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Go Ahead and Say It, Mr. President

Sept. 11. Afghanistan. Iraq. Fort Hood. The ground zero mosque. ISIS. Paris.

Issa Defends Giuliani

Birds of a feather. Anomaly reports: Speaking to CNN’s Gloria Borger, Issa delved into Giuliani’s 9/11 moment. “I don’t think Rudy is ever going to get the dust from Ground Zero out of his lungs,” Issa said. “He was there during the fall of those towers. So for him to take personally a president whose [...]

Blacks' Loyalty to First Black President Got Blacks Nothing

President Obama is proof that when blacks elected a black Democrat to the White House based only on his "blackness," blacks get ZERO! In the past six years Obama has been president blacks have lost economic ground. The unemployment rate remains in the double digits and since the black president came to town, black wealth came down. Way down!

Retired cop to get enhanced pension after working 9/11 site

Retired cop who developed fibromyalgia after working at Ground Zero won a five-year legal battle Tuesday for an enhanced disability pension.

Netherlands is the Euthanasia Capital of the World, Will America and Britain Follow?

Newsweek has a long article–in which I briefly appear–exploring how and why the euthanasia monster broke its fetters to turn the Netherlands into ground zero for the culture of death (now seriously challenged by the even more death-enthusiastic Belgians). Reporter Winston Ross interviewed experts and the impacted on both sides of the issue, so you […]

Development Watch: More Units Proposed for the Mission, SF's Housing Hotspot

The Mission has become ground zero for San Francisco's gentrification debate, with new housing proposals popping up left and right and neighborhood opposition forming to oppose projects like the planned 345-unit building at 16th and Mission. Now, yet another sizable...

Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia hopes to rekindle Harold Washington torch at City Hall

In a sign of demographic and political shifts that have swept Chicago, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia brought his mayoral campaign the other day to a steel plant in Bridgeport, the ancestral home of the Daley clan and once ground zero for the clout of white ethnics.

Current Obsession: Apotheon, A Metroid On Mt. Olympus That's A Tad NSFW

I was going to finish Watch Dogs, start Dying Light, get back to Transistor, maybe finally try Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. That was my PS4 plan last week. Then I started playing Apotheon and discovered I have a weakness for Metroid-style games set on Mt. Olympus. You might, too. Read more...

The Template For How the Next Crisis Will Unfold

Anyone looking to get their head around how the next round of the Crisis will look should consider what’s happening in Europe today. Europe is ground zero for the whole debt bomb implosion, not because it has the most debt but because it’s politically and economically on the least sound footing. Show More Summary

Sunnyside on track for major land grab

Seems like everybody with big ideas for the future has their eyes on the same prize: an obscure plot in Queens. For Mayor Bill de Blasio last week, it became ground zero for his self-described "game... To view the full story, click the title link.

Obama’s 529 Tax Break Debacle

California is experiencing an entirely new disturbance in the Force. The Magic Kingdom has become the Measles Kingdom. Disneyland is ground zero for the largest outbreak of measles in the

Mix the News: The vaccination debate edition

Mickey Mouse is not amused. Who could’ve predicted that the purported happiest place on earth — that would be Disneyland — would become ground zero for The Great Vaccination Debate? After a measles outbreak at the theme park in December, pediatricians, parents, non-parents, presidents and wanna-be presidents have all weighed in and we don’t expect the issue will get any […]

The Consequences of Your Vaccination Decision (Guest Voice)

The Consequences of Your Vaccination Decision Making Sense by Michael Reagan California is experiencing an entirely new disturbance in the Force. The Magic Kingdom has become the Measles Kingdom. Disneyland is ground zero for the largest outbreak of measles in the last 15 years. So far more than 100 cases have been reported since the [...]Show More Summary

Ukraine Currency Plunges Over 30% After Central Bank Gives Up On Indicative Rate

It had been a while since a member of the US state department had visited ground zero of its second most disastrous intervention in the past year (the first being the embarrassment that is ISIS) namely Kiev, Ukraine, the same place where...Show More Summary

Already done everything in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes? Try rolling everywhere

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a short game. After you have a good feel for what you're doing, you can run it over and over, experimenting all the way. Eventually, you'll know it like the back of your hand (assuming you know the back of your hand quite well). That's when you can get creative and silly. Show More Summary

DevelopmentWatch: 81-Room Hotel Proposed in Possibly Gentrifying Boyle Heights

Boyle Heights has become ground zero for gentrification fears and skirmishes in 2015. Just days ago, locals spoke out strongly against a proposed medical office development at Mariachi Plaza, forcing Metro (which controls the Gold-Line-adjacent site) to cancel plans...

Comic-Con Could Be Moving Out of San Diego

Geek ground zero could happen in Anaheim or Los Angeles this year Trending Comic-Con San Diego Convention Center

How Anti-Vaxxers Ruined Disneyland For Themselves (And Everyone Else)

last monthGenres / Sci Fi : io9

"The Happiest Place On Earth" is ground zero for a recent measles outbreak centered in California. Now, u nvaccinated people are being warned to avoid visiting Disneyland parks. Read more...

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