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How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body

2 years agoNews : NYTimes: News

William J. Broad’s 2012 article on some of the health risks of yoga.

the great yoga injuries debate & the “dangers” of yoga

Get ready: the great yoga injuries conversation has risen from the ashes. The great debate was initially ignited in early 2012 after an infamous article in the New York Times, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.” In the past few months, we’ve seen a new rash of articles and blog posts from author William Broad, in support of the [...]

Yoga Hurts: 4 Ways to Avoid Yoga-Induced Injuries

By now, many yoga enthusiasts are well aware of the informative article “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body,” written by author William J. Broad, published early last year in the New York Times. While the article stated that yoga may not be appropriate for certain populations, it also carved out a few well-appointed reasons how [...]

The Year of the Core

Though 2012 had its share of drama in the yoga community (who can forget Anusaragate and the How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body fall-out?), I'm going to go on record and call it The Year of The Core. Though core work has been creeping into yoga classes for awhile, this was the year that it became ubiquitous. Show More Summary

yoga injuries: fact or fiction? (free online telesummit)

The yoga world is still feeling the repercussions of the NYT article, “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body,” and William J. Broad’s book, The Science of Yoga. More than eight months after the article and release of the book sparked a huge conversation about whether yoga harms or heals, the debate continues. Now, some yoga [...]

Yogis challenge William J. Broad on “yoga injuries”

4 years agoHealth : Well Good NYC

At yesterday's "Why Yoga Shouldn't Hurt" panel, yogis sat down to talk about the New York Times' "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" article (and the firestorm it set off) with its now infamous author. Related posts: Tara Stiles and William Broad band together to preach the benefits of yoga How William J. Show More Summary

Got Office Body? Tara Stiles’ 3-step yoga cure

4 years agoHealth : Well Good NYC

Tara Stiles' new book, Yoga Cures, explains how yoga can help ease more than 50 ailments. We asked her for help with one common among overworked New Yorkers. Related posts: Tara Stiles explains how yoga can not wreck your body No Tara Stiles yoga classes at Deepak Chopra’s Homebase at ABC Home My Five Beauty Obsessions: Tara Stiles

How William J. Broad became yoga’s public enemy number one: An interview

4 years agoHealth : Well Good NYC

"How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" set off a firestorm of controversy. We asked the author to explain himself and how it feels to be hated in the yoga world. Related posts: Fiber Won: How to be #1 at number two Got hemp milk? Why a growing number of New Yorkers do Our Number One easiest, laziest holiday health tip

Yogis Should Laugh More.

Yoga has totally been getting the shaft lately. Between sex scandals and wrecking bodies, yoga can’t seem to catch a break. Poor yoga has been bullied by the mainstream and it’s time for her to stand up for herself, look her bullies in the eyes and laugh. Yes, laugh.

New York Times’ Latest Yoga Scandal Piece Outlines ‘Obvious’ Yoga-Philandering Link

William J. Broad adroitly incited 2012's biggest yoga controversy last month with a New York Times article called "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body." Now, it seems he and the times are milking his shit-stirring ability with yet another inflammatory...Show More Summary

No Surprise Here

In an unsurprising confluence of recent yoga media maelstroms, "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" author William J. Broad takes Anusaragate on in The New York Times this morning, with, unsurprisingly, controversial results. An attempt to...Show More Summary

William J Broad on John Friend Scandal: Yoga is a Sex Cult and We’re All Ignorant Minions

4 years agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

After the 'How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body' debacle we cut author William J. Broad a break. Heck it wasn't his fault the New York Times went for the shock value, and some reviews of his book actually made it sound worth reading. But this...Show More Summary

NYT: It’s Not Too Late to Become a Yoga Believer.

Jane Brody, a colleague of William J. Broad, author of the infamous article "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body", reads Mr. Broad's latest book and responds:I see there may be a lot more to this centuries-old activity, more to its benefits and its risks, than I had ever imagined...

william j. broad, author of ‘the science of yoga’: video interview exclusive

William J. Broad’s new book, The Science of Yoga, reached a level of infamy in the yoga community long before its release. An excerpt in the New York Times titled “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” made a big splash in the yoga community and brought the subject of injuries to the forefront of the [...]

The Book Behind The Article

The New York Times article that created so much buzz a few weeks ago ("How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body") is back in the news, as the book, entitled The Science of Yoga, behind the article has just been published. In addition to

Yoga Purist Shames Modern Yoga Teacher: A Response to Ira Israel

Ever since the New York Times published “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body,” the yoga purists are waging war on the way America practices yoga. Not only do they accuse modern yoga participants of falling victim to taking exercise classes sprinkled with spiritual materialism, they are not happy about how yoga teachers teach yoga today. [...]

the science of yoga by william j. broad: the IAYB book review

At the beginning of January, the New York Times published an article called “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body,” which set the online yoga world on fire. Well, that was an excerpt from a book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards, by William J. Broad. The rest of the book is now ready [...]

Just Because You’re Flexible Doesn’t Mean You’ll Be A Good Yoga Teacher

While everyone is seemingly jumping on the "how yoga can wreck your body" bandwagon, CNN took the opportunity to add to those rumors by running a piece over the weekend about "Who should be allowed to teach yoga?" Of course, it talked...Show More Summary

CNN Wonders Who Should Teach Yoga? Repeats Everything Already Said About Yoga Wrecking Your Body

4 years agoFitness / Yoga : YogaDork

Just for good measure, CNN takes on yogagate with their own redundant response to the hubbub over The New York Times "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" (which we all know is part of a book, yes?) complete with frustrated yoga teacher, dramatic voice-overs and menacing words in quotes (see below, and above).

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