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The TSA gets a pat-down, and fails

Security. It’s what we count on when we fly. And if you’re like me, you assume the word means more than the inconvenience you endure before reaching your departure gate. The post The TSA gets a pat-down, and fails appeared first on Elliott.

TSA's Failure Rate in Detecting Bombs and Weapons? Ninety Five Percent; Chief Merely Gets Reassigned, Because Catastrophic, Stinking Failure Is Plenty Good Enough for Government Work

Bad Security Theater-- are you not entertained? Department of Homeland Security said Monday that the acting administrator for the Transportation Security Administration would be reassigned, following a report that airport screeners failed to detect explosives and weapons in nearly every...

Report shows TSA missed 95% of banned items during test

Back in November I wrote a wish list for the TSA.  At the time, TSA Administrator Chief John Pistole was stepping down (the longest serving administrator of the agency) and I wanted to address things I would like to see with the newShow More Summary

Go Figure: Obama Still Confident in TSA, Even With Its 95% Failure Rate

President Barack Obama is still confident in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), despite agents’ consistent failure in identifying and preventing undercover agents from transporting weapons through the United States’ busiest airports.

Red Team agents use disguises, ingenuity to expose TSA vulnerabilities

They are so expert at evading airport security that a former head of the Transportation Security Administration once hailed them as “super-terrorists” for their ability to smuggle weapons and other prohibited items aboard planes.

TSA investigators attempted to smuggle 70 fake bombs through airport security. Guess how many got through.

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

The TSA put its bomb detection skills to the test, and found it's much better at getting fake bombs on airplanes. TSA security checkpoints are my favorite place to be screamed at. (via Getty) The Transportation Safety Administration checkpoint at any airport is a nightmare. Show More Summary

Head of the TSA Reassigned After Undercover Agents Smuggle Fake Bombs Through Airport Security

Undercover federal agents managed to smuggle fake explosives and weapons through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints 67 out of the 70 times they tried to do so at dozens of airports around the country, the Associated Press reports. Show More Summary

How Dozens Of Explosives And Weapons Made It Through TSA Checkpoints In 95% Of Undercover Airport Tests

The next time you travel and wonder, “Is all this security really necessary?” try not to fixate on the fact that the security measures keeping bombs off of your plane

Obama ‘Reassigns’ TSA Chief After Guns and Bombs Found Easily Smuggled Through Airports

President Obama’s administration has quietly “reassigned” the head of the Transportation Security Administration after a new report found that guns and bombs were easily sneaked past TSA screeners and into

News in Brief: TSA Agents To Now Simply Stand At Checkpoints And Remind Passengers That We All Die Someday

8 hours agoHumor : The Onion

ARLINGTON, VA— Following the release of a report indicating that the agency failed 95 percent of security tests, the Transportation Security Administration announced Tuesday that agents will now simply stand at airport checkpoints and remind all passengers that everybody will eventually die someday. Show More Summary

TSA fails to detect airport weapons and explosives in 67 of 70 tests

Oops? While most of Washington is appearing on the TV to warn that not letting American agencies collect vast quantities of data about everyday Americans is going to doom us all, it turns out that some of our more concrete protections...Show More Summary

After TSA Fails 96 Percent of Tests, Obama Continues to Have Confidence in "Security" Agency

Speaking from the White House Tuesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Americans can be confident airports around the country are...

The TSA Doesn't Work—and Never Has

After undercover agents snuck weapons past screeners in 95 percent of cases, the acting administrator has been fired.

Listen: The Washington Report

Former congressman and current Talk Radio News Service correspondent Bob Ney talks with Gary Baumgarten for the Paltalk News Network about the NSA getting its surveillance mojo back, TSA’s failing grades at airport checkpoints, Obama getting Iran’s nuclear capacities wrong and John Kerry refusing to be benched by a shattered leg.

Study: The TSA's Security Theater Troupes Missed 95% Of Smuggled Weapons And Explosives

10 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

When it's not aggressively groping patrons, being outwitted by TSA-safe luggage, failing to understand the First Amendment, trying to expand its authority in strange and aggressive new ways or burning through taxpayer money, there'sShow More Summary

This Is How Miserably the TSA Is Failing at Airport Security

An undercover investigation lead by the Department of Homeland Security uncovered devastating holes in the Transportation Security Administration's security procedures, with investigators able to smuggle fake explosives and banned weapons...Show More Summary

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