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Is sustainable ground beef safer? Not really. Here's why

There's nothing like the phrase "fecal contamination" to get your attention. And most of the reporting on an investigation by Consumer Reports magazine into the safety of ground beef from sustainably vs. conventionally raised animals published this week certainly took advantage of that.

Antibiotic Resistance: Let’s Change the Way We Understand It

In the past few days, there have been two interesting reports on antibiotic resistance. One was released by Consumer Reports entitled, “How Safe Is Your Ground Beef?” The other, much less publicized, was put together by scientists and physicians who work in public health and do know something about antibiotic resistance. This second report was published... Continue Reading

Photo Tips: Get Down, Get Down

Shooting your camera at ground level can bring more power to your pics. Here's how.

7 Burgers Even Worse For You Than the Imaginary McWhopper

Take a look at these frightening Frankenfoods — and check out the smart swaps that will let you enjoy delicious hunks of ground beef, while flattening your belly in the process.

This Dance with Ghosts Will Haunt You | 'Abaddon' World Premiere

It's easy to see your own relationships reflected in Rogerio Silva's latest dance film, Abaddon. Two dancers exchange a bombastic give and take, a push and pull, a leap and crash to the ground that mirrors what he describes to The Creators...Show More Summary

Five O'Clock Somewhere At Kenya's Naboisho Camp

After an invigorating few hours of late afternoon hiking through Kenya’s Mara Naboisho Conservancy, you will have earned your sundowner drinks on a chunk of high ground with views that stretch forever. While you trekked, staff at the high-end Naboisho Camp will have driven over to the property’s fly camping site (a basic tent [...]

Tips to Trim Your Waste

Getting wasted is growing in popularity. I don't getting trashed. I mean minding your trash. These days getting wasted means becoming more grounded and conscious about the food we eat and utilizing every part of it rather than throwing it out. Show More Summary

That ground beef in your fridge is probably covered in poop

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

We Americans love our beef. But when will this country’s love affair with meat and the unsanitary practices used to produce that meat come to a head? A recent study conducted by Consumer Reports has found that an alarming number of ground beef products found around the United States are...

6 Signs Your Meeting is Out of Control and What to Do About It

Is your meeting a free-for-all? Set some ground rules, write an agenda, and cut things short.

Is Taco Tuesday Killing You?

Don't get me wrong -- I love a taco. The warm crispy shell, the thinly-sliced lettuce and savory ground beef... they are delicious. However, receptive eating patterns of any kind can cause an imbalance in your diet, causing large nutrient gaps that can lead to significant health issues. Show More Summary

Your Backyard Burgers Are Bursting With Gross Bacteria

4 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Word to the wise: If you're planning on hosting an end-of-summer barbecue, don't even think about buying conventional ground beef for your burgers.  Consumer Reports recently tested 458 pounds of ground beef from suppliers nationwide,...Show More Summary

Stand Your Ground Or Get Out of the Way? Market In A Mood to Sell

Here we go again? Early stock indicators picked up where they left off after a gut-check that marked the biggest weekly declines for Wall Street since 2011. Many traders held their collective breath over the weekend, wondering if Chinese officials would step in with any teeth to shore up stock declines [...]

We Tried It: 4 Ways To Cook A Burger That’s Safe To Eat But Doesn’t Taste Like Leather

For many beef buffs, the idea of a hamburger cooked anything beyond medium rare is blasphemous. Unfortunately, not cooking your ground beef to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit puts you at risk ingesting bacteria like E. coli or enterococcus, including some strains that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. But does cooking beef to a safe temperature mean you’re doomed … [More]

11 Parent Tips for Back to School

Where did the summer go? Fall is just around the corner and "back to school" is on many parent's minds. The challenge is getting school back on the mind of your "live-in" student. If you want your child to hit the ground running academically this school year, then it's time to retrain their brain. Show More Summary

Western Michigan walk-on recovers onside kick in practice, discovers scholarship attached to ball

The surprise-a-walk-on-with-a-scholarship video is well-trod ground at this point, but this one from Western Michigan is still worth your time. That’s junior running back Trevor Sweeney, who’s lucky he was able to pounce on that onside kick (and nice work by the kicker making sure it went 10 yards). Sweeney appeared in all 13 games […]

Why You Shouldn’t Unclog Your Ears By Holding Your Nose And Blowing

One sensation most of us who have flown are familiar with is having our ears pop upon takeoff, leading to discomfort when we return to the ground. A common way to “unclog” your ears is to hold your nose closed then breath hard. Although...Show More Summary

A room with a royal view: Plans for a luxury hotel at Versailles according to officials

last weekArts : Artdaily

Imagine opening your hotel room window to gaze upon the lavish grounds and famous palace of Versailles after spending a night on the estate itself. That prospect could soon be reality -- at least for some of the wealthier visitors to...Show More Summary

This drone can steal data while hovering above your office

It's the job of a security researcher to figure out how the company they are working for could be compromised. Apparently that now means using a drone sniff out vulnerabilities a few dozen feet off the ground. The Aerial Assault drone...Show More Summary

The Positive Vibes For Kanrei Thread

We are all wishing you a speedy recovery, Kanrei. We can't wait for your timely return to your old stomping grounds here at the Drudge Retort. We love You, Kanrei, even if we don't always say it. Prayers and salutations are always welcome here.

5 Obstacles Entrepreneurs Must Overcome

You did it. You left your job to start your own business. In your mind, you already a success, but you must begin where everyone does. Getting your business off the ground is important. You need to know what to do. Entrepreneurs are successful if they get past these challenges.

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