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TSA key cracker Johnny Xmas tells us how to stay safe while traveling

A few days ago we reported that a group of hackers at the HOPE Conference in New York told the world that they had cloned the last TSA Master Key. These keys, which were leaked in a Washington Post article, are a bit of security theatre coupled with a lot of poor engineering. Show More Summary

Let's See How Quickly This Idea From the TSA's Social Media Team Gets Out of Hand

How many deodorants have we lost to the whims of the dedicated public servants at the Transportation Security Administration? How many bottles of water, how many large knives, how many loaded guns and severed heads we just honest to God forgot were in there? Today, at last, all that is going to change. Read more...

Oh no! All 7 TSA master keys have been cracked!

The TSA is busy telling folks whether or not they can bring things like mummified heads on airplanes. Meanwhile, people are 3D printing complete sets of their master keys. The good news is […]

The TSA's Unrelentingly Cheerful Helpline Is The Best Thing On Twitter

yesterdaySports : Deadspin

Twitter is bad. The TSA is bad . And yet, somehow, the intersection of the two is surprisingly useful and a little bit beautiful. It seems the Transportation Security Administration’s most competent employee is working their @AskTSA Twitter account, treating each question, compliment, and complaint with the exact same unflappable cheer. Read more...

Whee!: TSA And FAA Approved Electric Luggage Scooter You Can Ride Around The Airport

yesterdayHumor / odd : Geekologie

Meet the Modobag, a carry-on electric suitcase scooter you can ride around the airport like an asshole (previously: the Chinese farmer they stole the idea from). The scooter has an indoor speed of 5MPH, an outdoor speed of 8MPH, and an off-a-cliff speed of much faster. Show More Summary

Michael Kerr: Another Reason I Refuse To Fly Coach On American Airlines

Not a week goes by that you don't read about air travel insanity. Costly and always limited parking, long lines where airlines have replaced helpful counter staff with slow dimwitted computers, not to mention the TSA nightmare. Add to...Show More Summary

Let's name TSA lines after politicians

Naming anything after a living politician is usually a bad idea, but this summer, we can make an exception. Now that Americans will be spending much of their vacations waiting in security lines at airports, we should honor the public servants responsible. At the entrance to the checkpoint at LAX,...

Ask the TSA through Facebook Messenger

There are lots of way to stay in contact or just simply connect with others online. We can use Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. I use Facebook Messengers from time to time to stay in touch with friends over-seas and even some at home. Show More Summary

Security experts have cloned all seven TSA master keys

Key escrow – the process of keeping a set of keys for yourself “just in case” – has always been the US government’s modus operandi when it comes to security. From the disastrous Clipper chip to today the government has always wanted a back door into encryption and security. That plan backfired for the TSA. The TSA, as you’ll remember offers a set of… Read More

Not Sure What’s Ok to Bring Through the Security Checkpoint? The TSA Can Help!

You cannot bring liquids more than 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) each, and not more of those than will fit in a one quart clear plastic ziploc bag (your "freedom baggie"). But what about freezing that bottle of water before going through the checkpoint -- then it's a solid, and not a liquid. Show More Summary

Need to complete your TSA Precheck application? Pop-up site near LAX opens for five days

The Transportation Security Administration will tell you: If you want a better security check experience at the airport, join the agency’s Precheck program. Starting Tuesday, a pop-up office at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott hotel will help process folks who enroll in the program that’s designed...

TSA approves having a mummified head as your carry-on luggage, with reservations

2 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

As long as it is "properly packaged, labeled and declared," one may take Victorian philosopher Jeremy Bentham's mummified head onto your flight. The TSA added that travelers may simply snap a picture and tweet it to @AskTSA if they are in any doubt about the flight-legality of any desiccated human remains with which they wish to fly. (more…)

Well That Was Easy! Dallas Man Boards Plane Without Ticket or ID

In July 2015, a 25-year-old man boarded an airplane in Dallas without ticket or identification. "Without being stopped by a TSA agent," Damarias Cockerham passed a security checkpoint at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, made it to Gate 17 at Terminal D, and boarded an American Airlines flight to Guatemala.

TSA agents examine transgender DNC delegate’s genitalia

3 days agoNews : NY Daily News

A transgender activist was subjected to a groping and full-nudity inspection of her genitalia by TSA agents, she said.

Oneworld Airline Avoids Criminal Prosecution and TSA Forgets to Screen Passengers at LaGuardia

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Oneworld Airline Avoids Criminal Prosecution and TSA Forgets to Screen Passengers at LaGuardia...

TSA says it's OK to carry a mummified head on a plane - CNET

Got a mummified head? Need to fly somewhere in the US with it? No problem! Just make sure you declare it.

‘Stop treating trans people like terrorists’: TSA stops trans DNC delegate over her ‘groin anomaly’

3 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A transgender delegate headed to the Democratic National Convention this week was stopped by the TSA and asked to explain a “groin anomaly” detected by airport scanners. The San Francisco Examiner reports that San Francisco-based Democratic delegate Mia Satya was stopped by TSA...

Video Shows Guy Skip TSA Security, Board Plane

He didn't have a ticket, or even ID, yet a 25-year-old man was able to board a plane in Dallas last July. Authorities say Damarias Cockerham, caught on surveillance video, walked through a security checkpoint at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport "without being stopped by a TSA agent" and boarded an...

Traveling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

3 days agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

You know that embarrassing feeling when the TSA flags you for a carry-on inspection, and you have to open your messy suitcase in front of all your fellow travelers? Sucks. But Crumpler’s new Vis-à-Vis suitcase is completely clear, which means you’ll either learn to pack neat, or learn to be proud of being a packing slob. Read more...

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