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7 Tips for Starting a Company Blog That Brings Results

Starting a blog for your business not only creates a new channel to let potential clients know you exist, but it offers a way to show off your expertise in your field. Here’s what to know. The post 7 Tips for Starting a Company BlogShow More Summary

7 Ways to Use Video on Your Blog to Get More Engagement

Content consumers are living in a world perfectly formulated for them to enjoy. Hundreds of thousands of blogs are creating and sharing content with their audiences on a daily basis, and the consumer can take their pick of which websites to browse regularly. Show More Summary

6 Ways to Turn the Worst Part of Your Day into the Best

Getting to places on time, whether work or social occasions, can be a hassle. New research based on travel habits of commuters shows how to be less stressed and more punctual.

Dogs Cut Open—Your Gift DOUBLES to Help Them

No animal should suffer this way, but it’s happening in laboratories right now. Make a gift today and help expose and stop this cruelty. The post Dogs Cut Open—Your Gift DOUBLES to Help Them appeared first on PETA.

Dermatology Clinic in your Pocket!

yesterdayArts : Yanko Design

Dermatology Clinic in your Pocket! I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home. With the way we humans have systematically degraded the quality of...

Flatliners (Arrow Recommends)

"Arrow Recommends is a column that has my sorry ass advise older movies to your royal asses. I will be flexible in terms of genres i.e. I will cover whatever the bleep I want. For now, it will be the way to keep my voice on the site." PLOT:...Show More Summary

never mind. look away. eyes on your own paper.

from me: this sober girl got up at 6:15 and wrote some on the new sober fiction writing project. it’s day 6 of 100 days in a row. remember when i said it was 100 days until christmas? yeah, that. there are so many ways that writing is like being sober. you show up and […]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Business Is Ready for Expanding Cloud Needs

Moving your data storage and applications into the cloud is an important step that most businesses need to take. The scalability and cost savings of the cloud are hard to ignore. The improved collaboration potential that the cloud provides is yet another benefit. Before you take this step, be sure you’re ready for eventual expansion.... Read the full article

Globality Gets Into Gear – A Serious Attempt To Disrupt Global Services Buying?

Categories: There are many ways to start a new business. You can develop your idea on the kitchen table, rope in a few friends who will […] (Read more...)

7 Unhealthy Behaviors That Affect Your Mental Health

Bad mental health habits are behaviors that have a negative effect on the way we think and the way we feel about ourselves. We often believe our mood and our mental health are solely dependent on external factors and we only have little ability to control them. Show More Summary

The Cutest Halloween Clothes (Not Costumes!) Your Kids Can Actually Wear All Month

Halloween might officially be only one day, but kids and parents know that it's way more fun to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year all month long. While it might not be appropriate to wear a costume every day of October, noShow More Summary

Pursuing immortality: why “cyborgs” are the species of the future

Technology has come quite a long way to be where it is today. In fact, to put things into perspective, take out your smartphone and visually dissect it for a moment. Notice its weight, its interface, its design and the fact that it can fit snugly in your pocket or comfortably in the palm of your hand. Show More Summary

Fundrise eFunds: An Innovative Way To Invest In Your Future Home

Washington D.C. based Fundrise is one of the most innovative real estate crowdfunding platforms today. They were the first to create the eREIT, a real estate fund that uses crowdfunding regulations to provide access for  non-accredited...Show More Summary

‘Are You Happier Than You Were in Your 20s?’

Sadness doesn’t define you, even if it feels that way right now.

You can now link dotloop to ‘Zip Your Flyer’ (because manual entry sucks)

Real estate technology companies are looking for every possible avenue to access new customers. One way is by connecting with colleagues who already have a lot of them...

4 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Business

Expanding your business can be a challenging time. When you’re opening a new store, taking on new clients or looking for ways to grow the number of products or services you offer, you’re going to feel like you’re under quite a bit of pressure. However, if approached appropriately, that pressure can push you to be … Read the Rest ?

13 Ways to Have the Best Morning Routine Ever

Activities to add – and delete – in your morning routine to start the day right. The post 13 Ways to Have the Best Morning Routine Ever appeared first on LifeDev.

Best Money Tips: 5 Ways to Waste Money at the Grocery Store

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways you may be wasting money at the grocery store, smart ways to grow your savings, and the best deal sites for coupons and discounts on everything. Top 5 Articles 5 Ways We Waste Money at the Grocery Store — Not...

How To Get Into the Halloween Mood

If you love Halloween, then the Halloween bug starts to bite you around August when items go up in the stores and the heat has you wanting autumn to come NOW! Here's some ways to start getting your Halloween mood activated to a higher level as October approaches - Photography. Show More Summary

Harry says KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is a world expanding creative explosion of excitement!

Way more laughs than the first film! Read the full article on AICN I love origin comics.  You get to learn who your main characters are, you should get a feel for the style of the comic right from that first issue.   In a good origin, you instantly grok the interactions and position of power of the characters. Show More Summary

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