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Well done to Khadaji, who picked yesterday's game (or got it from Facebook) as Ant Attack for the Spectrum ZX. The platform of choice whenever we want to stump people. But let's go something a bit more widespread for today's game. More »      

What are Arduino Kits and What Are They Used For?

There was a time, a time that many of your parents will remember, when using a computer required some kind of an understanding of how it worked. On some of the first computers, such as the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64, users had to write their own software. Of course, things are much more [...]

3D printing project makes the Speccy portable

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

SpecNext started shipping its updated ZX Spectrum board to Kickstarter backers in December last year, with full computer-in-a-keyboard models to follow. Rather than having to connect his Next to a TV, Dan Birch of Dorchester 3D opted...Show More Summary

MintyPi Gaming Handheld

A retro gaming system built into an Altoids mint tin. It plays emulators for everything from the Amiga to the ZX Spectrum, and everything in-between. You can grab the 3D printed parts here, and follow the build guide from sudomod to DIY, or purchase a complete system here.


The most recent ScribbleTaku was Commando, the ZX Spectrum game. Surprised nobody guessed it. One person in particular actually. More »      

The MNT Reform: a modular, open source hardware, blob-free laptop inspired by classic PCs

5 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Lukas F. Hartmann grew up on PCs like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amiga 500, and while he appreciates the power and portability of modern laptops, he missed the character and invitation of experiment in these classic PCs. (more…)

Nicalis' endless scroller Knight Terrors coming to Switch next week

Nicalis, developers of indie darling The Binding of Isaac, have announced that their new game, Knight Terrors, will charge headlong onto Nintendo Switch October 24.The game, which features visuals recalling ZX Spectrum games such as Stormlord, has a brave night charging endlessly at threat and danger. Show More Summary

Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into a Retro PC With RISC OS

The Raspberry Pi is probably the biggest success in British computing, at least since the 1980s. Back then, Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum computers ruled the roost, before being bought up by Sir Alan Sugar’s Amstrad. But beyond the headlines of silicon-based power struggles and overpriced electronics, the U.K. Show More Summary

Radiohead’s Greatest Hits for the ZX Spectrum

8 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

We’ll admit that only a few of us here at Hackaday are Radiohead fans. However, we all couldn’t help but appreciate their new remastered release of OK Computer. The new release contains some bonus material. At the end of the bonus material...Show More Summary

Radiohead Secretly Hide Archaic Computer Message on OKNOTOK Cassette

One fan fed tones from the end of the cassette into a ZX Spectrum emulator to reveal the message

Radiohead fans find mysterious ZX Spectrum Easter egg in OK Computer's new C90 cassette

Here's an odd one: UK superband Radiohead has released a super expensive version of perhaps its best album - and it includes a mysterious Easter egg found via a ZX Spectrum. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, Radiohead has released a £100 special edition of the seminal album entitled OKNOTOK. Show More Summary

Radiohead album hides an app that only runs on an '80s computer

In the age of the hipster, dust-covered and irrelevant mediums like the vinyl and cassette tape have slowly been given a new lease of life. Now, thanks to Radiohead, it looks like popular British computer the ZX Spectrum might be the next 80s relic to come back into fashion. Show More Summary

The bonkers box boasts of classic Codemasters covers

For over a year now, I've been trying to collect every Codemasters game released for the ZX Spectrum. It's a bit of a weird hobby, yes, but it's something I attempted as a youngster and now, with a bit more disposable cash to play with, I thought it was about time that I finally completed my mission. Show More Summary

The story of Mean Machines magazine

The video game landscape in the UK at the turn of the 90s was perhaps more confused and fractured than your fading memory can recall, assuming you're old enough to have lived through it. Home computers like the ZX Spectrum, C64, Amiga...Show More Summary

The 8-Bit ZX Spectrum Is Making A Comeback

It's not often you see developers bragging about games running on a 7MHz CPU. But when you're remaking a machine that first hit the market in 1982, 7MHz is actually a hell of a lot. More »      

ZX Spectrum Next is an advanced version of the original 8-bit monster machine

11 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing ZX Spectrum Next is more than just a cute retro-looking box or a glorified emulator. It is a new 8-bit computer, backwards-compatible with the 1980s' original, yet enhanced to provide a wealth of advanced features such as better graphics, SD card storage, and manufacturing quality control. Show More Summary

Home computing classic reborn as ZX Spectrum Next

11 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Back in early 80s Britain, when home computing was still very, very young, Sinclair's ZX Spectrum opened the eyes of bedroom gamers to a new world of color and became a massive hit. The affordable 8-bit computer-in-a-keyboard was literally...Show More Summary

How punk and Thatcherism came together in the surreal ZX Spectrum Pimania craze

Listeners tuning in to Portsmouth's independent station Radio Victory, late at night in 1977, would have found themselves confronted with a mysterious electronic squeal. It sounded more like a transmitter malfunction or cat-like yawl than a music show. Show More Summary

There's another ZX Spectrum crowdfunder - but this one looks promising

There have been plenty of ZX Spectrum crowdfunders in recent years, and not all of them have gone well. Some, in fact, have been a disaster. So why should we care about yet another one? The ZX Spectrum Next looks like it could be a decent effort - and it's already hit its £250,000 Kickstarter goal. Show More Summary

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