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Let’s Check Up on How Well Getaround Car Rental Company is Maintaining Its SFMTA-Designated Parking Spaces – Uh Oh

TweetI’ll just start with this: The fundamental purpose of the SFMTA’s massive street sweeping program is to make money for the SFMTA. So that’s been the situation over the years, but then came the rise of the rental car companies, you know, like Hertz and whathaveyou. So then the SFMTA made deals with Hertz and […]

Fantasy Football Week 5: Flex Rankings, Waiver-Wire Targets and Projections

With the first quarter of the NFL season in the books, your fantasy lineup probably looks like the Tune Squad's bench from Space Jam. Injuries are piling up, and we all need to call in some reinforcements. No, not Tweety Bird. Or Bill...Show More Summary

WORD ON THE STREET: “Freshly Made Dog Food, Delivered” – It’s Come To This

TweetI’m not sure if this kind of thing was what the Founders of the Golden Gate Park PANHANDLE COMMUNITY BOARD had in mind: Now let’s give this new bidness a name: DnnrDog (Pronounced “dinner dog”) And here’s your logo. (My creative fee will be 2.5% of DinnrDog.)

Signs of Life in the Outer Richmond

TweetI hadn’t realized the concentration of businesses on this stretch of Balboa until I saw this giant sign:

SURPRISE! Local Airbnb-Type Room Letter OPPOSES Prop F – Let’s Read “Emey” Meyerson’s Take on SF’s Airbnb Mess

TweetI don’t know who Medium Corporation‘s Emey is – what, a Scott Wiener fan, an Airbnb room/unit letter, a person who also makes money from “marketing, politics?” Anywho, I sort of asked for somebody to tell me why Prop F is bad right here, so I’ll read through this and respond, you know, in real […]


TweetI’ll take “Famous Tourist Traps” for $400, Alex!   Oh what’s that, our “urbanists” have recently “activated” the “streetscape” of Jefferson? Well, that makes it EVEN WORSE. prolly DO NOT WANT. HOW ABOUT NO?

Open-Air Paint Booth, Ashbury Street – I’m Thinking Somebody Drove Around Frisco Like This

TweetI know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking, But Will It Drift? Well, with plastic wrapped around the tires, the answer is YES

YES ON PROP F Fever Sweeps Over Frisco (AFAIK) – Spotting New Posters About Town – “FIX THE AIRBNB MESS”

TweetI looked for signs like these afore, but didn’t see them. Now, in mid-September, I’m seeing them – that’s the update:   Here’s a nice write-up from a neutral source: “Prior to February 2015, the city banned private, short-term rentals, but did not dedicate sufficient resources to fully enforce the law.”

Outrageous: Area Attorney Takes It Upon Herself to Issue Subpoenas to Compel Attendance at SF Rent Board Hearings? – WTF

TweetI’ve never heard of this, page 7: What what? “Page 7 of the Minutes of August 18, 2015 A. Status Report Letter to Attorney Regarding Unauthorized Use of Civil Subpoenas in Rent Board Proceedings At the July 14th meeting, Executive Director Wolf told the Board that Attorney Karen Uchiyama has been issuing civil court subpoenas […]

One Direction’s Liam Payne Says He’s Not Homophobic But Gay Pride Flags At The Group’s Concerts Drive Him Insane

4 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

In an effort to clear his name from previous accusations of homophobia, One Direction’s Liam Payne is featured on the front cover of the current issue of UK gay magazine Attitude. The boy-bander, who first came under fire for tweeting his support of antigay Duck Dynasty clan’s “family values” last year, expressed his disappointment in […]

Prop F Update: Let’s Look at Both Sides of SF Proposition F (2015), the Airbnb Law – Fixing Frisco’s Broken Short-Term Rental Mess

TweetI’ll tell you, I don’t care what you do or where you rest your noggin at night. Now I think it’s noteworthy when I spot Airbnb users in the Western Addition or the Sunset or wherever, ’cause they stand out (without realizing it) like a sore thumb, but I don’t have anything against tourists milling […]

Just asking: Does the SFMTA Give Sufficient Notice of Its New Fee / Tax to Credit / Debit Card Users?

TweetI don’t really park at parking meters so I don’t know if this photo shows the first notice our SFMTA gives users of it’s new credit card tax: (Of course, such surcharges are generally banned under CA law (CCC section 1748.1), except the law has a few loopholes, one of which the SFMTA has taken […]

Historic Yelp Typo for Expensive SoMA Flophouse: “We Had Bats In Our Room” – Should Be Gnats? Cats? Rats?

TweetI’ll tell you, this blows me away: “…Best Western Plus Americania recently posted rates of $460 a night.” Isn’t that a tad pricy, you know, considering? Anywho, Andrea M says: “We had bats in our room…“ “ This can’t be right, right? It’s gotta be gnats, right? Are bats attracted to humidity? One assumes not. But […]

Press Release: “Statement on the Status of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s Driver License” – The Importance of DMV Form SR1

TweetI don’t know, I tell people to be sure to file their SR1 form with the DMV all the time, but nobody seems to care all that much about it. They say, “I’ll let my insurance company take care of that.” That doesn’t exactly match the rules – oh well. Anyway, here’s the latest on […]

Boy, Our SF “City Family” is Really Counting on Stealing the Oakland Warriors from Oakland – “LET’S GROW WARRIORS?”

TweetIs there anything wrong with leaving the Golden State Warriors in Oakland? Anyway, here’s the scene in Golden Gate Park – I can’t imagine this arboreal/sports clothing line program “makes money” for our City Family, but rich like having fun too, and this is one way for them to do it: What’s next, “Let’s Grow […]

Chris Matthews Distorts Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism

Chris Matthews wants infighting in the Democratic Party, naturally because it's good for ratings to have more melodrama. He wants a drastic distinction between Hillary Clinton, who is not far enough to the right for Tweety, and Bernie Sanders, who he'd like to portray as a radical Socialist. Show More Summary

SFGov and Traders Joe’s Both are In Denial of This Persistent Jaywalking Problem at the First Block of Masonic

TweetI suppose I’ve been harping on this issue over the years. Who created this problem? SFGOV, including  the Planning Department, for starters. Who can do a better job of fixing things? SFGOV, including the SFMTA, for starters. And IDK, SFPD and DPW? And Trader Joe’s as well. Here’s a recent example, just a couple of […]

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