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TweetI think I don’t see things the way the people do: In closing, COCONUT!

Mayor Ed Lee’s Super Bowl City of 2015 on Division Looks Just the Same, But There’s Less of It Nowadays – A Two-Year Anniversary

TweetI first noticed the original Super Bowl City in the first week of December back in 2015, but I’m informed it really got going a few weeks earlier in mid to late November. Here’s how things look these days in the same basic place. Not hundreds of tents, but dozens, certainly. That’s the update.

Where Not to Double Park: Near Intersections – And Here’s Why

TweetI mean, isn’t it obvious what’s wrong here? And the kind of driver what double parks near an intersection is the kind who will obliviously start going just as you’ve committed to go on the wrong side of the street to pass them. Attention UBER / Lyft: Don’t double park near intersections in Frisco.

Frisco is the Only Big City in America Where the MSM Doesn’t Advertise Itself on Its News Vans – Why is That? – One Simple Trick

TweetI guarantee you that this is a local news van from a major network affiliate, complete with an SFPD-issued parking permit on the dash. But where are the garish graphics you’d expect to see? Well they were ash-canned due to vandalism. So if the Blac Block doesn’t know that you’re the MSM, then they are […]

Look Who’s Driving Down the Bike Lanes of Polk Street Now: That’s Right, It’s SFMTA Employees at the End of Their Shifts – Mercy Me, We Got Ourselves a CONVOY

TweetI still haven’t figured out how the SFMTA wants drivers to travel south from your greater Pacific Heights, Cathedral Hill, 101 Corridor, Polk Gulch, TenderNob, Twitterloin area. My latest theory is Hyde through the Tenderloin, but what I know is that Gough, Van Ness, and Polk ARE NOT the way to go. And guess who […]

SFMTA PCO Doesn’t Have Time for the Long Red Lights of Geary – A Legal U-Turn, But Against the Red

TweetI guess this is like an “Idaho Stop,” but for Parking Control Officers. So you stop for a red on outbound Geary, see that it will take a long time for the light to go green again and then after that it will take a long time for inbound traffic to clear enough for you […]

Say Hello to My Quite Large Friend: Distributed Antenna Systems Apparatus Popping Up All Over Frisco

TweetI wondered… …and now here’s the answer, via a SOMA ENGINEER: “It’s part of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that the mobile providers are building to increase cell phone capacity. Those antennas have been popping up all over town. A few months before the antenna is installed, a folder with about 10 printed pages will […]

Modernist McDonalds Makeover Tells the Western Addition, “We’re Not Going Anywhere”

TweetI mean, it wouldn’t make sense to put all kinds of money into the famous McD’s at Golden Gate and Fillmore if you were planning on selling out to developers in the near future, right? It doesn’t look like a McDonalds anymore, FBOW. (Reminds me of nearby Jane the Bakery somehow.) IDK how many San […]

7 ways that cheap Tweety Bird figurine can screw up your estate

Consumers dividing assets often focus on financial accounts and forget about personal property. Big mistake.

Kat Anderson Kicks Off Race to become District 2 Supervisor

TweetI guess her competition is listed here. It looked just like the kickoff for current Supervisor Mark Farrell – same location and about the same crowd size. Kissing babies and petting pets:

Spanish independence seekers protest, and co-opt Tweety Pie

Thousands protest, demanding Catalonia independence vote, as iconic cartoon character is embroiled in standoff

Know Better Your Richmond District Bike Thieves – Caught in the Act, Left Tools Behind – A Car Jack Hack

TweetI’ll tell you back in the day, bicycle thieves aspired to take your whole bike, so they’d carry around Volvo car jacks the better to pry open your old-school Kyptonite U-locks. Then U-locks got better and the parts market became bigger, so now we’re in the Era of Frankenbikes with people stealing, tearing down, and […]

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Free, Ad-Supported, Electric Charging at Serramonte – THE MALL HAS IT ALL

TweetI guess the ad is what’s new here – I’ve never seen this: Serramonte Center is your prototypical mall. It’s undergoing an urbanist-inspired makeover that makes it an even less attractive place to go to. I’ll tell you, I’m not going to go there and then complain about going there on a regular basis, it’s […]

The Great Median of Masonic is Upon Us

TweetI don’t exactly agree with those who wanted this new median, but nobody asked me. The relatively new one on nearby Divisidero hasn’t worked out.

de Young Museum: Extended Hours for Final Weekend of “The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll”

TweetI liked this show. All the deets, including info on extended hours for the grande finale, Man: Extended Hours for Final Weekend of The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll WHAT  Extended hours for final weekend of The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll  – with more than […]

Life-Size Statue of Donald Trump Eating 'Tweeties' Turns Heads in New York City

The Trump sculpture from the "Pissing Pug" artist mocks the president's endless Twitter addiction.

The Free Parking Abusers of Geary – If Your Primary Motivation for Getting a Handicapped Placard is Free Parking, You Don’t Need It

TweetI was on the edges of C-Town for a little while, on Sac above Grant so actually the traffic’s not too bad. Anyway, I (eventually) noticed that all the cars parked on the block (or my side of it, anyway) had handicapped placards AND that no Parking Control Officers were coming around. Could that be […]

Great Job, Internet!: Read This: The mistake Chuck Jones couldn’t get over in “What’s Opera, Doc?”

Warner Bros. cartoons are still amazingly enjoyable, especially considering they all had the same basic plot: Wile E. Coyote chases Road Runner. Sylvester chases Tweety Bird. And Elmer Fudd hunts for his ultimate prey: the uncatchable Bugs Bunny. Show More Summary

This Tall Palm Tree has a Secret Purpose – You’ll Never Guess What

TweetI guess somebody promised to put up a non-ugly cell phone tower and this is the result: IDK…

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