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Tweety Birds (Cartoon)

× 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know by Sir John Hawkins John Hawkins's book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know is filled with lessons that newly minted adults

Frisco Can’t Do Math: “PARK AT 90 DEGREES” = 45 Degrees or So, IRL

TweetI’ll tell you, I can’t figure our if our SFMTA hearts parking spaces or not. The only thing that makes sense is that it favors some citizens over others – if you go down there and yammer at them enough, they just might “create” more parking in your ‘hood by putting up PARK AT 90 […]

Snoopy’s Doghouse Mini Library, Fulton Street – But, “You Know What Else is a Free Library? A Regular Library”

TweetI myself have no beef with Tiny Lie Berries, but some do. Anyway, this is a standout in our normally foggy Richmond District…

RPD v. DPW: Rec and Park STAPLES Its Ad to a TREE in Golden Gate Park – Is This Allowed?

TweetI’ll tell you, our Rec and Park (rated at just 2.5 stars) is SICK AND TIRED of taking care of the ocean of sand that makes up our perfectly fine, 4 star-rated Kid’s Kingdom Panhandle Playground, so it wants to spend millions of dollars on a replacement. So here’s the ad for the next step, for a […]

A Surefire Way to Stop Crime at Infamous Haight and Stanyan: Simply Park an SFPD SUV and Officer on the Sidewalk There

TweetI mean, right? Normally, this place is filled with people just hanging out, but I saw no one at all here at this time…

Great Job, Internet!: Why are so many cartoon characters yellow?

When you think about it, the list of yellow cartoon characters is impressively long: The Simpsons, the Minions, SpongeBob SquarePants, Woodstock, Tweety Bird, Pikachu, Flounder, Winnie The Pooh… Turns out there’s a reason for that, and it all goes back to color theory. Show More Summary

Epic Front Plate License Plate Location

TweetI don’t know if this would get you out of a ticket with the SFMTA…

London Breed Declares, “There Will Be No Drug Use” at Annual 420 Day – An Enclosing Fence for 2017

TweetI think this new message from the West Bay is mostly aimed at the East Bay, South Bay and North Bay, mostly. The scene at Park Station this AM with plenty of interest from the MSM: And I also think you’re supposed to take London Breed seriously but not literally, in this case. (And then […]

One-Stop Elevator, Crown Room, Fairmont Hotel

TweetI’ve been up there just once, but I took one of the regular elevators oh well

Heckflosse! – This is What the 1950’s (or 1960’s) Looked Like – Woman Drives Past DMV in Mercedes 220S Fintail

TweetI’m thinking both the DMV and this W-111 fintail MB both are from the early 1960’s… …but they might have been birthed at the the end of the 1950’s, IDK. Anyway, as seen in 2017, and our 3-star rated DMV is still going strong, despite all those plans for hated Redevelopment. In fact, both this […]

Better Know Your Bay Area Law Enforcement: The Glock 22-Equipped UNION PACIFIC POLICE – Modern-Day Pinkertons

TweetI aint ever seen this, in all my years: TMYK: “Union Pacific maintains a functioning police department staffed with officers given the title of Special Agent with jurisdiction over crimes against the railroad. Like most railroad police, its primary jurisdiction is unconventional, consisting of 54,116 miles (87,091 kilometers) of track in 23 western U.S. states. […]

Spooky: Our Samuels Clock on Market Might be Working Again

TweetI mean, I looked up and thought, “That might be the correct time.” See? There have been efforts in the past to get this thing running of course. I’ll check again sometime…

In What Way Shape or Form Does a MUNI Transit Fare Inspector Get Me “Across Town Safely?” – This Ad Makes No Sense

TweetI guess this ad makes sense to somebody… But MUNI, if you need any pointers on how getting rid of some longstanding “work rules” just might help you operate safer cheaper and better, well just give me a call you sad-sack POS transit agency. Advice cheerfully given.

NIMBYS are Made, Not Born: The Taking of Alexandria 1 2 3

TweetI never saw the original ALEXANDRIA way out there in the Richmond, but I did see the (gun-free) 20th Anniversary release of ET in the subdivided three-screen Alex 123 in back aught-two just afore it shut down forever in aught-four. It’s been an empty hulk, a brokedown palace ever since: Now here’s the reverse angle with new […]

Rec and Park Cancels Spring – But Here’s What Alamo Square Looks Like from the Wrong Side of the Fence

TweetI understand how it served RPD to shut down practically all of Alamo Square for more than a year, but I don’t agree with it.

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