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Ubisoft CEO ''very happy'' with Nintendo Switch sales, more games incoming

During a recent Ubisoft earnings call, CEO Yves Guillemot stated that more games are coming next year. This could related to the calendar or fiscal year as the head honcho didn't specify. On the their Nintendo Switch sales, Guillemot mentioned that he was ''very happy'' so far.

Yves Guillemot: Ubisoft believes that new consoles will arrive in a “minimum of two years”

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, does not anticipate seeing a PlayStation 5 or, uh, Xbox Two (Xbox Four?) until at least two years from now. All the companies now are releasing their financial statistics for the first half of the fiscal year, including Ubisoft, who made a lot of money from the Switch. Talking in […]

Ubisoft - Zelda: Breath of the Wild took a lot of things from Far Cry and "did them perfectly"

The following comes from an EDGE interview with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot... It’s interesting, because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild took a lot of things that existed in Far Cry and other Ubisoft games, but did them perfectly. Show More Summary

Why Ubisoft Ditched Unreal for Its Own Proprietary Tech

CEO Yves Guillemot explains why Ubisoft is investing more into its own engines like Snowdrop and Anvil rather than Unreal.

Ubisoft aims to bring new experiences to new hardware like Switch

Coming from Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot... "Each time when we go early on a new machine, on new hardware, we learn new things or we create new things. You know, Just Dance really came with the Wii, the Rabbids also happened with the Wii [...]Show More Summary

Ubisoft thinks it knows what millennial gamers want

What do today's millennials look for in games? Ones they can play together, says Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot. "Millennials are asking for games they can play with friends more and more, so that's why we're going increasingly into multiplayer...Show More Summary

Ubisoft CEO praises Microsoft for dropping Kinect, shifting focus to power of Xbox One X

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, has shared his thoughts on the Xbox One X console, praising Microsoft's pursuit of high-end hardware. Although Microsoft's upcoming flagship console, the Xbox One X, is still a few months away from release, developers are already announcing their plans to take advantage of the hardware going forward. Show More Summary

You can expect PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-style gameplay in future Ubisoft DLCs

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ success is no secret, and its unique gameplay will soon find its way into Ubisoft games. That’s according to CEO Yves Guillemot, who mentioned during the earning’s call for the first quarter of this financial year, that Battlegrounds is not a threat to existing Ubisoft games. Instead, Ubisoft sees this as an opportunity. […]

Nintendo/Ubisoft on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - collaboration details, Ubisoft praise for Nintendo/Switch

Coming from an IGN interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot... SM: I’ve known Yves for 25 years and we’ve worked a lot together and in recent years, even some of the software that Ubisoft has put out has been pretty early in the hardware’s life cycle, and as collaborators we often have worked together. Show More Summary

Nintendo, Ubisoft discuss bringing Rabbids into Mario's world, making sure the game was unique

Coming from a Newsweek interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, Xavier Poix, managing director of Ubisoft's French studios and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot... YG: "Mr. Miyamoto wanted [Ubisoft] to do something different from what [Nintendo] was doing with Mario. Show More Summary

Ubisoft discusses how they decided to create Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Coming from a GamesBeat interview with Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot... GamesBeat: You have to greenlight a lot of these new games. How do you decide on something like Mario + Rabbids? Was there something about that idea as it was pitched to you that made you decide, “That’s the one we have to do?” Guillemot: I have very talented managers. Show More Summary

Ubisoft CEO reflects on one of the company’s best E3 events ever

7 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

Yves Guillemot is riding high this week. Ubisoft held a big event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where it showed off a lot of big titles. Those games included a new version of Assassin’s Creed after a one-year hiatus, a disturbing Far Cry 5 that focuses on extremism in the U.S., Just Dance 2018, […]

Ubisoft/Nintendo on how Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle came to be, talk potential for future collabs

A portion of a Eurogamer interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot... E: How did Mario + Rabbids come about, and why now? It feels like the product of a very special relationship between your companies. Shigeru Miyamoto: It started out when launching Just Dance in Japan - and the idea to have Mario in there. Show More Summary

The big interview: Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot

Of all the games of E3 2017, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle stands out as the biggest surprise - even if we all knew about it beforehand. After its existence leaked towards the end of May, enthusiasm towards it was low, and then... Ubisoft's press conference began. Show More Summary

Ubisoft CEO talks about working with Miyamoto, playing Switch on the road

The following comes from Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot... Working with Miyamoto What is fantastic about working with Nintendo and with Miyamoto in particular is that you are working with the best. It's easy to work with the smartest people...Show More Summary

The E3 Bulletin: Tuesday

God bless Ubisoft. God save Yves Guillemot. All hail the mad, plucky French company with nothing but an infinite number of studios and vast reserves of cash to plough into doing E3 in the grand traditional style: daft showcases, huge games, and things that make you feel sincerely adoring of this pastime we spend so much on. Show More Summary

Ubisoft 'Not Forgetting Splinter Cell,' Says CEO

According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, "all the Clancy games are taken care of."

E3: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle trailer

Miyamoto himself came to present Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with Yves Guillemot on the stage of the Ubisoft conference. Here is the colorful trailer of Mario's new adventure on Switch.

Shigeru Miyamoto comes onstage at Ubisoft for the unusual Mario and Rabbids crossover

7 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

One of gaming biggest icons, Shigeru Miyamoto, was onstage today at Ubisoft’s event ahead of this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo event in Los Angeles. He joined Ubisoft’s chief executive officer Yves Guillemot to introduce Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a grid-based strategy game starring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and those annoying little Rabbids. This […]

‘Assassin’s Creed’: Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot On Why Video Game Movies Don't Need to Suck

last yearNews : Newsweek: US

In the world of Assassin’s Creed, heroes work in the shadows while villains live in the light, creating a gray area of morality. What’s not so gray is the history of video game movie adaptations. They suck. Some of them actually make money, but most get shredded by critics. Show More Summary

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