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Prop F Update: Let’s Look at Both Sides of SF Proposition F (2015), the Airbnb Law – Fixing Frisco’s Broken Short-Term Rental Mess

TweetI’ll tell you, I don’t care what you do or where you rest your noggin at night. Now I think it’s noteworthy when I spot Airbnb users in the Western Addition or the Sunset or wherever, ’cause they stand out (without realizing it) like a sore thumb, but I don’t have anything against tourists milling […]

Just asking: Does the SFMTA Give Sufficient Notice of Its New Fee / Tax to Credit / Debit Card Users?

TweetI don’t really park at parking meters so I don’t know if this photo shows the first notice our SFMTA gives users of it’s new credit card tax: (Of course, such surcharges are generally banned under CA law (CCC section 1748.1), except the law has a few loopholes, one of which the SFMTA has taken […]

Historic Yelp Typo for Expensive SoMA Flophouse: “We Had Bats In Our Room” – Should Be Gnats? Cats? Rats?

TweetI’ll tell you, this blows me away: “…Best Western Plus Americania recently posted rates of $460 a night.” Isn’t that a tad pricy, you know, considering? Anywho, Andrea M says: “We had bats in our room…“ “ This can’t be right, right? It’s gotta be gnats, right? Are bats attracted to humidity? One assumes not. But […]

Press Release: “Statement on the Status of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s Driver License” – The Importance of DMV Form SR1

TweetI don’t know, I tell people to be sure to file their SR1 form with the DMV all the time, but nobody seems to care all that much about it. They say, “I’ll let my insurance company take care of that.” That doesn’t exactly match the rules – oh well. Anyway, here’s the latest on […]

Boy, Our SF “City Family” is Really Counting on Stealing the Oakland Warriors from Oakland – “LET’S GROW WARRIORS?”

TweetIs there anything wrong with leaving the Golden State Warriors in Oakland? Anyway, here’s the scene in Golden Gate Park – I can’t imagine this arboreal/sports clothing line program “makes money” for our City Family, but rich like having fun too, and this is one way for them to do it: What’s next, “Let’s Grow […]

Chris Matthews Distorts Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism

Chris Matthews wants infighting in the Democratic Party, naturally because it's good for ratings to have more melodrama. He wants a drastic distinction between Hillary Clinton, who is not far enough to the right for Tweety, and Bernie Sanders, who he'd like to portray as a radical Socialist. Show More Summary

SFGov and Traders Joe’s Both are In Denial of This Persistent Jaywalking Problem at the First Block of Masonic

TweetI suppose I’ve been harping on this issue over the years. Who created this problem? SFGOV, including  the Planning Department, for starters. Who can do a better job of fixing things? SFGOV, including the SFMTA, for starters. And IDK, SFPD and DPW? And Trader Joe’s as well. Here’s a recent example, just a couple of […]

Gratuitous Window Pentagram, 94117 – The Giant Star of Clayton Street

TweetI’m thinkin’ Wiccan, but I could be wrong. Cf. the star-less window below: (Hey, Did you know that you can get a pentacle put on your tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery, you know, if you’re a Wiccan soldier? News to me!) Anyway, some tenant did an art project in the bustling Haight Ashbury, so passersby […]

Ranger in Golden Gate Park Takes a Dim View of This Kind of Creative Parking Job

TweetI think this one will run the owner more than the ticket for “parking on the grass,” which will only cost you $22 these days. Anyway, this approach to parking is unique

Wow, Rachel Campos, Puck’s Friend from MTV’s “Real World San Francisco” Kick’s Off Scott Walker’s Presidential Campaign

TweetI’ll tell you, back in the day I didn’t have the cable TV. So my bud would tape MTV’s Real World San Francisco and then people would come over to watch it on VHS cassette on the “big screen” TV, a 27? Sony Trinitron. I’ll tell you, RWSF was a BFD back in ’94. It […]

The Roof of Our World-Famous California Academy of Sciences Now Smells Exactly Like a Burger King – Exactly

TweetI’m talking exactly. Mmmm…burgers: Of course the nearby Inner Sunset district used to have the World’s Smallest Burger King (just a skosh under the then all-important 1000 square foot threshold), but it, just as with Cole Valley’s Bacon Bacon, had issues with neighbors complaining about the smell. So head on up to the wavy wavy […]

Here’s What You Want to See in Golden Gate Park: An Orange-Shirted “INMATE”

TweetIs a genuine orange shirt from the California Department of Corrections a prestige item on the Streets of San Francisco? Yes it is:

The Wild Coyotes of Forest Hill Extension – As Seen on the Fourth of July – COYOTE CROSSING, Indeed

TweetI’ll vouch for the coyote part of this photo showing the poor critter wandering the early morning Streets of San Francisco, but I won’t vouch for the sign being there IRL. In either event, this is How We Live Now in urban Frisco, where urban Laguna Honda is Coyote Country: Now let’s think back a […]

Frisco’s Victorian Era Lighting Scheme: No LED’s Here – None Desired

TweetI don’t mind LED lights myself, but others view them as modern hocus pocus But who knows, maybe this house will get LED’s (or better) one of these days…

Postcard from Sacramento County: “DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY TRUCK LOOK BIG?” – NOT an Obama Voter, Certainly

TweetI think food manufacturers test-market a lot in Sac County ’cause it’s like a small snapshot of America, demographically speaking. Anyway, here’s one voter: (This was right by the freeway what has, about 80 miles away, a metal highway clean-up sign thanking “FRIENDS OF OBAMA” – I’ll have to try to get a shot of […]

Vaunted “Box-Spring” Revealed to be the Scam That It Is

TweetI’ve always wondered this, I’ve wondered of what use is a box spring. People tell me, “It’s to support the mattress.” And I think, oh, the way the floor would? Now for all I know, the Wiki entry has been hijacked by the North Carolina Box Spring Institute, but here we go: “The purpose of […]

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