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“Market Street Clean Patrol”

TweetI don’t think this is the solution, but here’s your band-aid for Market Street: Rolling daily…

Sign of the Times: “BUBBLE REAL ESTATE”

TweetI’d seen this before, but I hadn’t seen the actual sign: Still not sure how serious this venture is…

EQUINOX: Frisco’s Most Beloved Shut-Down Restaurant – Sadly, It Stopped Revolving in May 2007

TweetI guess people went here for Prom Night? Anyway, they’re super nostalgic for our one and only formerly revolving restaurant. “It’s been gone since May of 2007 and still there are reviews pouring in.” Not much has changed since it closed. Here’s an update from 2009. And here’s how it looks now: One supposes the […]

Our Google/Waze Gods Must Be Crazy: Routing Sacto-Frisco Traffic Through a “ONE LANE ROAD” in the Delta – (But It Worked)

TweetI’ll tell you, the way from Sack-Town back to Frisco is the I-80, the Great Freeway Across America. Unless there’s three accidents upon it in your Yolo / Solano (Yolano! Heh) counties area like around Vacaville (Cow-town! That’s how it translates, Amiga). So then your Google Maps gets a little crazy and suggests that Route […]

World’s Least Legible License Plate – How Close Do You Need To Be To Figure It Out?

TweetI figured it out, eventually. I guess part of states’ rights is the right to stamp out hard-to-read license plates that make things harder for law enforcement in other states…

LARGE Cessna Caravan Flying LOW Over the Financial

TweetI was surprised at how low this C208 was flying over Frisco. That’s the side of a skyscraper on the left: The landing gear is down (as it always is on this plane) but there’s also something else down there, some kind of sensor / antenna / camera / accessory attachment, one assumes: A mystery […]

Ferry Bocce: Historic OccupySF Site Now Used for Bocce Ball – A Playground for Children was the Alternative

TweetI’ve never seen this bocce court at the south end of Justin Herman Plaza used for league play, but it looks like somebody’s making a stab at it now. This was in the middle of the day. serving alcohol to passersby? And here are your sponsors: Well at least they’re finally using this wasted space […]

Bad Dog? – “No, Bad Human” – Graffiti Artist Shames the Errant Dog Owners of the Western Addition’s “Alamo Square Historic District”

TweetI think leaving dog poo on the sidewalk is just as impermissible as tagging, but sometimes two wrongs make a right? Anyway, somebody’s fed up with some of the dog owners of the Between Alamo Square And The Projects part of town...

Cosplay is for everyone! Behold the awesomeness that is Rita...

Cosplay is for everyone! Behold the awesomeness that is Rita Attreed cosplaying as the classic Looney Tunes character Granny, keeping her beloved Tweety Bird safe from Sylvester the Cat. Photo by Luke Ross. [via Geeks are Sexy]

OHHHMMMMMMMM – Area Tech Bro Reaches Zen Level of Electric Unicycle Mastery – OHHHMMMMMMMM

TweetI think I was on-campus, you know, down in The Valley, back in aught thirteen when I saw my first post-collegiate tech bro getting about on an electric unicycle. But now it’s ought sixteen and these things have spread to Frisco’s Financh. But this tech bro is a true master. He’s got his hands in […]

Perpendicular Parallel Parking: Sure, “Believe in Yourself,” But Not This Much – When “Leaning In” Goes Too Far

TweetI guess you’re driving north on Van Ness and then you start to turn east on Golden Gate but then you see a sweet sweet empty parking space in front of Yet Another Abandoned McDonalds In Frisco, well, this is what it looked like: And then after all the resultant honking, we ended up with this: […]

Indecisive Unions: Who’s Responsible for the $15 CA Minimum Wage – Unpopular Mayor Ed Lee or Lt Gov Gavin Newsom?

TweetI’m not sure what the point of these giants ads is. Anyway, here’s what you can now see in Frisco: And here’s what you now see in, well, it’s not exactly Sacramento, but let’s call it that, close enough: I don’t think we’re meant to see both these political ads.

Our SFMTA’s New Corporate Bus Terminal on Fell Near Masonic is Off to a Rough Start – Poorly-Placed SIgnage?

TweetI remember how the SFMTA kicked off its new corporate bus-only terminal on Fell betwixt Masonic and Ashbury as if it were yesterday, or the day before yesterday anyway. Way back then, the temporary signs notified locals to not park there and the locals complied. But now we have more permanent signage, see?   The problem […]

Cool Down with Melted Popsicle Art

Spider-Man, Tweety Bird, and Bubbles, from solid treats to puddles.

Adam Sandler AND David Spade Play Frisco – Tonight – We Attract World-Class Talent Once Again!

TweetI have no words: It’ll be like an updated version of the Rat Pack, I’m sure. And look, NETFLIX / TICKETMONSTER have managed to keep the service fees down to US$ 17.75… “Best Available from Venue These tickets held for: 01:19 Sec 221 Row B, Seats 1-2 $119.50 ea Buy Loge [Upstairs below cross aisle] […]

Edleeite: Official Google Results for Frisco Costco Displays Broken Auto Glass – Street Crime at Warehouse #144 in SoMA

TweetI’ve never seen as much broken glass upon the Streets of San Francisco as I’ve seen in this year, 2016, so far. The current level is redolent of the late 80’s / early 90’s, IMO. So try it, Gentle Reader. Google yourself for “Costco 144.” You get this: And that leads to this: Oh well.

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