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If You Wouldn't Buy It at Full Price, You Probably Don't Need It

Everyone loves a good deal, but on-sale items have a way of tricking us into spending more than we planned. One way to curb impulsive buying: Consider if you’d pay full price for the item. Read more...

Jimmy Kimmel Imagines The Perfect Trump Campaign Ad

If it weren't hilarious, I wouldn't subject you to one more image of The Trumpet. But it is. I expect Trump to start running it in Iowa and New Hampshire next week. (h/t Washington Post)

Lego Hacks To Help Piece Together Your Messy Life

You can do just about anything with LEGOs. Play with them, eat them, become a professor and teach about them. So why wouldn't they help organize your life, too? A new video by Brick Ultra, a LEGO news and entertainment network (yes really), offers up six nifty life hacks using the beloved building blocks. Show More Summary

'War Room' Director: 'Prayer Is Not a Spare Tire, It's the Steering Wheel'

If you knew your enemy was using a strategic plan to try to defeat you, wouldn't you adopt a battle plan of your own? You might be surprised to find that the most lethal weapon in your arsenal isn't a vengeful act, a firearm, or a lawsuit — it's prayer. Show More Summary

A guy had public 'sex' with a virtual reality doll set, and he wouldn't stop. Why won't it stop??

yesterdayHumor / odd : Happy Place

This is technically SFW, but it's not recommended that you watch it with coworkers. Is virtual reality the wave of the future? Well, watch this very young looking (hopefully over the age of 18) man hump a plastic doll in a Sailor Moon outfit in front of a gaggle of laughing dudes. Show More Summary

Trump is a salesman, and America is in a buying mood

What if everything you thought you knew about politics was wrong, or at least open to question in ways you could not have imagined? I mean it wouldn’t stop us from having opinions because people have opinions even when they are based on nothing. But when so much conventional wisdom doesn’t yield the kinds of [...]Show More Summary

Washington Post; when statistics don’t work, change the parameters

There’s an article in the Washington Post in which Christopher Ingraham claims that there have been at least one mass shooting every day of 2015. You’d think that you would have heard about that somewhere before now, wouldn’t you? Well, you haven’t because those “figures” (247 “mass shootings” for 2015) comes from a subReddit group […]

Bow Down to the Beauty of These New Godzilla Posters, Out Friday

yesterdayGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Who wouldn’t want to see the King of the Monsters, bursting out of the water and screeching on their wall, every single day? We all would, and that’s what these brand new Godzilla posters by artist Laurent Durieux will do, if you can snag one. Read more...

Roger Corman on Losing Easy Rider, Polling Sharktopus Fans, and the Future of Indie Film

Seminal schlockmeister Roger Corman may be 89 years old, but you wouldn't know it from his output. Though the B-movie king hasn't directed a film since his ill-fated adaptation of Brian Aldiss's Frankenstein Unbound in 1990, he still produces knowingly goofy SyFy monster films like Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf and the... More »

Betty White rocks

2 days agoHealth / Aging : O'Folks

You are welcome but this is not her show’s site. Is Betty White’s new show an April Fool’s Day prank? Judging by the European version, it wouldn’t be very complimentary but ageist. Site Search Tags: Betty+White, humor, ageism, TVFiled under: ageism, cultural resources Tagged: O'Folks (off their rocker), off their rockers, TheElderlies

Christian Law School Dean: The Government Can’t Impose Laws Contradicting the Bible

If I told you that law students at Liberty University don't understand the Constitution, you wouldn't bat an eye. Of course they don't. What else did anyone expect?But can't we expect more from the person running the place?Liberty University...Show More Summary

NVIDIA Is Giving Out Free Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Keys

If you’ve been intrigued by the return of the objective team-based shooters and wouldn’t mind playing another, then perhaps you might want to give the Rainbow Six: Siege beta a try. More »      

McDonald's Wouldn't Create the McWhopper, So I Did, and It's an Abomination

As a wise Jeff Goldblum once put it, we were so busy wondering if we could, we didn't ask if we should. Well I'm here to tell you: No. No we should not. Burger King deserves credit for its masterful PR move this morning of running full-page...Show More Summary

Gay Man Proposes in Church and the Congregation's Response Will Surprise You

After Trevor Harper surprised his boyfriend with a marriage proposal at church, the congregation did something you likely wouldn't expect. read more

People ages 7 to 93 give advice to their younger selves about growing up

If you could give advice to your younger self, it probably wouldn't be about buying the right clothes or putting on eye cream. CBC Radio's WireTap asked a group of people from ages 7 to 93 to give pieces of sage wisdom to some of their younger counterparts. Show More Summary

China’s Financial Meltdown Continues, but You Wouldn’t Know It From Chinese Media

The Shanghai Composite index fell yet again today, despite China’s central bank cutting interest rates in an attempt to calm the markets after three days of turmoil. But if you’re looking for the latest developments, Chinese media does...Show More Summary

Kanye West Looks Damn Near Joyous In This Photograph

Kanye West, a man who has tried to explain his habit of not smiling (publicly), saying, "Not smiling makes me smile … When you see paintings in an old castle, people are not smiling 'cause it just wouldn’t look as cool," looks near ebullient...Show More Summary

Trash or treasure? Repurposing would-be wasted food to feed the hungry

"If I offered you a bruised banana, you probably wouldn't be interested," said Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, director of Drexel University's Center for Hospitality and Sport Management. "But what if I offered you some banana ice cream on a hot summer day? I bet you'd find that a lot more appealing." read more

Couple Stages Last-Minute Hospital Wedding When Mom Goes Into Labor Early (VIDEO)

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. It's the kind of wacky premise you wouldn't quite believe if you saw it in a movie -- except it really happened to one Texas couple: When Stephanie Tallent went into labor early during her 8-month ultrasound,...Show More Summary

The Most Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots In The U.S.

3 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Your pet is part of the family, so it only makes sense that you'd want to bring your beloved four-legged friend along on fun vacations and road trips. It just wouldn't be the same with out 'em. To provide your pooch with the most welcoming experience, take a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. Show More Summary

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