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The Most Important Voice for Truth: Yours

You are the person for whom Mondoweiss gathers and delivers news. Whether you’ve donated to our year-end fundraising drive, will do it today in the last hours of our drive, or you share what you learn from Mondoweiss with others, you are one of the Thousand Voices for Truth. Show More Summary

Still Time! Turn Colleagues into Powerful Year-End Fundraisers

We’re counting down to the year-end giving finish line. Are you banging your head against the wall yet? Joking aside, it may seem like your team’s hard work and limited resources aren’t enough. Yet you know how much you could bring in, if only… Good news! There is a way to move past this seemingly […]

Friday Cat Blogging and Year-End Fundraising – 15 December 2017

As usual around this time of year, our fundraising team reached out¹ and asked that I put up a post asking you to support Mother Jones with a year-end donation. You know the drill: as a nonprofit, Mother Jones wouldn’t exist without readers who value what we do, and pitch in from time to time […]

How to succeed at year-end fundraising

In a way, fundraising this time of year is easier than it is the rest of the year: Donors are in a giving mood. The Holidays put them there. Donors (in the US and some other countries) are thinking about tax deductions, which creates a strong "deadline" of December 31. Show More Summary

Getting to Your Year-end Gooooooooaaaaaaaal!

I bet it’s been at least a decade since you saw a mercury-based thermometer anywhere but the skeuomorphic version used on fundraising pages.  We fundraisers are keeping a tradition alive. And with good reason.  Unlike many “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” techniques, this one has real science to back it up.  In fact, you can probably increase your year-end revenues […]

Crooks And Liars' Year-End Fundraiser - Buy Us A 'Coffee' To Support Liberal Media

Hey Crooks and Liars Readers! Thanks so much for being here. Did you buy coffee or make some really good brew at home? Please consider buying us one, too. Over at my podcast we have what is called The Gourmet Coffee Guideline. What it...Show More Summary

Year-End Fundraising 2017: How you can help

Dear Readers, Two Coats of Paint began publishing in 2007, and this past year, thanks to your generous  tax-deductible contributions, ongoing support from advertisers, and subsidized rent from the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program, we have been able to continue for another year. Show More Summary

Does 6% Decline In 2017 Giving Thru Mid-Year Spell Year-End Trouble?

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project recently released its Quarterly Fundraising Report covering  the first half of 2017. It shows a drop in US giving of 6% below 2016’s mid-year level. Should we worry? Perhaps. Although there has been an increase over 2016 in the number of donors giving under $250 ( up 8.9%) and those giving between […]

SENS Research Foundation Newsletter: Fundraising Progress, Rejuvenation Therapy Startups, Undoing Aging Conference, and More

3 months agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The latest SENS Research Foundation newsletter just arrived, and covers a range of topics. The year-end fundraiser has been underway for the past couple of weeks, with 15% of the main goal reached. Our Fight Aging! SENS Patron challenge...Show More Summary

Your job in year-end fundraising is VERY simple

The Season is upon us! That last few weeks of the year when a huge portion of our donations come in. It starts some time in November and comes to a sudden end on January 1. The interesting thing about this year-end push is that the fundraising is different from the rest of the year. Show More Summary

SENS Patron Fundraiser for 2017: Additional Challenge Fund Donors Sought

3 months agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

As has become the custom, the SENS Research Foundation will be running a year-end fundraiser in the last few months of 2017, the proceeds going to support work on the foundations of real, working rejuvenation therapies. We of the Fight Aging! community will do our part to help make it a success. Show More Summary

Your annotated, curated super swipe file that will make you a year-end fundraising wizard

Every fundraiser should have a "swipe file" -- that is, a big box of direct mail fundraising (or folder of emails) you can look at any time you need ideas or inspiration. The thing about most swipe files (including mine) is that they are pretty indiscriminate and not usually well organized. Show More Summary

Two steps to year-end fundraising success

It's time -- maybe even crunch time -- to do your year-end fundraising. For most organizations around the world, the big money comes in December. A stumble at the end of the year can hurt you in a big way. So you'll appreciate this post from Fired Up Fundraising: #1 Year-End Fundraising Mistake: A Weak Ask. Show More Summary

If I’m Dead Why Are You Writing To Me?

When was the last time you cleaned your mailing list? Maybe now — during the end of summer lull — is a good time. Once September arrives, we all know what the fundraising tsunami rushing toward year-end will be like. Too late to fix things then. Thus, this reminder that Agitator readers can update/clean their files […]

7 Year-End Fundraising Practices That Work All Year

Year-end fundraising is a bountiful time in the life of the nonprofit. Giving Tuesday and holiday-themed asks are just the beginning of the strategies that nonprofits employ for the end-of-year season. But many of these practices are too beneficial to reserve for the end of the year alone. Show More Summary

The FACTS About Matching Gifts

In a year-end post, Please Don’t Eat the Poinsettia, I noted that the field of fundraising is filled with lots of myths, aphorisms and the equivalent of ‘old wives tales’. Some are true, some are not, and many persist for which there’s little proof one way or the other. I promised that in 2017 we’d explore some […]

Still Time: 5 Ways to Up Year-End Giving

The clock is running out on year-end fundraising. Whether you’re exceeding expectations or are barely meeting the bare minimum, you can do even better. I know what you’re thinking: “There’s so little time.” But I want to share five doable adjustments you can make right now to increase year-end donations. 1) Expand your prospect pool […]

Year-End Benchmarking

Two weeks from now, you’ll be picking up the pieces, trying to figure out what went right … or wrong. Assessing how well your last-ditch December fundraising went. Of course the most attention will go to dollars raised: a) against budget targets set for the year (and month), and b) year-over-year (hopefully growth). As you […]

5 Steps to Consistent Communications (+ Instant Connection)

Whether you’re all in on year-end fundraising or working in some 2017 prep, I bet you have some pretty ambitious goals to meet. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here’s a proven but frequently overlooked method to help you get there: consistent communications. Consistency enables your people and prospects to recognize your organization’s communications in a […]

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