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That Time Xbox 360's Uno Game Was Flooded With Dick Pics

Uno was one of Xbox Live Arcade’s best games in the early years, a fact that’s been somewhat forgotten because all anyone can remember are endless penises. Read more...

Traveling through time with 'Braid' creator Jonathan Blow

In the world of independent games, there is "before Braid" and "after Braid." Before this game hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2008, "indies" were barely a blip on the industry's radar -- but Braid landed in players' living rooms like an atomic bomb. Show More Summary

Shadow Complex Remastered is currently free on Windows, coming to Xbox One in 2016

Shadow Complex, one of the most acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade games made for the Xbox 360, has been revamped and released for Windows PCs under the title Shadow Complex Remastered. The game is free to download for a limited time during the holidays. It will also be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in early 2016....

PEGI lists Shadow Complex Remastered for PC

Reminisce about Xbox Live Arcade and you can't overlook Shadow Complex. It was great! Was it the first proper blockbuster XBLA game? Published by Gears of War titan (at that point) Epic Games, developed by Chair, it was a big deal. But it's always been stuck on Xbox 360. Show More Summary

Shadow Complex Remastered PC Rated by PEGI

A PEGI rating for an Xbox Live Arcade classic reveals a potential re-release could be forthcoming.

Castle Crashers Remastered charges onto Xbox One next week

It's hard to imagine anyone missing out on the original beat-'em-up joy provided by Castle Crashers, one of the most recognizable Xbox Live Arcade games of the previous console generation. But back at E3 2015, The Behemoth did announced that Castle Crashers Remastered was in the works. Show More Summary

What the hell is Deadliest Warrior: Battlegrounds?

Just as quietly and sneakily as one of its own ninjas, a new Deadliest Warrior game stealth-released on Xbox Live Arcade today. There had not even been a whisper that a follow-up was in the works. After downloading the trial for Deadliest...Show More Summary

Check out some sweet, sweet N++ gameplay

There's no denying that N+ was a cult hit, and now series fans are anxiously awaiting the followup N++, which is being released on PS4 on July 28 -- over seven years since the original debuted on the Xbox Live arcade. A lot of people...Show More Summary

Chime was one of the best games ever released on Xbox Live Arcade.

Chime was one of the best games ever released on Xbox Live Arcade. That was five years ago, though, so here comes Chime Sharp, a sequel (this time on PC) that looks to both add new stuff while fixing elements of the original game. Read more...

Unlocked: 1-on-1 With Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer talks to us 1-on-1 for 20 minutes about backwards compatibility, winning the console "war," Xbox Live Arcade, remasters, and more!

Unsolicited Mental Objects #6

Tony: So the “sequel” to Terraria was announced recently and the Terrarian in me got super excited. I recently started playing Terraria again and even picked up the Xbox Live Arcade version of it so my boys could enjoy it. I don’t think they’d admit it, but I think they might like it more than […]

Marvel vs Capcom Origins to be withdrawn from XBLA and PSN this month

Gamers advised to buy it now before it's gone for good. Capcom will be withdrawing Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this month.Click here to read the full article

Xbox Live Arcade and PS3 ports of After Burner Climax are being discontinued

Another digital game bites the dust.::pours one out:: It looks like After Burner Climax will no longer be available on the Xbox Live Arcade (360) or PS3 marketplaces on December 24th. For those who aren't aware, the game will no longer...Show More Summary

After Burner Climax faces XBLA/PSN delisting this month

This month is your last chance to pick up Sega's arcade-ported shoot-'em-up After Burner Climax on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Digital storefront monitor lifelower reports that the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of After Burner...

Nice! Housemarque's Outland is coming to Steam

Back in 2011, Super Stardust HD and Resogun developer Housemarque released an action-platformer called Outland for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. It's coming to Steam on September 29, priced at $9.99/£6,99, with improvements...Show More Summary

The Death of Deathmatch? How Console Multiplayer is Changing

Playing together is deeply embedded in video game culture. Long before Xbox Live, before the days of Unreal Tournament and Quake, arcades were filled with friends jostling to get further, score higher and win bigger. Read more...

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD has been delisted on the Xbox Live Arcade

It's a sad day when something gets delisted on a digital storefront. In terms of physical media we don't really have anything comparable, as so many copies are generally out in the wild after any release -- even the rare games still exist. Well this week Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD has been delisted on the Xbox Live Arcade. Show More Summary

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD delisted on Xbox 360

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Capcom's manga-based 2D fighter JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has gone missing from the Xbox Live Marketplace, suggesting that a permanent delisting is imminent. "I can confirm that online play is not affected for existing...

Foursaken Media Announces 'Puzzle to the Center of the Earth', A Mix of 'Spelunky' and Match Three

Invoking the name of Spelunky in any game announcement is serious business. If you haven't heard of it, Spelunky is an amazing permadeath fully randomized platformer that really hit it big when it was released no Xbox Live Arcade in mid-2012 among other platforms in the following year. The game has a huge following due

N++ is going to break me, but I'm okay with that

One of the games I knew I had to check out at the Indie Megabooth this PAX Prime was N++. I liked its predecessor on Xbox Live Arcade a great deal, which is to say it infuriated the hell out of me but was satisfying beyond words when...Show More Summary

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