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Trader Joe’s Parking Lot Inconveniently Located Across Four Lanes of Traffic – Was This Good Planning?

TweetI say four lanes ’cause even though the unit block of Masonic is six lanes wide at this point, the outer two are almost used for parking. Anyway, this northbound lane is a de facto parking lot for Trader Joe’s #100. This is because the real parking lot is far too small. Of course, there’s […]

Hilarious Official ACCESS INSPECTED Sign in the Richmond Suggests (But “Does Not Imply” Oh No!) Area Biz Meets ADA Standards

TweetI’m struggling to see the point of this exercise: What’s that, you support the ADA and similar laws in CA, but you hate hate hate the lawyers whose clients sue your constituents under the ADA and similar laws in CA? That’s not too coherent.

Typical Hallmarks of Bicycle Renters in Frisco: Helmetless Blonde Euros Going About in Packs

TweetI should add: … with six-ten weeks of annual vacation and the self-confidence to blithely bike about where locals generally fear to tread. NTTAWWT, but this is what it looks like:

Apparently, the Top of Twin Peaks is Closed Now, But Our Tourists Don’t Seem to Care – Four Fences Knocked Down

TweetI don’t exactly know how our SFGov wants people to ascend Twin Peaks these days – perhaps not at all. Here’s how you get down, through trampled down part of this fencing: The western peak lacks fencing, for now. And here’s the eastern peak again, also with trample down fencing: I mean no big deal, […]


TweetI guess it’s easier to apologize than ask permission… An unofficial illegal parking permit, seen in Frisco.

Sad Porsche 911 Cabrio Gets Cited for Three Different Things in Four Days – It Seems Our SFMTA is Satisfied to Ticket You Just ONCE per Day

TweetI’ve always wondered what’s holding a PCO back from citing a car for something and then coming back and citing it for the same thing an hour later. I still don’t know the answer. Anyway, this car got ticketed four times over four days (exactly once per day) last week and for three different kinds […]

It’s On, in Frisco, Feb 16th: Hollywood Fights Back Against Amazon’s IMDb Over Publishing People’s Ages – A Big Court Battle

TweetI can’t say I exactly understand why Gov Jerry Brown signed an anti-IMDb law into law last year but oh well. Anyway, Amazon is fighting back in court in little old Frisco This will be big news if Amazon wins. And Amazon has been winning of late. (Gee I hope nobody tells anybody how old […]

Party of Four, #5 Fulton – It’s Tough Carrying Stuff Around on MUNI

TweetI was wondering why nobody was sitting here, and then I saw. Back in the day collecting aluminum cans was mostly about stomping on them, you know, to save space. Sadly, we’ve lost that habit…

CBT: The Tweety Book!

Admittedly, this isn't one of the better installments of Children's Book Theater, but you might get a kick out of it anyway! Yeah, that's a pretty lame plot, isn't it? Unfortunately, that was the norm for these books, which owe much more to the Gold Key comics than they did to the original Looney Tunes cartoons!

Word On The Street: “WE SHALL OVERCOMB !!!”

TweetIs Donald Trump’s Hair a $60,000 Weave? A Gawker Investigation

Anatomical Sculptures of Looney Tunes Characters

last monthHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Artist Jason Freeny has created an awesome series of anatomical sculptures that portray popular Looney Tunes characters. Freeny‘s Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Taz, Marvin the Martian, and Daffy Duck sculptures are available to purchase from Mighty Jaxx and Collect and Display. images via Mighty Jaxx and Collect and Display via Toy People News, Technabob Related […]

Sonic Boom: Our Greater Bay Area Now has Five (5) SONIC DRIVE-INs – Photo As Seen in Cow Town – Is Oak Town Next?

TweetI’ve never had the Sonic myself – I’m too old/fat for that. But you young-uns have at it. As seen in Vaca (cow) ville (town), which still has cows, but was named after Manuel Cabeza Vaca, of course. Anyway, Oakland would seem to be an excellent fit for the Sonic – we’ll see…

Over The Line: When Passing SFMTA MUNI Buses on the Left Goes Too Far

TweetI’ve been there myself, occasionally, on the wrong side of the double yellow lines: These days, it’s harder to get past MUNI buses, and streetcars, and unnecessary street sweepers and water sprayer trucks and whathaveyou, oh well. Anyway, this maneuver might save you a minute, or two…

Trading Tongues with Tweety

Hand Feeding Baby Birds Cooper 1979 Submitter: The back cover on this one is especially interesting. He’s trading tongues with a bird??? Holly: For the love of all things holy, what is happening here? Whyyyy would you do that? Birds are to me like clowns are for Mary. I just don’t like them. Your mileage […]

Market Street’s New-Style Hot Dog Carts are Very Compact – Can Just Anybody Operate This Kind of Biz?

TweetI’m used to seeing much larger, Manhattan-style carts. Possible mothership: This is How We Eat in 2017…        

You’ll Never Guess What’s Under the Christmas Tree at This McDonalds

TweetI’m thinking a Big Mac, a Quarter-Pounder and maybe a McFish or something, the gold, frankincense and myrrh of McD’s: These are the new-school cardboard packages. But ‘member the old design? I do.

“Bank Protection Officer” Gets Pwned by the SFMTA – But How Does This Preserve Bay Area Air Quality?

TweetI ask because the Bay Area Air Quality Management District kicked in for this Toyota Prius: Doesn’t really make sense to me…

A Quarter-Million Dollar Bentley Bentayga SUV Just Sort of Blends in with Frisco Traffic – Doesn’t Look Very Special

TweetI thought it might have been just another UBER Lyft vehicle, oh well. So that’s $230k base price plus about 8% extra in CA use tax and that’s a quarter mil. Wow.

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