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Morning Bits

That about sums it up. “Mr. Obama is handing Iraq to Iran as he gives Iran a green light to nuclear weapons, at the latest in ten years, as he unblocks $150 billion that has been frozen, without even getting a reduction in rhetorical abuse from Tehran. Tom Friedman of the New York Times infamously called […]

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Stand with Rand? Republicans aren't ready.

23 minutes agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

CBS: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul had some harsh words Wednesday for Republicans who have blamed the rise of Islamic extremism in Iraq and Syria on American disengagement with the Middle East. In an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Paul was asked about the criticism he's received from GOP hawks like South Carolina Sen. Show More Summary

Iraq exhumes 470 bodies of 'ISIL massacre victims'

Burial sites found in Tikrit believed to be of cadets who were abducted from army base before executed last year.

Now we’re going to supply arms directly to Sunni fighters in Iraq

TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has plans to provide military equipment to Sunni tribal fighters, a Pentagon spokesperson says. This represents a shift in policy. Up until now, the U.S. military only provided equipment through the central government in Baghdad. Show More Summary

Obama 2012: I Ended The War. Obama 2015: Only The USA Patriot Act Can Save Us!

[caption id="attachment_220034" align="alignleft" width="620"] He's Here To save Us![/caption] President Barack Obama bragged during his 2012 Reelection Campaign that he ended the war in Iraq. GM alive, Bin Laden dead, Barack Obama 2012! Barack Obama was dismissive when told that threats still remained. Show More Summary

ISIL Capture of Strategic Cities in Iraq, Syria Result of US-ISIL Alliance

The recent developments in Syria and Iraq show that US is not serious in fighting the ISIL militants, says Egyptian analyst.

Sectarian, Cultural Factors Sap US Military Training in Iraq, Ukraine

Experts explained how local social differences derailed US attempts to train Ukrainian and Iraqi servicemen.

Iraq: Shiite Militias change Ramadi Campaign to “I’m Here, O Iraq”, capture southern reaches

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – After an outcry and Pentagon criticism, the Shiite militias in Iraq have changed their name for their current campaign to take Ramadi from Daesh…

Litany of problems keep Iraqi army weak

Iraq’s leadership was indignant after US accusations that its forces lack the will to fight but assessments of the army’s ability suggest the rank-and-file have reasons to shy from battle. Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Sunday, a week after the […]

The Debacle In Anbar Province

The Islamic State dealt a crushing blow to the Iraqi army in Iraq’s largest province (Anbar), including the city of Ramadi – once home to nearly half a million people. What this victory revealed is the fragility of the Iraqi army, despite vigorous U.S. efforts to train it. The deterioration in Ramadi was so rapid, […]

Score another one for Iran: Shiite militias fill void left by Obama

(Paul Mirengoff) The Washington Post reports that Iraq’s Shiite militias have launched an offensive intended to put a stranglehold on ISIS fighters in Ramadi by cutting off ISIS supply lines and besieging the city. The Shiite militias in question are heavily influenced, if not dominated by Iran. Show More Summary

Iraqi, Ukrainian Armed Forces Face Same Problems – NGO Head

The military forces of Ukraine and Iraq experience the same problems, administrator-general of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE) Luc Michel told Sputnik Wednesday.

Shep Smith: We’re in the Middle of a FUBAR Situation – The US Created ISIS (VIDEO)

Shepard Smith argued today on his FOX News program, “We’re in the middle of another FUBAR (fcked up beyond recognition) situation.” While speaking on Iraq Smith and liberal guest Mike Barrett, a former Defense Department Intelligence Officer, also asserted the … Continue reading ?

A Brilliant Answer to a Ludicrous Question

My Canadian pal Terry Glavin brilliantly answers a ludicrous question. “Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion of Iraq?” It seems like a reasonable question, but it's not. We don't have the benefit of hindsight in advance. Show More Summary

Sunnis Fleeing ISIS Violence Find Few Doors Open in Iraq

13 hours agoNews : NYTimes: News

Many Iraqi Shiites are looking with distrust at Sunni civilians displaced by attacks by Sunni militants in the Islamic State.

Jeb Bush gets all the Pinocchios for ISIS statements

14 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Jeb Bush has tried valiantly to shake off his disastrous Iraq statements, including a lame attempt at deflection, sort of a "well, sure my brother screwed up, but it's so much worse under Obama because ISIS!" ISIS, he says, "didn't exist when my brother was president. Show More Summary

The US must fight or Iraq will fall

Former CIA officer Kevin Carroll is right. Baghdad could fall, with catastrophic results, unless the US starts…

Smart Targeting of ISIS

Paul R. Pillar Syria Iraq Terrorism, Middle East Eric Schmitt reports in the New York Times that the U.S. military is refraining from attacking some sites it knows are ISIS facilities, including at the group's principal headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, to avoid the significant civilian casualties that such attacks would certainly entail. Show More Summary

Jen Psaki: Obama's Strategy In Iraq, Which Is In All Ways Perfect, May Need to be Adjusted

The White House had previously sworn on the Bible that their strategy was perfect and flawless. Now they continue to make that same point -- but Jen Psaki acknowledges we may have to "adjust" the perfect plan. The White House...

US Repeats Iraqi Scenario by Training ‘Puppet Army‘ in Ukraine - UK Party

The leader of the UK’s New Communist Party compared the US policy in Iraq to that in Ukraine, with the country training and equipping armies with "no will to fight" in a comment to Sputnik on Wednesday.

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