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Toy Story's Aliens Escaped the Claw Machine and Made It to Tokyo Disney - in Mochi Form!

Sorry Buzz Lightyear and Woody, but the Little Green Men are officially our new favorite Toy Story characters. Why the sudden change in fandom, you may ask? Thanks to the genius food masterminds at Tokyo Disney Resort, we now know what...Show More Summary

5 Pixar Fan Theories That Are Horribly Sad And Totally Depressing

Over the weekend, an interesting tale that explained some details about the missing backstory of Toy Story surfaced, and while it's been debunked by Pixar, it still makes for a great fan theory, because all Pixar fan theories are depressing.

Toy Story Zero: The True Story Of Andy’s Dad & Woody’s Origin

One of the longest standing mysteries about Pixar’s Toy Story movies is what happened to Andy’s dad? It turns out the secret was once revealed by Pixar’s Head Writer Joe Ranft to his friend Mike Mozart. Today J sits down with Mike to discuss and retell the amazing story that happened before Toy Story. Show More Summary

Pixar’s Andrew Stanton Shoots Down ‘Toy Story’ Fan Theory About Andy’s Dad

Not every unanswered question in a movie deserves an elaborate fan theory “explaining” away plot holes or filling in background gaps that the movie purposefully didn’t fill. Sometimes a movie is just a movie. But one Toy Story fan theory gained some traction because it came from an unusual source: someone who worked on the original film. Show More Summary

Sorry, But That Viral 'Toy Story' Background on Andy's Dad Is 'Fake News'

There's a fascinating (and very sad) story wandering the Internet sharing the supposed backstory of Andy's dad in "Toy Story." It comes from a semi-reliable source, but an even more reliable source has nixed it as "complete and utter...Show More Summary

Toy Story: Pixar’s Andrew Stanton Debunks Heartbreaking Theory, Kills Dreams

Late last week, we reported on a new theory that was making the rounds. Youtuber and toy collector Mike Mozart claimed to be a consultant on the first Toy Story, and in the video from SuperCarlinBrothers, he discussed the backstory from one of the writers, Joe Ranft. Show More Summary

Things We Saw Today: So Is This Heartbreaking Toy Story Theory About Andy’s Dad Real or Not? No One Can Seem to Agree

3 days agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

The "Andy's Dad" theory from Toy Story has been floating around the internet for a while. Now, the full story of how the boy's father fits into the movie's world has been released, and oh wow is it ever sad. Like, way too sad. Polio sad. The problem is, some other Pixar bigwigs are calling it "fake news."

Toy Story Consultant Shares The Super Depressing Story Of Andy's Dad [Updated]

Image. Disney Pixar Disney Pixar's Toy Story is one of those series that tugs at every single heart string, but it turns out there are few more to pull... as Andy's dad might have one of the saddest stories in Pixar history. More »      

Toy Story's Writer Responded To The Rumors About Woody's Backstory

Recently a man claimed to have the definitive backstory of Toy Story's Woody and Andy that answered every question you didn't know you had. Now, one of Pixar's top people has responded.

Woody's Toy Story Polio Backstory Debunked as Fake News

After a source claimed Andy's Dad originally owned Woody, Pixar writer and director Andrew Stanton has officially debunked the claim.

What Happened to Andy’s Dad in ‘Toy Story’?

3 days agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

A story consultant on the original film shared this very sad backstory, but writer Andrew Stanton called it "fake news."

'Toy Story' writer debunks popular fan theory

3 days agoNews : NY Daily News

Screenwriter Andrew Stanton isn't toying around with a fan theory about one of his most popular films that's taking the internet by storm.

Pixar writer says that viral 'Toy Story' narrative is 'fake news'

Though everyone loves a clever Pixar theory, one of the production company's most prominent writers and directors is setting the story straight on a viral interview that claims to explain a major Toy Story mystery. A wildly depressing...Show More Summary

Toy Story: Pixar Exec Debunks Woody Amnesia Explanation

Pixar legend Andrew Stanton shoots down reports that Andy's father in Toy Story had polio and formerly owned Woody. The post Toy Story: Pixar Exec Debunks Woody Amnesia Explanation appeared first on CBR.

Friend Of Late ‘Toy Story’ Writer Reveals Andy’s Heartbreaking Backstory

Two days after the friend of a late “Toy Story” writer revealed a previously untold and devastating story about Andy’s dad, another Pixar writer has lashed out on Twitter calling it “utterly” false. Let’s back up. This week, YouTuber...Show More Summary

Newswire: Toy Story writer debunks Woody’s polio-filled “backstory”

The Toy Story franchise is already more melancholy than the average kids’ film series, what with all the near-death experiences and broken-hearted, abandoned cowgirls. But even Pixar’s darker work rarely goes so dark as to cite polio,...Show More Summary

'Toy Story' Writer Andrew Stanton Calls Andy's Dad Backstory 'Fake News'

Andrew Stanton, a writer for all of the Toy Story films, is debunking a claim about Andy’s father that instantly went viral. The heartbreaking backstory centered around Andy’s dad dying from polio. MORE NEWS: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen remember Toy Story co-star Don Rickles Toy designer and reviewer Mike Mozart started the backstory, stating [...]

The Amazing and Heart-wrenching Tale of Andy’s Father From Toy Story Has Finally Been Explained

The Toy Story franchise has been beloved for nearly a generation by people young and old. But one of the many questions people have asked, mostly on the internet, is where is Andy’s dad? The story of Andy’s dad was never explained to audiences before the man who created the story of Andy and his toys, Joe Ranft, died in a car accident in 2006. Show More Summary

Viral ‘Toy Story’ Origin Tale Debunked By Pixar Exec: No Polio For Andy’s Dad

Well, it did sound a little too good – and too sad – to be true. A viral video explaining the tragic backstory to Pixar’s 1995 hit Toy Story is fake, says Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, who co-wrote all three Toy Story films. “Complete andShow More Summary

Don't Believe That Ridiculous Toy Story Rumor Going Around The Internet

Thankfully, somebody who actually knows what's going on gets to the bottom of it all… Earlier today, the Internet blew up with news that Toy Story had a not-so-sweet backstory involving Andy's unseen father and the original Woody doll from the movies. Related: The First Trailer For Raven's Home Has Dropped! As the story went, Woody had actually [...]

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