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Trump Tower Renamed ‘Dump Tower’ On Google Maps: Who’s Responsible?

Trump Tower was briefly renamed “Dump Tower” on Google Maps sometime Saturday afternoon, but the culprits are still at large. Trump Tower was renamed at some point this past Saturday, PIX11 reports, and Google Map users began tweeting about the change around 2 pm. Show More Summary

Hollywood is Back, Now Filming in Golden Gate Park – But Double Parked Mercedes-Benzes Block Area Cyclists – A Yuuuge Production

TweetI’ll tell you, Hollywood just doesn’t get our local parking rules: Anyway, this is a large production, with many people and vehicles on site today near our Rose Garden Of course, RPD has Rangers on site, but they’re sitting around far away near Stow Lake. And really, the requirement to have them is more of […]

The Shrouded Trees of Masonic – A Death Row for Flora – Imprisoned in Orange

TweetI think these trees will be the first to go as a part of the Masonic Something Something Project: Not sure what the orange is for. Pretty sure these trees are on the chipper list, cause hundreds of them are. Eventually, Frisco will plant more…

Public Housing Project Posted as PRIVATE PROPERTY?

TweetI guess this sign means that not just anybody has permission to come on in. But it’s public property, right?

Frisco’s Twin Towers, the Transamerica Pyramid and the BofA Building Now Pwned by Salesforce Tower

TweetI guess Donald Trump owns about a third of the former BofA World HQ? Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, as the yet to be completed Salesforce Tower already towers over everything:

MTAP? What’s MTAP?

TweetI thought they could have been Metropolitan Transit Agency Police, but no – it’s Muni Transit Assistance Program. News to me.

The romance of the working class does not extend to nonwhites for Tweety and Biden

I know all you folks love Joe Biden. I don?t. One of the reasons why is his phony white working class schtick. Watch him on with Tweety last night. The whitewashing of the racial element of why ?white working class? voters... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

UCSF Popo Enter the Tenderloin – “UC Hastings Entering Public Safety Partnership with UCSF Police

TweetI had missed this news, but you can’t miss all the new UCSF vehicles on McAllister these days. Changing things was quite a big issue earlier this year. Anyway: “Affected members of the UC Hastings Public Safety officer’s unit have been presented various employment options if they meet required qualifications, as police officers, security guards, […]

Is This an Ad Against Frisco’s Proposed Soda Tax? – Check Out La Mission Market en la Mision

TweetIs this Coke ad / store sign new? Sure looks like it. I guess Pepsi and Coke know they’re a gonna lose on the “grocery tax” issue next month, but they just want the margin to be as low as possible?

As Seen In The Richmond: A BMW’s Last Ride

TweetI guess it’s a parts car now: More car glass gets broken in Frisco than prolly anywhere else in the world…

Frisco’s Busy Port: Grand Princess at Pier 27 and Star Princess at Pier 35

TweetI’ve never seen two cruise ships together thusly, but I guess this kind of thing happens from time to time:

EMOJICON! EMOJICON! EMOJICON! – A Celebration of All Things Emoji – Coming to Frisco Nov 4-6, 2016

TweetI ? Emoji-Con ’16! All the deets. $20, and up. You should go, Gentle Reader, and then ten years from now tell everybody how E-Con “used to be cool, like ten years ago, man.” Emojicon is a multiple day celebration of all-things emoji that will take place November 4-6, 2016 in beautiful San Francisco. There will be lots of […]

Sprig Delivery vs. the SFMTA – How Hard is It to Treat Market Street as a Place Where You Can Park a Car for 5 Minutes?

TweetI’ll tell you, I don’t have the balls to just park a ride on Market and then sass the SFMTA mounted sergeant(?) PCO’s what show up, but somebody at Sprig does, apparently. And no ticket was issued? Man, that’s lucky. (Delivering anything anywhere near the Financh is HARD, certainly.) Can’t recall seeing two SFMTA employees […]

The UPSHIFT Car Rental Delivery Service is On The Road in Frisco

TweetI hadn’t thought of this new biz for a couple years, but now here it is, spotted in the wilds of the Financh: I guess Bro here just drove a rental Prius to somebody’s home, took out his Bianchi and is now heading home? I think that’s how things work.

A New Lunch Place in the Financh: TSUKIJI NO DONBURI-MONO from THE GRUBBIES – $200 for Sea Urchin and Rice?

TweetI’m taking things slow here. Peasant Pies is gone from 303 Sacramento. In its place is this joint with no seating. This is a real business registered with SFGov. TSUKIJI suggests Tokyo’s world-famous fish market. Donburi means rice bowl – rice plus something else, in this case seafood. And THE GRUBBIES means I don’t know what. Now, […]

It’s Come To This: “FOOD BAR”

TweetI started yelling at all the people on this crowded bus, “SOYLENT WHITE IS PEOPLE! SOYLENT WHITE IS PEOPLE!” But then I saw that nobody was on the bus, and then I thought, gee what happened to all the people. Then I thought, uh oh. In closing, they’re cheaper by the dozen. Chewse wisely.

Just What Frisco Needs: More BMW Owners from Back East

TweetI guess moving to the 415 is still a thing, so you fly on over from New Yawk or Joisey and then have your Beemer loaded up in a car carrier for delivery direct to your new stoop in the Western Addition: Welcome, Auslanders.

Sassy Trump: “Tweety Trump”

2 months agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Peter Serafinowicz produces another disgraceful Donald Trump remix voicedub masterpiece. (more…)

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