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“Slow” #5 Fulton Driver Totally Pwns “Rapid” #5L Limited Driver on Market Street, Once Again.

TweetI’ll tell you, when I first saw the Orwellianally-named #5R Fulton from our inefficient SFMTA, I thought it stood for Regular, you know, as opposed to Limited. Isn’t that sad? Anyway, yeah, out in the Richmond District, 5Ls travel faster than 5’s, but the tables turn on Market Street, when the regular #5’s regularly pass […]

ASSIGNMENT DESK: A Patent Dispute of Concern to Hot Young Women – Local Angle! – Health Angle! – LIFEFACTORY vs. ???

TweetI’ll tell you, ONLY IN MARIN, ’cause only in Marin will you find the LifeFactory company, which makes those expensive, fashionable glass water bottles with silicone covers what are all the rage at the hot yoga the past few years. LF offers us “mobile glass solutions for modern life,” don’t you know. I’ll tell you, this […]

“Hi San Francisco!” – The New TargetExpress Store at Bush and Sansome Looks Pretty Sweet

TweetI don’t know, do you care about stores ‘n stuff? Here it is: I thought it would be like a convenience store, but no they sell cell phones and tablets and all kinds of stuff. Big, in’nt it? Now, here are your Tar-zhays, in order of size, as best I can figure: Greatland Regular City […]

SFGov Puts a Pedestrian “Bulb-Out” at an Intersection Where Peds Already Behave Very Poorly

TweetI’ll tell you, pedestrian safety means pedestrian safety. But “pedestrian rights” means the opposite, it means letting peds go around willy-nilly and getting themselves killed. Anyway, if you want to see peds jumping the green and standing around in intersections, head on over to McAllister and Hyde. Before it was bad enough, but now, peds […]

A Youthful Man in Chinatown – So What’s the Story Here?

TweetIs somebody paying him to do this (the way this guy was)? I don’t get it: Or is he just another tourist in C-Town, all by himself, checking the scene, striking a pose, and buying knickknacks?

International Incident in Chinatown: Elephant Flag Appears to be Much Larger than Neighboring US and PRC Flags

TweetI don’t know my US Flag Code, but I’m thinking you shouldn’t have your jumbo elephant flag flying at the same height as neighboring national flags. So, to fix things, you gotta shrink the jumbo flag or embiggen the PRC flag, then you gotta fly the oliphant flag at a lower altitude, and while you’re […]

A Reminder of Easter: Bad Bunny, Market Street

TweetI don’t know, I think this bunny is up to something: Click to expand

Sadly, This is the Best Photo I’ve Ever Taken of Any of the New Red Pandas at Our San Francisco Zoo

TweetI think it has to do with the lighting, or something. All the deets BTW, Spring Zoo Camp is coming March 30th to our SF Zoo. And then the summer one starts on June 1, 2015, and so on…

OMG, National Pancake Day is Coming to Your Local IHOP – FREE PANCAKES TUESDAY, March 3, 2015!

TweetI’ll tell you, the last thing I need is free pancakes, but you, you deserve it. Enjoy: I’ll tell you, I remember the first National Pancake Day. I saw the press release and told my uncle about it. So him and his buddy went to a local IHOP. It went a little something like this: […]

The Santa Clara Super Bowl 50 People Just Gave Away Actual Real Money, $2.5 Million, to Local Charities

TweetI was thinking that our local Santa Clara Super Bowl 2016 people would be giving like $500 a piece to local, corrupted, politically-connected non-profits like the Tenderloin Housing Clinic / BeyondChron, but no, the grants are $500,000 a piece and they seem to be going to legitimate charities. Wow. Of course I could tell you […]

How the SFMTA Gave Up Its Experiment at the Deadly Intersection of Yorba and Sunset

TweetI’ll tell you, our SFMTA is addicted to crazy new ideas. So like if you have an idea that’s untested, and it’s a little out there, you know, a little crazy, or crazy enough that it just might work, well our SFMTA would just loooooove to hear about it. As it was at Yorba and […]

Ah, the Sunset District: Home of Chain Stores, Unreliable Transit, and Oppressive Fog

TweetI used to live in the Sunset Part of the Sunset / Parkside Not much has changed. Anyway, the Kragen Auto Parts is owned by a different chain these days..

Old SFPD Crown Vics Never Die, They Just Go OUT OF SERVICE

TweetI don’t think this SFPD Ford Crown Victoria will be with us much longer: The funny thing is that I’ve been seeing a lot of civilianized former police cars on the streets of San Francisco and I can’t tell them from the merely out-of-service SFPD rides. Anyway, all of the SFPD’s Crown Vics are not […]

The San Francisco Chronicle’s CW Nevius Pushes Advocacy Journalism Beyond Its Limits: Rent Control at 461 14th Street

TweetIs this bit here from CW Nevius at all persuasive to you? It’s not to me. And probably it’s not to most people. And you know, they’re aren’t a lot of “tenant activists” in the bay area either. Yet CW seems to think the world is divided into two halves: 1. Right-thinking, right-side-of-the-aisle people such […]

What Percentage of the Drivers of These Cars Use Handicap Placards to Get Free Parking, You Know, Primarily?

TweetI’m guessing 66%, or 100%. (If you want to see scenes like this, head to Washington and Davis, just north of the Financh. And for some reason, handicap placard users tend to have brand new cars, and a whole bunch of Mercedes-Benz S-Classes…) Hey, here’s another question: What percentage of California physicians have ever been […]

11 Questions: Rachel Dratch on Tweety Bird, the Fonz, and dream analysis

In 11 Questions, The A.V. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee. Best known for her seven-year stint on Saturday Night Live, Rachel Dratch has since become a seasoned co-star, appearing on shows like 30 Rock and in movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Show More Summary

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Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca: Inside the Training Revolution ---- Links and Tweets:

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Judith Tarr: "What frustrated me when I started selling professionally was the push to always write female protag because ‘you’re a girl, you have to.’ Between that and the push to squeeze the stories into set marketing categories, I sometimes got cranky. Show More Summary

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.@eilperin @danbalz @PhilipRucker @igorvolsky Back in 93-4 & 08-9, when I was on the inside, press reports of inside deliberations painted a very distorted picture. Why should I presume stories this time about Romney's decision to stop...Show More Summary

Here's Proof That Birds Just Desperately Want To Be Friends With Cats

Cats are notorious loners, yet nothing will stop these extroverted birds from trying to forge a friendship. Haven't they ever seen a Tweety bird cartoon? It’s a dangerous game for birds to play with their natural predators, but oh, how they try. Show More Summary

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