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Al Gore III marries Brittany Toscano at Union Station

Follow the hashtag “ag3lovesbrittany” and it will lead you, like so many wedding cake crumbs, to the love filled D.C.-themed wedding weekend of Al Gore III, the only son of former vice president Al and Tipper Gore, and Brittany Toscano. On Monday, a Gore family spokesperson confirmed the union, held at Washington’s Union Station no […]

7 Warning Labels Modern Music Desperately Needs

last yearHumor :

By Adam Tod Brown Published: March 27th, 2014 Parental advisory stickers have been a mainstay of modern music since sometime in the mid-1980s, when Tipper Gore realized she was too shitty of a parent to keep Prince songs about masturbation out of her kid's hands without some sort of assistance f

Quote of the week – Gore gets tipper, er tippy, er whatever

It’s the same old tired stuff, Koch, anti-science, big fundraisers while claiming skeptics are well funded, etc., but at least there’s a new humorous label from Gore. ========================= Former Vice President Al Gore made an appearance at a Democratic fundraising … Continue reading ?

1990: Pop Music Will Just Be Musical Orgies By 2010

Back in 1985 Tipper Gore testified in front of a Senate committee warning that children were being exposed to all kinds of naughty stuff in modern music. Sex, heresy and violence were destroying good old-fashioned American values. Won't somebody think of the children! Read more...

An Unlikely Rap Sheet

Hearkening back to Tipper Gore’s contested campaign against violent rap music, using rap lyrics as a conviction tool in criminal investigations is not as uncommon as you might think. discussed police work and rap lyrics with Kathleen Horan and the use of rap lyrics as evidence with University of California, Irvine sociologist Charis Kubrin. Horan […]

Video Showing Kids Rapping Popular Lyrics Will Totally Bum You Out

I'm about to get all Tipper Gore up in here but won't someone think of the children? I'm a fan of rap and hip hop. I've said this before and I'll say it again. But I am careful about what my young kids are exposed to, and even though I may personally enjoy more adult music I don't want my kids exposed to a lot of the lyrics found in rap music today. Show More Summary

Tipper Gore, Hillary Clinton 2.0: The “Blame Video Games” Strategy

I was a little kid in elementary school with Tipper Gore and her army of shoulder-padded activist moms banned together to target rock and metal music over explicit subject matter. I remember how angry my older cousin was over it and an argument he once had with his dad about an album he wanted, an album that Tipper placed on her “Filthy Fifteen” list. It | Read More »

Punk Rocker Danzig Calls Democrats 'Fascists Disguised as Liberals'

The punk rock mindset is all about defying authority, but most of today's singers line up closely behind the Obama administration. Not Glenn Danzig. The veteran punk rocker, famed for his battles with Tipper Gore's lyric labeling crusade...Show More Summary

Watch: Jello Biafra Swallows Tipper Gore Whole on 'Oprah' in '90...

Let’s go way back to when Tipper Gore’s Parent Music Resource Group or PRMC went on a rampage, attacking artists and trying to censor music. In this roundtable discussion on Oprah, Jello Biafra — in a suit, no less — wasn’t having it and just tears into Gore. Show More Summary

Zoo Story: When Should We Moralize About Music?

The black and white parental advisory sticker that Tipper Gore worked so hard to place on jewel cases in the mid '80s is becoming another cultural artifact fit for a listicle about the way we used to do stuff. If you want to download...Show More Summary

10 Vintage Drug Songs

2 years agoHealth / Addiction : The Fix

Despite what Nancy Regan and the Tipper Gore might want us to believe drug culture and popular culture are irrefutably linked. Nowhere is the link more pronounced than in popular music, the art form that certainly has the most symbiotic nature with the ebb and flow of drug culture.

Science: Delinquents Have the Best Taste in Music

Greetings, people of 1985! Science has some teeeeeeeerrifying, spoooooooooooky news for you today! A new study published in the journal of Tipper Gore (DON'T TOUCH OR U WILL BE CURSED) Pediatrics reveals that your precious young ones are in grave danger of poisoning their brains with the devil's music. Show More Summary

Cowboy Cookies

Back in the election year of 2000, Family Circle magazine had a cookie bake-off between Tipper Gore and Laura Bush. While I’m sure Tipper’s gingersnaps were admirable, Laura’s big Texas cowboy cookies ran away with the prize. And for...Show More Summary

Homophobia or Homophobiaphobia?

2 years agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Slog tipper Mike Gore points our attention to a crisis gripping the internet: Last week the Associated Press declared war on the word "homophobia," deciding its new stylebook would ban it (and "Islamophobia") because a "phobia" is an...Show More Summary

Morning Chatter

2 years agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlDC

Quotes of the Day Writer questions Facebook friend advice “OK, Facebook, I’ll bite: WHY do you think Tipper Gore and I should be friends (or, you know, ‘friends’)?” — Former Yahoo! News’ Deputy Editor and author Chris Lehman. TV reporter has potentially psycho cleaning lady  “Ok, my cleaning lady is GASLIGHTING ME! tell her not to do laundry. Show More Summary

Cindy Adams: Al And Tipper Gore Enjoying Civilized Split

It’s amicable. Living far from glorious friendly Washington, she’s in Santa Barbara. Now happy. Dating a photographer. But the split’s civilized. She sees Al, they speak, even recently vacationed together. It’s just that they don’t anymore want to live together.

A Quick Overview of Mike Love's Crappiness...

The Guardian has a useful overview of Mike Love’s particular brand of greatness… There were the endless, interminable lawsuits directed at his various fellow Beach Boys. The $5,000 seed money he donated to Tipper Gore’s Parent’s Music...Show More Summary

Tipper Gore hits the drums at Monk Institute gala

Tipper Gore hit the red carpet at Sunday’s “Women, Music and Diplomacy” gala concert without boyfriend Bill Allen but partnered with Herbie Hancock in a drum solo that closed the show. The 25th annual Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition at the Kennedy Center focused on drummers this year, concluding with a tribute to former U.S. Show More Summary

Earn $7.2 Million by Eating Popcorn!

3 years agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Slog tipper Mike Gore sends us the latest on this buttery story: A suburban Denver man who was diagnosed with "popcorn lung," possibly from inhaling the artificial butter smell of the microwave popcorn he regularly ate, has won a $7.2...Show More Summary

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