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Rec and Park Cancels Spring – But Here’s What Alamo Square Looks Like from the Wrong Side of the Fence

TweetI understand how it served RPD to shut down practically all of Alamo Square for more than a year, but I don’t agree with it.

The Reason Some Businesses STRONGLY APPROVE of Unisex Bathrooms: Boy & Girl —> Anybody & Nobody

TweetI’ll explain: The Out Of Service one has been Out Of Service for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Half the bathroom = half the work, more or less

Frisco’s Narrowest Street has got to be Goldberg Lane, Right?

TweetI’m mean, c’mon, just look at it: Can I get a hell yeah? I think I’ve gotten one here. So step off, Elim Alley, and make way for the new king…

Prototype And Code: Creating A Custom Pull-To-Refresh Gesture Animation

Pull-to-refresh is one of the most popular gestures in mobile applications right now. It’s easy to use, natural and so intuitive that it is hard to imagine refreshing a page without it. In 2010, Loren Brichter created Tweetie, one of numerous Twitter applications. Show More Summary

Move over Gigi, Tweety the canary is modeling's new fresh face

Have you ever looked at a picture of someone's pet and thought "Huh, that animal is definitely better looking than me"?  You don't have to say how many times. It's OK. No one's judging. SEE ALSO: Watch this flock of birds form hauntingly...Show More Summary

Our SFMTA “Disappears” the Pedestrian Bridge it Hates So So Much – The One Over Geary a Webster – Uh Oh

TweetI didn’t build this bridge over Geary, I’m not responsible for it. But guess what, SFGov put this bridge in, a while back. And then SFGov decided that removing the bridge was “essential” to the Geary BRT project. (The R in there stands for “Rapid,” as if calling something rapid makes it rapid.) Anyway, here […]

How Hard is It to Get People to Post “CUT THE GEARY BRT” Posters on Geary? Not Very

TweetI haven’t done an inventory, but I saw three of these in three blocks of the inner Inner Richmond the other day: Geary “BRT,” of course, is the plan to replace buses on Geary with … buses on Geary. (The “R” in BRT stands for the same thing the R in the #38R stands for […]


TweetI’ll try to pay off on this headline. See? And see? So what’s a predator? IDK. Nearby, say within a half-mile or so, we have/had (exotic, red) foxes: Und coyotes, yah? I’ve seen these kinds of COYOTE ALERT signs near the PREDATOR STUDY area. Here’s one coyote critter from farther away back in the day, […]

Tesla Model S Uber/Lyft Car

TweetI don’t know if it makes sense to drive an $80,000+ electric car as an UBER Lyft, but some ppl do:

Sprint’s Giant Sidewalk Ad on Market Near Third

TweetI guess putting the ad on the bike and then parking it here for tout le monde to see makes this exercise almost legal: It was there the day afore as well. That’s using your noodle, Sprint!

An Afternoon SFPD “Sting” Operation to Enforce the Mandatory Right Turn on Market Inbound at 6th – Two Vignettes

TweetI’m sure you all know all about the No Left Turn and the rarer No Right Turn, but this here is about the No Straight at 6th Street on Market Street inbound. Now of course this enforcement action wasn’t an actual sting operation as: It wasn’t bike riders getting ticketed, and There was no subterfuge. […]

Trader Joe’s Parking Lot Inconveniently Located Across Four Lanes of Traffic – Was This Good Planning?

TweetI say four lanes ’cause even though the unit block of Masonic is six lanes wide at this point, the outer two are almost used for parking. Anyway, this northbound lane is a de facto parking lot for Trader Joe’s #100. This is because the real parking lot is far too small. Of course, there’s […]

Hilarious Official ACCESS INSPECTED Sign in the Richmond Suggests (But “Does Not Imply” Oh No!) Area Biz Meets ADA Standards

TweetI’m struggling to see the point of this exercise: What’s that, you support the ADA and similar laws in CA, but you hate hate hate the lawyers whose clients sue your constituents under the ADA and similar laws in CA? That’s not too coherent.

Typical Hallmarks of Bicycle Renters in Frisco: Helmetless Blonde Euros Going About in Packs

TweetI should add: … with six-ten weeks of annual vacation and the self-confidence to blithely bike about where locals generally fear to tread. NTTAWWT, but this is what it looks like:

Apparently, the Top of Twin Peaks is Closed Now, But Our Tourists Don’t Seem to Care – Four Fences Knocked Down

TweetI don’t exactly know how our SFGov wants people to ascend Twin Peaks these days – perhaps not at all. Here’s how you get down, through trampled down part of this fencing: The western peak lacks fencing, for now. And here’s the eastern peak again, also with trample down fencing: I mean no big deal, […]


TweetI guess it’s easier to apologize than ask permission… An unofficial illegal parking permit, seen in Frisco.

Sad Porsche 911 Cabrio Gets Cited for Three Different Things in Four Days – It Seems Our SFMTA is Satisfied to Ticket You Just ONCE per Day

TweetI’ve always wondered what’s holding a PCO back from citing a car for something and then coming back and citing it for the same thing an hour later. I still don’t know the answer. Anyway, this car got ticketed four times over four days (exactly once per day) last week and for three different kinds […]

It’s On, in Frisco, Feb 16th: Hollywood Fights Back Against Amazon’s IMDb Over Publishing People’s Ages – A Big Court Battle

TweetI can’t say I exactly understand why Gov Jerry Brown signed an anti-IMDb law into law last year but oh well. Anyway, Amazon is fighting back in court in little old Frisco This will be big news if Amazon wins. And Amazon has been winning of late. (Gee I hope nobody tells anybody how old […]

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