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The Importance Of Cash Reserves When Scaling A Tech Firm

Growth entrepreneurs learn early to spend the capital they have and constantly seek new funding. You become acclimated to running lean and stretching your money thin. At some point though, to make the transition to even greater growth coming out of your initial funding rounds, you need to learn how to run lean and hold cash in reserves. Show More Summary

Physical Cash Poses a HUGE Problem For Central Banks

More and more institutions are trying to make it harder for you to move your money into cash. Globally, over $5 trillion in debt currently have negative yields in nominal terms, meaning the bond literally has a negative yield when it trades. Show More Summary

Chael Sonnen has advice for ex-UFC rival Jon Jones: Turn your controversy into cash

"The American Gangster" doles out some advice to "Bones" on how he can win the mixed martial arts (MMA) masses over and turn his image around. From beloved Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar to ousted pound-for-pound great,...Show More Summary

Guide to Consignment Shops

It’s a classic quandary: You have way too much stuff, but your wallet is empty. Selling your items on consignment can help solve both of those problems. You’ll get rid of things you don’t use while getting a little extra cash in exchange — a win-win. We’ll cover the basics of consignment shops and sales,... The post Guide to Consignment Shops appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

Pay Down Debt and Get Cash Back With These 6 Services

Let's face it — being in debt sucks. Quite literally, it sucks up your money, and if it makes finances a struggle for you, then it can suck up your energy and your happiness, too. And it's great to talk about paying debt off early, but what if you don't have any extra money? Fortunately,...

Tim Cook: Apple isn’t interested in sharing your data

Tim Cook participated in a recent interview with NPR’s Robert Siegel, in which he reiterates Apple’s stance on user privacy, discusses what it would take for Apple to bring its overseas cash pile back into the U.S. — and comically avoids talking about the Apple Car. Show More Summary

Top 11 cities for renting out your home

These towns -- some of which may surprise you -- see big demand from vacationers, allowing homeowners to make extra cash

Klink launches social media platform and iOS app offering cash in return for photo views

Posting your panoramic landscapes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks is fun: nothing beats the instant gratification of praise and thumbs-up from friends and family. But one thing that probably won’t happen is any sort of financial renumeration. Show More Summary

Meet The Hedge Fund That Shredded Investor Cash In August

Backtested fund performance always, always always looks great in marketing materials. That doesn’t make it real. File this fact in the back of your mind for the next time someone shows you an investment model that, hypothetically, would have gained 600% during 2008. Show More Summary

Most Americans don’t realize it’s this easy for police to take your cash

Civil asset forfeiture is a controversial but legal practice that allows cops to seize cash and property from people without charging them with a crime. If police simply suspect that you acquired something as a result of illegal activity, they can take it from you. If you want to get it back, the onus is on […]

3D-Printed Guitar Lets You Customize Your Sound Mid-Concert

The modular pieces that make Strassell Guitars allow for new looks and performance enhancements without dishing out cash for a new axe

Destiny PSA: don’t collect your Armsday orders from the inventory screen

Destiny: The Taken King players who cash in their Armsday orders the wrong way may be sadly disappointed. Bungie has acknowledged a problem with Armsday orders this week. If you try to retrieve your weapon from your inventory screen rather than by speaking to the Gunsmith, you might not get the goods. The issue surfaced […]

Got 11,000,000 Lufthansa miles? You can redeem for a BMW, yes a real car

If you’re miles rich and cash poor, Lufthansa will now allow you to cash 11,000,000 Miles&More miles for a BMWi3. You can EUR45,000 instead of your miles if you wish, plus any split in between. LH provides a slider which you can useShow More Summary

How Google’s new Nexus phones stack up against the competition

Following their big unveiling in San Francisco this morning, Google’s new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are now available for pre-order. But should you buy one, or is your hard-earned cash better spent elsewhere? To help you decide, here’s a...Show More Summary

Geeky Online Ways to Collect and Spend Your Credit Card Reward Points

Lots of credit cards offer a rewards system — spend some money, get some points. After a while of using your credit card(s), you’ve probably racked up quite a few points. You could always redeem them for cash back, or you could put them towards some stuff to make the geek in you happy. Show More Summary

These Microsoft Flip Covers for Lumia 640 XL are 40% off today!

Replace your stock battery door with the back of this OEM flip cover for the ultimate slim fit. The front flap features a couple storage slots on the inside for cards or cash, perfect for a night out — freeing up those pockets. Grab one today in cyan or orange for just $17.95

Apple CEO: We've hoovered up your cash faster than ever before

Record sales of iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus lead to avaricious Cook outburst Apple has sold more than 13 million new iPhones in just three days, the company crowed announced on Monday.…

Nine Ways to Improve Profit

Growing profit proves your business model works and funds more marketing, investment and builds a cash war chest that can help you sustain rough times

You don't need to hire a firm to set up IRS payment plan

Dear Liz: I fell behind on making my quarterly estimated tax payments for a long list of reasons, and when I file my return, the IRS will find out. I have heard they can seize your IRAs, which I have but do not want to cash out to p...

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