAR and JAAN SIDOROV, MD Thanks to the ubiquity of cable, fiber and wireless internet, the “last mile” telecommunications gap that has long separated the consumer from the wide world web is finally being bridged. According to Pew Research, 84% of Americans now regularly use the internet, and 68% use smartphones to access

It’s Time to Update National Digital Privacy Laws (Guest Voice)

It’s Time to Update National Digital Privacy Laws by By Mark Grabowski Thirty years ago, there was no World Wide Web, almost no one had a cell phone and the only drones flying above of concern were bees. It was also the last time Congress substantively updated our digital privacy laws. Opinion LogoSince 1986, technology [...]Show More Summary

Meri Brown: Catfish Scandal Gets Even Worse For Sister Wives Star

You have to feel a little bad for someone who is stuck in a frustratingly lonely polygamous relationship, and seeks companionship on the world wide web, only to be duped by a woman posing as a man. Last year, Sister Wives star Meri Brown admitted to falling for a stranger online. Show More Summary

Open letter to from EFF to members of the W3C Advisory Committee

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has made a sea-change: now, in addition to making open web standards that anyone can implement, they're creating a video DRM standard designed to prevent people from implementing it unless they have...Show More Summary

Listen To A Leaked Snippet Of Fifth Harmony's Song That's My Girl!

Those are our girls, alright! On Wednesday, leaked audio from one of Fifth Harmony's new songs began circulating the world wide web, giving all their Harmonizers something to be excited about! A short snippet surfaced from That's My Girl, a track off the girl group's upcoming album 7/27. Related: Fifth Harmony Opens Up About Confidence & Feminism! The girl [...]

Save Firefox: The W3C's plan for worldwide DRM would have killed Mozilla before it could start

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The World Wide Web Consortium has been co-opted into standardizing a DRM scheme for letting entertainment companies control your browser; what's more, they've rejected even basic safeguards for competition, changing the browser landscape in a way that threatens the kind of disruptive innovation that gave us the Mozilla project and the Firefox browser. (more…)

Kim Kardashian to receive first-ever ‘Break the Internet’ Webby

last weekNews : NY Daily News

Kim Kardashian will receive the first-ever "Break the Internet" Webby Award for her contributions to the World Wide Web.

The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering what I call the “Experience Age.” Read More

Hail Hillary, Here We Go

Did you see that girl Hail Hillary? Did you see that guy Heil Hillary? Did you laugh? She's back. Hillary has some things to get done and everyone knows. Natural human rights is all we have. The world wide web gives us friends in every territory and we have to save them all. Show More Summary

Save iTunes: how the W3C's argument for web-wide DRM would have killed iTunes

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The World Wide Web Consortium's plan to standardize web-wide digital rights management is based on the idea that if an entertainment company doesn't like a new technology, it should have the right to prevent that technology from coming into being. (more…)

Rube Goldberg HTML form

2 weeks agoHumor / odd :

Ahhh, this makes me nostalgic for the 90s World Wide Web. Designer Sebastian Serena has built a Rube Goldberg machine out of HTML form elements. Once you start, you'll watch the whole thing. (via @Colossal) Tags: HTML Sebastian Serena WWW design

How standardizing DRM will make us all less secure

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

After decades of fighting for open Web standards that let anyone implement software to receive and render online data, the World Wide Web Consortium changed course and created EME, a DRM system that locks up video in formats that can...Show More Summary

The open web's guardians are acting like it's already dead

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The World Wide Web Consortium -- an influential standards body devoted to the open web -- used to make standards that would let anyone make a browser that could view the whole Web; now they're making standards that let the giant browser companies and giant entertainment companies decide which browsers will and won't work on the Web of the future. (more…)

Breaking the Blockade: The Advertising War Continues

“Ad block is a threat to the very existence of the World Wide Web.” (AdSupply) “[A great man] thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts.” (Lao Tzu) As I’ve said before, I’m just not sure how many people truly grasp the make-up of our digital world, and just how central advertising […]

9 Male Stars Have Who Shown Us WAY Too Much

Not all male celebrities can keep it in their pants. These guys have all been exposed online... if you know what we mean! (We mean the World Wide Web has unfortunately seen portions of their penis.) 1. Brett Favre Brett Favre didn't just send another woman a photo of his penis in 2010. Show More Summary

Remember That Female Ted Cruz Lookalike? You'll Never Believe How She Plans To Capitalize On Her Meme Fame!

Maury Povich, what have you done? For those who haven't visited the world wide web over the past few days, a woman resembling presidential hopeful Ted Cruz recently appeared on the Maury Show. While Searcy Hayes visited Maury to find out the identity of her infant son's father, she left with a lot more than she [...]

Mom posts mind-blowing Instagram of baby bumps before and after she became a fitness guru.

last monthHumor / odd : Happy Place

27-year-old Sophie Guidolin is driving the world wide web crazy with an Instagram comparing two photos of her first and third pregnancies. The first photo is from way back in 2008, before Guidolin started getting into fitness. By the...Show More Summary

A world before the World Wide Web?

Here’s a documentary I want to see. Two families living life as it was were before the world wide web arrived. For most homes that was some time during the 1990’s. I imagine life is very different for teenagers, toddlers and parents today compared to say in 1985. We’ve all seen the documentaries comparing life in the […]

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