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The IRS Scandal, Day 1264

Politico Morning Tax, Light Meet Tunnel: The Albuquerque Tea Party and Unite In Action should get a ruling on their tax-exempt status one way or another next month, under a recent order from a federal court. Judge Reggie B. Walton ordered the IRS to make a final decision on the...

The Tea Party Begins in Latest Gotham Promo

The Mad Hatter prepares are surprise for Jim Gordon in the teaser for Monday's episode, "Follow the White Rabbit." The post The Tea Party Begins in Latest Gotham Promo appeared first on

Tea Party Group Warns That “Thugs With Night Sticks” Will Try To Intimidate Republican Voters [VIDEO]

3 days agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Miranda Blue reports at Right Wing Watch: The Tea Party “election integrity” group True the Vote has been ramping up its efforts to send poll watchers to polling places in advance of the presidential election, fueled in part by Donald...Show More Summary

Republicans Need to Abandon Angry White Guys

What's going to happen to the Republican Party after November 8? I've raised the possibility that if Trump loses massively, the party establishment might get serious about marginalizing the tea party caucus in Congress instead of being held endlessly hostage to them. Show More Summary

This Alice in Wonderland Recepetion Will Make You Think You Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

Very rarely do we see wedding receptions that go absolutely beyond the imagination. But this Alice in Wonderland tea party is definitely one to remember. It took the whimsical nature of the story and translated it to a real-life fantasy. Show More Summary

The GOP is at war with itself, and there's no way it survives intact

I’ve long tracked the split of the GOP into its three warring factions—establishment, religious right, and tea party. It is the split that gifted us Donald Trump, and it’s the split that will continue giving headaches to RepublicansShow More Summary

The Bigot of Bergen County: How a NYC Suburb Got Stuck With a Tea Party Congressman

When New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett (above) refused to pay dues to the National Republican Congressional Committee because, he said, it recruited and supported gay candidates, he made national headlines. Garrett has also co-sponsored...Show More Summary

Margaret Preston - Thea Proctor’s Tea Party by...

5 days agoArts / Art History : Old Paint

Margaret Preston - Thea Proctor’s Tea Party by Irina Margaret Rose Preston (1875-1963), was an Australian painter and printmaker who is regarded as one of Australia’s leading modernists of the early 20th century.


Patriots News Source by Clay Jones What baffles my mind, but not really, are all those Tea Party jerks who spent the years of the Obama presidency screaming “I want my country” and co-opting the word “patriot” to define themselves. They’ve spent the past eight years implying that anyone who’s liberal or a Democrat was [...]Show More Summary

The IRS Scandal, Day 1258: Judge Orders IRS to Clear Tea Party Application Backlog Within Month

American Center for Law and Justice, Major Victory: IRS Ordered to Issue Outstanding Determinations & Answer for Political Targeting of Citizens: Three years after we filed a lawsuit on their behalf, and for some, nearly seven years after they submitted their applications for tax-exempt status, the grassroots conservative groups that...

NJ5 – From Leans Republican to Toss-up

On the heels of CD5’s Tea Party darling Rep. Scott Garrett landing on Roll Call’s “10 Most Vulnerable” list, more ratings-change bad news for Garrett: Sabato’s Crystal Ball shifting NJ5 from Leans Republican to Toss-up. Here’s what they say: While the...Read more

Trapped by Trump: How the Tea Party’s Glorious Victories Created the Gop’s Current Nightmare

Click here for reuse options! Do Republican leaders still think their only problem is a rogue candidate? If so, they haven't paid attention. It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to. Show More Summary

The Tragedy of Marco Rubio Is the Tragedy of the GOP

Marco Rubio was once the Great Republican Hope. Charismatic, Cuban-American, and conservative, the 39-year-old was the face of the party’s future when he rode to the Senate on the “Tea Party tidal wave” of 2010. GOP leaders called him...Show More Summary

White House hypocrisy on display in handling of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

If these were Tea Party folks protesting in favor of fossil fuels they'd be in jail The post White House hypocrisy on display in handling of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters appeared first on Hot Air.

The IRS Scandal, Day 1250

World Tribune, Unforgiven: IRS Has Not Only Continued Its War on Tea Party Groups, But Taken It Public: After admitting it targeted tea party groups for special scrutiny in 2013, the IRS promised to process the groups’ applications in a timely fashion. Three years later, tea party groups say the...

Thandie Newton Compares Harrowing 'Westworld' Scene to Death Penalty

"You could be on the dark net for two minutes and you would see shit going down that makes 'Westworld' look like a tea party with Clifford the big red dog," the actress tells THR. read more

Trump Campaign Leaders Made Movies Comparable With Nazi Propaganda

Click here for reuse options! Breitbart called campaign CEO Steve Bannon the "Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement"—for good reason. From before he officially began his campaign for president, Donald Trump hinged his politicalShow More Summary

Paul Ryan's Slow-Motion Downfall: Stuck Between Trump and the Tea Party

Click here for reuse options! Why did Ryan want to be speaker again? This onetime GOP golden boy can feel his grand gamble crumble into ruins. Poor, poor Paul Ryan. Just about a year ago, the policy wonk with the sad puppy-dog eyes agreed to take the job of Speaker of the House. Show More Summary

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Shot: “Is America’s Tax System Fair?”, asks Amity Shlaes, the au…

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Shot: “Is America’s Tax System Fair?”, asks Amity Shlaes, the author of the best-selling history of FDR’s Great Depression, The Forgotten Man, in a new video at Prager U: Chaser: “IRS subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return data,” the Washington Times reported on Monday. Flashback: […]

IRS SCANDAL UPDATE: IRS subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return d…

IRS SCANDAL UPDATE: IRS subjects tea party groups to new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return data.

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