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Here’s What It Looks Like When the SFPD Hands Out a Bunch of Sit/Lie-Type Tickets in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle

TweetI suppose these people were in sleeping bags like at 11:00 AM or so and that attracted some attention from the SFPD? Does our newish sit-lie law even apply to this location at this time of day? IDK. But once you start accumulating these kinds of nuisance citations, you might start thinking about moving on […]

Driving Etiquette: Rolls Royce Owner in the Western Addition Goes About with Pinkie Finger Upraised, As If Drinking Tea

TweetI’m not sure what Brocephus here was doing – he might have been eating an Egg McMuffin or he might have actually been drinking tea. This is the only shot I have, so I suppose I’ll never know: No matter, his left pinkie was upraised, scoring mad baller points. Proper!

Bicycle Dash Cam: Just Hold Your Cellphone in Front of You with Two Hands and Pedal Through the Panhandle

TweetI’ve never seen this – Brocephus was holding his mobile, almost certainly an iPhone 6+ ’cause you know, horizontally to record his ride on video: Look Ma, no hands!

This Russian cat's futile attempts to catch a grumpy crow are better than a Pixar short.

5 days agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

The music is pretty good, but feel free to mute it and play 'Yakity Sax' (provided below) if you want. Harkening back to the best of Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird, this misadventure between a large grey cat in what appears to be Russia (from the YouTube title) is slapstick comedy as its height, perfected over millions of years of evolution. Show More Summary

SFMTA Votes Tomorrow to “Save” the #21 Hayes MUNI Bus Line? – Two Bus Stop Placed 15 Seconds Apart at Central

TweetI don’t know if I’m explaining things the right way here, so I’m offering you, the Gentle Reader, a copy of the postcard I just got in the mail. All right, let’s review: MUNI has two bus stops between Central and Masonic on the same short block of Hayes Street. This is absurd. Our SFMTA […]

Man, Teaching Adults How to Ride Bikes in Golden Gate Park Involves a Lot of Pushing of Bikes – A Lot!

TweetI’ll tell you, I’ve taught people how to ride bikes over the years, and I’ll tell you the amount of hours spent teaching all those people how to push a bikes, well, that has been exactly zero. And yet in these courses, as seen in the Panhandle, that seems to be all they do, just […]

Oh No, Shaming! – “Referee the Wiggle” Event Coming April 23rd to “Red Card” Cyclists at Infamous Waller and Steiner

TweetI’ll tell you, I’m not a big fan of the vaunted The Wiggle bike route and here’s why: FOR MOST PEOPLE, THERE’S A BETTER WAY TO GET FROM THE PANHANDLE TO DOWNTOWN, TO GET THERE AND BACK AGAIN That’s why. This was my stab at promoting the Northern Wiggle, aka the McAllister Pass, aka the […]

Verlocal – What’s That?

TweetI guess it’s this, among other things: Verlocal doesn’t appear to be owned by area Republican-type billionaire Ron Conway, so it’s got that going for it. But I’ll note that a search containing the terms Con Ronway and Verlocal turns up interesting results, almost as if the famous algorithm has been altered for Ronny-Baby…

The Latest Exercise Fad in Golden Gate Park: “Short-Roping” with Pilates Bands? – Lasso Your Partner and Then Go Jogging

TweetI’m at a loss for words here: Everybody’s doing it: Reader Notes: Those things are Pilates bands, right? And short-roping, that’s a reference to a mountain climbing technique that has the struggling, inexperienced client getting a tow to the top, ala Lopsang Jangbu Sherpa and rich MTV Wife Sandy Pittman / Sandy Hill on Mount Everest back […]

SFPD Chief Stars in Brand-New Traffic Safety PSA – Obvious Tension with Bike Coalition – Die Hard Greg Suhr Gives Off a Bruce Willis Vibe

TweetI’ll tell you, I saw a photo of Chief Greg in the papah’ the other week, and I thought Worst Bald Cap Ever. But this, this is much improved: Now, if our SFPD wants to go Hollywood, they gotta realize they’re going to get reviews. 1. NOBODY’S GOING TO WATCH THIS PSA ON YOUTUBE. You […]

Frisco Goes Full Florida – What are All These Miami People Doing in Town All of a Sudden? Photographic Proof!

TweetI says to myself, I says, what is this, did all of Miami Beach come to the Western Addition? And then I see the Florida plates, and then comes the bluest Camaro I’ve ever seen: Oh, that explains that. Speaking of which, more Florida plates, this time in the 94102: (Florida plates, heh.) And what’s […]

Sign at Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround is Truthful But Unhelpful – A “Two Minute Walk” to a Less-Crowded Stop

TweetI suppose somebody is selling something here? Well, sure, the stop is less crowded, but at that point, the cable car itself is super crowded, right? And how many people are going to get off to make room for you, Gentle Reader? About zero, right? I cry foul. And the next stop up the hill? […]

“Slow” #5 Fulton Driver Totally Pwns “Rapid” #5L Limited Driver on Market Street, Once Again.

TweetI’ll tell you, when I first saw the Orwellianally-named #5R Fulton from our inefficient SFMTA, I thought it stood for Regular, you know, as opposed to Limited. Isn’t that sad? Anyway, yeah, out in the Richmond District, 5Ls travel faster than 5’s, but the tables turn on Market Street, when the regular #5’s regularly pass […]

ASSIGNMENT DESK: A Patent Dispute of Concern to Hot Young Women – Local Angle! – Health Angle! – LIFEFACTORY vs. ???

TweetI’ll tell you, ONLY IN MARIN, ’cause only in Marin will you find the LifeFactory company, which makes those expensive, fashionable glass water bottles with silicone covers what are all the rage at the hot yoga the past few years. LF offers us “mobile glass solutions for modern life,” don’t you know. I’ll tell you, this […]

“Hi San Francisco!” – The New TargetExpress Store at Bush and Sansome Looks Pretty Sweet

TweetI don’t know, do you care about stores ‘n stuff? Here it is: I thought it would be like a convenience store, but no they sell cell phones and tablets and all kinds of stuff. Big, in’nt it? Now, here are your Tar-zhays, in order of size, as best I can figure: Greatland Regular City […]

SFGov Puts a Pedestrian “Bulb-Out” at an Intersection Where Peds Already Behave Very Poorly

TweetI’ll tell you, pedestrian safety means pedestrian safety. But “pedestrian rights” means the opposite, it means letting peds go around willy-nilly and getting themselves killed. Anyway, if you want to see peds jumping the green and standing around in intersections, head on over to McAllister and Hyde. Before it was bad enough, but now, peds […]

A Youthful Man in Chinatown – So What’s the Story Here?

TweetIs somebody paying him to do this (the way this guy was)? I don’t get it: Or is he just another tourist in C-Town, all by himself, checking the scene, striking a pose, and buying knickknacks?

International Incident in Chinatown: Elephant Flag Appears to be Much Larger than Neighboring US and PRC Flags

TweetI don’t know my US Flag Code, but I’m thinking you shouldn’t have your jumbo elephant flag flying at the same height as neighboring national flags. So, to fix things, you gotta shrink the jumbo flag or embiggen the PRC flag, then you gotta fly the oliphant flag at a lower altitude, and while you’re […]

A Reminder of Easter: Bad Bunny, Market Street

TweetI don’t know, I think this bunny is up to something: Click to expand

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