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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ console with 1000 retro games smashes crowdfunding target

Gaming geeks with a hankering to play the retro games of their youth are flocking to fund the ZX Spectrum Vega+ preloaded with over 1000 retro games.

Sir Clive Sinclair in tech tin-rattle triumph

£160k raised in three days for ZX Spectrum Vega+ console Sir Clive Sinclair has in just three days tin-rattled his way to over £160,000 towards production of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+, described breathlessly as "the world’s only hand-held LCD games console with 1,000 licensed games inside that can also connect to your TV!!".…

Now there's a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega handheld

There's a new Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the works - this time it's a handheld console. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ passed its £100,000 crowdfunding target on IndieGoGo in less than three days. At the time of publication £160,000 had been pledged by 1500 backers. Show More Summary

The ZX Spectrum could be re-born as a handheld gaming system

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets :

The classic ZX Spectrum computer wasn’t exactly large, but a color display for it sure was. Soon, however, you might be able to shove an entire Spectrum setup into your pocket — display […]

ZX Spectrum Returns As Handheld Console

The ZX Spectrum is being relaunched as a handheld games console, shipping with 1,000 games built in. The Vega+, currently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, is a follow-up to the ZX Spectrum Vega released just over a year ago. Whereas that...Show More Summary

Handheld ZX Spectrum brings ‘80s gaming to your morning commute

The $150 ZX Spectrum Vega+ features a 4:3 screen, smart design, and 1,000 games.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum targets retro gamers with new handheld console

A little over a year after reviving the ZX Spectrum brand with a microcontroller computer that plugs straight into your TV, Sir Clive Sinclair and Retro Computers have returned to Indiegogo to crowdfund the next incarnation of the retro games machine, and this time he’s bringing a handheld console to market. For the uninitiated, Sir […]

The ZX Spectrum is coming back as a handheld console

The company that built a re-imagined, miniaturized version of the original classic ZX Spectrum last year is back with a new model – and this time it’s a handheld. Currently funding on Indiegogo, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ Console,...Show More Summary

The Spectrum could return as a handheld games console

A little over a year ago Retro Computers pitched a new version of the classic ZX Spectrum on Indiegogo. The console and controller hybrid allowed anyone to play 1,000 games such as Knight Lore and Underwurlde on their TV. Now, the startup...Show More Summary

How these communist-era Apple II clones helped shape central Europe's IT sector

3 months agoTechnology / Apple : ZDNet Apple

In the days of communism, many Romanian and Bulgarian children, who now are among the countries' leading technologists, learned to code on replicas of Apple II and ZX Spectrum machines.

ZX Spectrum-based handheld retroconsole is pretty good

4 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The design perfectly transmutes the cheap minimalist beauty of the classic ZX Spectrum home computer into a unique handheld game console. But does the ZX Vega capture the experience of the early 80's machine? Indie Retro News reviews...Show More Summary

Play the 'Z-Exemplar' Demo and Get Hyped

We've been pretty hyped for Z-Exemplar here at TouchArcade Towers, as I know I'm a sucker for retro-style games. And while the ZX Spectrum was a bit before my time, the style that Z-Exemplar is going for, mixed in with inspiration from games like Gradius, is right up my alley. So imagine my surprise when

Chatterbox: Monday

The place to talk about games and other things that matter Oh, it’s Monday, how delightful. Today’s screenshot is from Z-Exemplar, a scrolling shooter designed to look like a ZX Spectrum conversion of R-Type. It’s by Scottish studio Suminell and it’s currently in Steam Greenlight. Continue reading...

'Uridium'-Inspired 'Hyper Sentinel' Gets New Trailer and Music

Fans of 80's style shoot 'em ups have two games to keep an eye on: Z-Exemplar, which boasts a Spectrum ZX influence, and Hyper Sentinel, which borrows influence from Commodore 64 game Uridium. Hyper Sentinel's speedy, flip-flopping gameplay in a mobile-friendly, tweaked for modern devices style, could prove to be some fun. And we'll apparently

After 23 years, a new and official Dizzy game has been released for free

Way, way back in the dark, unknown past of the 1980s, Codemasters published the Oliver Twins’ hit series Dizzy for platforms like the Sinclaire ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC. Starring a sentient egg who had to save his friends, the last proper Dizzy game to come out was in 1992… which was before I was even born. Show More Summary

Young Hackers Explore The BBC Micro:Bit

8 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

How do you get the younger generation interested in coding and computer science? In 'the good old days' the charge was led by the home computer brigade of the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and BBC Micro. Today the charge in the UK is being led by the BBC micro:bit, and this weekend's Over The Air hackathon provided an opportunity for young coders to experience the embedded system.

The top five most British games you'll ever lay eyes on

Britain, Britain, Britain! Over the years we’ve been known for a lot: tea, monocles, the Queen, imperialism, and at one point… videogames. We had it all, from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum to Rockstar Games, Britain used to rule over theShow More Summary

Old-School Shoot 'Em Up 'Z-Exemplar' Gets a Brand New Trailer

I've been keeping pretty close tabs on Z-Exemplar, an upcoming side-scrolling shooter that developer Suminell Studios is hoping will tickle the nostalgia bone for those of us who have fond memories of the ZX Spectrum home computer from the '80s. Z-Exemplar was originally announced with a slick trailer back in early June, and as progress

Pick Of The Camden Fringe: 24-30 August

9 months agoEngland / London : Londonist

ZX Spectrums, choose your own adventure and Fenella Fielding.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega review

Back in 2012, when retro gamers were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, if you'd told me that just three years later we'd be seeing not one but two new hardware launches claiming to carry on the Speccy name, I wouldn't have believed you. Show More Summary

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