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Postcard from Sacramento County: “DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY TRUCK LOOK BIG?” – NOT an Obama Voter, Certainly

TweetI think food manufacturers test-market a lot in Sac County ’cause it’s like a small snapshot of America, demographically speaking. Anyway, here’s one voter: (This was right by the freeway what has, about 80 miles away, a metal highway clean-up sign thanking “FRIENDS OF OBAMA” – I’ll have to try to get a shot of […]

Vaunted “Box-Spring” Revealed to be the Scam That It Is

TweetI’ve always wondered this, I’ve wondered of what use is a box spring. People tell me, “It’s to support the mattress.” And I think, oh, the way the floor would? Now for all I know, the Wiki entry has been hijacked by the North Carolina Box Spring Institute, but here we go: “The purpose of […]

What Happened to All the Tesla Roadsters of the Bay Area? They’ve Disappeared – Why’s That?

TweetI’ll tell you, there was a time when most of the Lotus Eliseses I saw in the Bay Area were Lotus Eliseses. Then a few years back, most of the Elises I saw, were Tesla Roadsters. And then, starting a year or two ago, most of the Lotus Elise I’ve seen on the Bay Area, […]

What to do With Baby Critters in Distress

Here’s one for all the parents out there: Spring is in the air, and that means it's only a matter of time before a downy-soft Tweety chick or baby bunny winds up stranded in the backyard. It's hard to tell your child that helping a wild animal baby can be harmful in the long run, but that’s often the case. Show More Summary

SFGov Leaves Random Streetlights On 24-7 FOR MONTHS – In the Golden Gate Park Panhandle and Upper Haight Area

TweetI’m not saying that some lights come on earlier than others, when dusk comes. I’m saying that in the middle of the day, SFGov leaves streetlights on for no reason, you know, for some reason I’m sure, but for NO GOOD REASON. Go ahead, take a look and then tell me why we’re leaving the […]

5000+ Volunteers Wanted for 2016 Super Bowl Week – Here’s How to Sign Up – But Your Rewards Will Be Few

TweetI’ve bolded the relevant portions – you’re welcome! Basically, the carrot for volunteering is this, solely: One (1) Super Bowl 50 volunteer uniform (Generic VISA non-Santa Clara 49ers windbreaker + generic shirt + generic cap) In exchange for that, here are the sticks what will lesson your ardor for becoming an unpaid worker for millionaires […]

SF’s Recreation & Parks Dept Ad Says “GET OUT AND PLAY,” But If You Play This Way, You’ll Get Ticketed, Right?

TweetI never really got a proper answer on this one, so I’m going to to try again with a new photo. “Affixing” items to Rec and Park trees is illegal, right? So  people who attach ropes to trees in Frisco parks get tickets from Rangers, right? Yes they do. So what’s up with this graphic? I […]

The Departure of Weathergirl Christina Loren from KNTV NBC San Jose is Upsetting a LOT of People

TweetI’ll tell you, the only time I’ve watched the NBC the past decade is at a few Super Bowl parties, the ones I can’t/couldn’t host because … NBC monopolizes the Super Bowl every three years, like clockwork, and I live in the center of Frisco with only have a rabbit ear antenna to catch glimpses […]

Barely Legal: Are These Freeway-Legal Vespas in the Slow Lane of the Bay Bridge or are they Merely “Motorized Bicycles?”

TweetI’m thinking that these are Vespas, or similar, with engines displacing 150 cc’s, or more, so that would make them legal (barely) on CA freeways: Even so, they were struggling going uphill, it looked like. May all your lives be semi-charmed, at the very least…

Marina District Pet Store Update: Is This a Hated Chain Store Like Pet Food Express or a Beloved Local Store?

TweetI can’t tell, and that’s sort of my point… One wonders about all this stress and strife… (One wants [or SHOULD want to, anyway] to live the sporting life)

Parking On The Lawn, Frisco-Style, Special Western Addition Gentrifier Edition, Complete with a Volvo Wagon

TweetI think a Smart Car could actually fit in this “parking space” in the Western Addition and I also think that this Volvo overhangs the public sidewalk on a daily basis for the past few years: Verdict: Yellow Card. This is a clever solution to saving money, but executed 100% proper.

Lexus Owner Wants Us All to Visualize Whirled Peas

TweetI got the joke without the license plate holder hint – I’m sure you would’ve too:

Something New: “PopExpert” – “Notable Experts Include Ashton Kutcher” – “How To Get Glam Red Lips” – “Bees and Ukulele”

TweetI don’t know, man. As seen near Home Plate, 94123: Sounds like we’re monetizing Eat, Pray, Love? As stated, I don’t know, man.

If You Want an Urban Fun Run, But Not Too Urban, IYKWIM, Then Enter the BtoB – Look, It’s 90%+ White People!

TweetI can’t believe this is an official Bay to Breakers promotional image, but there you go: (I guess SPUR won out in the Western Addition / Fillmore / Hayes Valley after all.) The only thing whiter than this in the 415 is the collection of Western Addition millionaire homeowners who cry about the BtoB each […]

It Looks Like Somebody Wants a Wider Golden Gate Park Panhandle Bike Path – Or, is Planning for One, Anyway

TweetI’ll tell you, in my day the Panhandle Bike Path was a mere eight foot wide. And then it went to twelve foot, the way it is now. But how about 16 feet – what the heck would be wrong with that? JMO. Anyway, they just got finished repaving the southwest corner of Fell and […]

Word From Rec and Park in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle: “Radio Frequency Energy May Exceed Exposure Limits”

TweetI’ll tell you, they’ve been working on installing this generator-powered mobile cell phone tower(?) in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle near Fell and Masonic since Monday, so obvs the Recreation and Park Department knows what’s going on here: But what’s behind the cyclone fencing? It’s a NOTICE what says: “STAY BACK! Radio-frequency energy May exceed […]

Hands-Free? Free to Do What, Spank Your Monkey? SFPD Says Porsche Driver’s Phone Sex Causes Collision with Tree

TweetI would Like this SFPD Facebook entry, but I don’t know how! (Isn’t that sad?) Anyway, make up your own jokes here: SFPD Richmond Station 7 mins · INJURY TRAFFIC COLLISION MLK & Chain of Lakes (Golden Gate Park) 04-25-2015 4:12 AM A Porsche was traveling eastbound on MLK at an unsafe speed when the […]

D.A.R.E. gets duped by anti-pot satire

"Marijuana candies, sold on the street as ‘Uncle Tweety’s Chewy Flipper’ and ‘Gummy Satans’ are taking the country by storm." That's the breathless opening sentence of a news story posted on the website of D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), the infamous anti-drug organization that sends police into schools to teach kids about the dangers of drug use. […]

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