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China going full Black Mirror with “social credit” scores and restrictions

Don't tick off your barista The post China going full Black Mirror with “social credit” scores and restrictions appeared first on Hot Air.

5 Reasons Why Your Credit Score Dropped Out of the Blue

You pay your credit card accounts on time each month. You never miss a mortgage payment. You haven't run up loads of debt. So why did your credit score suddenly drop 20 points? You know the big reasons why your credit score might fall: late payments and a large amount of new credit card debt. But...

Your Money Adviser: Why Driving Fewer Miles May Not Lead to Lower Auto Premiums

People who don’t drive much usually get in fewer accidents. But, a study finds, insurers typically emphasize a driver’s marital status or credit score.

How to Give Your Credit Score a Makeover in 90 Days or Less

If you want to get ahead financially, good credit can be a huge help. Lenders may be more inclined to give you a car loan or a home loan at a great rate when you’ve got a strong financial history. But how do you build better credit? And how long does it take? Surprisingly, not […]

These Entrepreneurs Are Taking Back Your Credit Score From The Big Credit Bureaus

Why should one entity you’ve never done business with decide whether you can open a bank account or rent a house? New startups are trying to find better ways to determine credit-worthiness. The nightmare of last summer’s Equifax data breach is resurfacing. Show More Summary

5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Credit Score and Secure a Small Business Loan

One of the most common barriers to securing a small business loan is a low credit score. If that's a problem, give this list of ways to increase your credit score a try.

How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points or More in Less Than 5 Months

Raising your credit score 100 points is easier than many people might think, especially if you currently have bad credit. Step 1 – Know Where You Are Pull your credit score to determine where you are and how much damage control you need to do. Show More Summary

How to Find Out if you Already Have a Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

Using a credit card responsibly is one of the best ways to improve your credit score over time. However, anyone who’s been working to push that three-digit number closer to 700 knows that applying for a new credit card can sometimes hurt your score. Show More Summary

You Can Now Get Your Credit Score Through Alexa—But Is It The Best Way To Understand Your Score?

Just when you think Amazon can't come up with anything else, they do. You can now get your credit score through Alexa. Here's what your Alexa credit score can tell you. You Can Now Get Your Credit Score Through Alexa—But Is It The Best Way To Understand Your Score? appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Here are some ways you can improve your credit scores

Dear Liz: Two years ago I got out of prison after being there for nine years. I lost everything that I had. When I got out, my credit rating was 565. I recently bought a car and have made four payments so far. Can you tell me when I might have good credit again? Answer: As long as you continue...

Your Top 5 Financial Goals for 2018 – Our Tips for Achieving Them

A recent survey showed that 84% of us have financial goals for 2018, and these five top the list: Saving money Paying down debt Sticking to a budget Improving credit scores Increasing retirement savings How do these line up with your 2018 money goals? It’s easy to set New Year’s goals, but statistics show that […]

Couples’ Credit—How Credit Scores Work With Your Significant Other

Your credit stays yours, even after you get married. But, your credit score still affects your partner, especially if you want to apply for a mortgage. Here's everything you need to know about couples' credit. Couples’ Credit—How Credit Scores Work With Your Significant Other appeared first on Money Under 30. © Moneyblogs, LLC.

Airport Anyone? Free Car Service Rides Worldwide – With Visa Card!

There’s a truly awesome offer out right now. All you need is a few seconds of your time and a Visa card. You’ll score a minimum of $20 bucks off your next car service ride. But for many people, credits of $45 or $75 or even $100’s are easily possible. Show More Summary

GRS Theater: The Wise Use of Credit — Money lessons from 1960

This month is “back to basics” month at Get Rich Slowly. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve explored several topics related to credit, including: your credit score (and why it matters), how to use credit cards wisely, and how to get out of debt (without gimmicks or games). Show More Summary

Beyond the Credit Score: The Other Two Numbers You Need to Know

It’s not an uncommon experience: you didn’t close old accounts, avoided unnecessary hard inquiries to your credit report and even made sure you never exceeded 30% of your total credit limit. Your credit score was on fire – you did everything right. And yet, ready to apply for your first mortgage, the lender tells you: […]

Free Equifax Credit Report!

Having a good credit score is important, especially for me. You need to understand your credit history to be able to earn miles from financial products. I have always recommended checking your credit, especially if you are opening a lot of new credit cards. Show More Summary

How To Improve Your Credit 'Score' [Infographic]

A person's credit history is kind of like an invisible Sword of Damocles. We know it's out there, but tend to adopt a head-in-the-sand approach until it suddenly chops you in the neck. Fortunately, it's possible to improve your creditworthiness in a few easy steps. This infographic illustrates how to swing credit scoring back in your favour. More »      

Get your credit score ready for the home-buying process

Dear Liz: What score do you need to be approved for a mortgage? Is 520 even close? If not, how do I get that score higher quickly? Answer: A score of 520 on the usual 300-to-850 FICO scale is pretty bad. Theoretically, you might be able to get a mortgage if you can make a large down payment, but...

How to improve your credit score and whether you should bother

Dear Liz: My credit scores are good, but I was wondering if there is a way to bring your scores to 800 or more if your income isn’t that high. I always pay my bills on time and my credit card off each month. In the last two years, I took out a small loan to pay off a car, then paid off furniture...

Your credit score — and why it matters

For today’s edition of “back to basics” month at Get Rich Slowly, we’re going to talk about credit scores. What is a credit score? Why should you care? As you go about your life, you leave a trail of transactions. You take out a mortgage, you buy a new car, you use your credit card […] The post Your credit score — and why it matters appeared first on Get Rich Slowly.

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