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This finance bot helps you bank, pay bills, withdraw cash, and deposit money via Facebook Messenger

Imagine paying your bills, checking your account balance, getting help with financial questions, and generally managing all your everyday banking needs via Facebook. Sounds hard to believe? Not for customers of Tochka Bank in Russia, where all of this is possible today. Bots, of course, are big right now. Facebook has opened [...]

BUDGET SEASON: How Your Finance Team Treats Turnover REALLY Matters!!!

Welcome to the early days of budget season, American HR Leaders!! Snuggled up to the friendly Finance and Accounting pros in your organization lately? Great... Here's a little snigglet to make sure you have enough cash to fund all the...

How to Sell Your Kid's Stuff at a Consignment Sale

When you have kids, clothing and toys seem to multiply by the minute. One way I like to stay on top of decluttering is to sell my kids' outgrown items at consignment sales. Here are my top tips to cash in on your kid items through local sales. How to Find a Local Consignment Sale I have sold my...

70,000 ATMs in the U.S Will Soon Allow You to Withdraw Cash with Your Smartphone

More Americans will soon be able to use their smartphones to withdraw cash from ATMs without the use of a card.

Back to Basics: Where to Put Your Cash Before the Financial Crash

The world's financial system is heading for a crash or devaluation, says economic researcher Ernst Wolff, who advised Sputnik on the best places to invest your cash and weather the coming storm.

3 legitimate ways you can make money online

Here are some tips for putting extra cash in your pocket.        

New York’s Best Fancy Restaurants That Are Worth the Extra Cash

When your wallet is making you itchy and you're just dying to luxuriate, New York is the world-class city that will make all of your gustatory dreams come true.

Why We Value Purchases More When We Pay With Cash

Credit is convenient, but paying with cash has a subtle impact on your mindset hat you can use in your favor. A recent study found that paying with cash actually makes us value our purchases more. Read more...

The Mathematical Reason You Should Always Order The Bigger Pizza

4 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Ever downsized your pizza order to save a little cash? A new video from AsapSCIENCE proves you’ve been doing it wrong. It all comes down to a basic geometric equation from your nightmares your high school math class. The area of a circle...Show More Summary

But What If The Customers Are Nuts?

4 days agoHumor : Cake Wrecks

Bakers, I want you to know that I know. I KNOW. Sometimes your customers are... weird. I promise I'll keep this brief. And hey, if someone with cash in hand asks you to draw Lebron James as an anesthesiologist, then by golly, you draw...Show More Summary

Tommy Cash’s “Winaloto” Video Is the Weirdest Rap Orgy Ever

You expect to see a fair amount of skin in a rap video. Gorgeous people wearing small amounts of clothing has become as much of a staple of the genre’s visuals as smoking weed or bragging about your swagger. But the amount of exposed flesh (and what is done with it) in Estonian rapper Tommy […]

What Is a Brokerage Account and How Do I Open One?

So you’ve got your emergency fund taken care of — great! Now what? While you need cash you can easily access in the event of an emergency, once you’ve stashed about six months of living expenses in your savings account, it’s time to start thinking more in terms of a long-term financial strategy. Show More Summary

You’d Value Your Car More If You Paid Cash For It

Want to feel a real connection to something? Pay cash for it. Research shows the act of handing over real, honest-to-God paper money and coins for a product has a profound impact on the value a person places in that product. Suddenly, it turns into a possession. Show More Summary

IHG Cardholders Purchase IHG Points for .51 Cents Each

If you can book all of your travel with points that you get virtually for free then that is obviously the ideal scenario, but in the real world sometimes you need to combine points with cash to stretch what you have to get the travel you want. Show More Summary

10 Seemingly Small Things That Eat Up Your Money

1. ATM fees. You’re being charged to get your own money! Either take out enough cash at your regular bank’s ATM to tide you over for a while or switch to a bank with more ATMs in your area—or one … More » 10 Seemingly Small Things That...Show More Summary

How to get free Pokécoins in 'Pokémon GO'

'Pokémon GO' wants you to spend your hard-earned cash on Pokécoins, but there's a pretty simple way to earn them for free. SEE ALSO: Netflix whiffed big on earnings, and the stock is crashing You'll have to be above level 5 to take advantage...Show More Summary

How to Speed Up Your Cash Flow With EBPP

As consumers become more aware and adaptive to mobile tech and making and receiving payments using these devices, the chances of retaining customers increases.

Deal: Basics Elastic Wallet

A modern, minimal wallet for all your cards. The Basics wallet provides quick access to your most frequently used cards, and holds up to 15 cards thanks to its stretchy elastic construction. A pocket holds cash, coins, or, keys too. Save 20% in The Awesomer Shop.

Surprising Strategies To Beat An All-Cash Offer

Get your offer noticed and accepted, even when going up against a cash home buyer.

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