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IT’S COME TO THIS: The Doughbies “Doughbus” Will Deliver Freshly Baked Cookies to You Within 20 Minutes? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

TweetI haven’t checked up on this ad yet, but I gotta say that I don’t think Doughbies is going to make it as a company. And that’s my Haterade, sorry. And what if the Doughbies deliverer only had to give you something intangible, say something like a kiss on the cheek? Well, even then, I […]

The Original Names Of 10 Cartoon Characters

last weekHumor / odd : The Presurfer

image credit: nagi usano Like most kids, you probably grew up watching all the standard cartoon characters - Mickey Mouse, Tweety, and Betty Boop. But had different decisions been made, your Saturday mornings might have been occupied by Mortimer, Orson, and Nan instead.Find out what 10 of your favorite cartoon characters were nearly named. The Presurfer

The Original Names of 10 Cartoon Characters

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Mickey and Tweety were once known as Mortimer and Orson.

Our SFCTA SFMTA Tries to Impress the Feds But Loses Box of Public Comment Cards? – Geary BRT – 75 Million Smackers

TweetIs this the box what got swiped from the basement of St. Mary’s the other day? I think it is! (That’s what some railfan/urbanist/Googler told me, and this particular demographic has ne’er lied to me yet.) And what’s that, the whole point of this meeting was primarily to be able to tell the FTA that […]

Getaround Rent-A-Car Attains Personhood Status – Big Corporation Granted Coveted Residential Parking Program (RPP) Permits?

TweetI thought you needed to prove that you lived (or worked, in some cases) in the area in order to qualify for the Residential Parking Permit Program. Is Getaround Rent-a-Car now a resident in the 94117? So you can’t park in Getaround Rent-a-Car’s (formerly public) parking spaces for even one minute, but Getaround Rent-a-Car can […]

Parallel Parking v. Diagonal Parking – Look What Happens When You Try to Nose Into a Space and Then Block a Big MUNI

TweetI don’t what this articulated bus was doing at Pine and Fillmore but I DO know that this driver was making a spectacle of herself: Thusly: All the local yokels could do was stare with mouths agape: IDK, maybe she was claiming firsties on a rare empty parking space, but the lesson here is that […]

de Young Museum Launches Official App – Uses Interactive 3D Mapping and Indoor Positioning Technology – iOS Only, for Now

TweetI’ll have to dig up my iPod Touch to check this out sometime: “de Young Museum Launches Official App App uses Interactive 3D Mapping & Indoor Positioning Technology SAN FRANCISCO (October 29, 2015) – The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are pleased to unveil the official de Young Museum app. The de Young collaborated […]

The SFMTA Put Suicide Lanes in on 7th Avenue in Order to Create Traffic Jams Where None Existed Before?

TweetI’ll tell you, back in the day the SFMTA and its predecessors wanted people to use 7th Avenue, but look at this – stop-and-go traffic the likes of which I’ve never seen afore in the Inner Sunset: (Man, 9th Avenue flows better than this, and that’s saying something.) I’ll tell you, 6th Avenue is a triple beam […]

Let’s Check Up on How Well Getaround Car Rental Company is Maintaining Its SFMTA-Designated Parking Spaces – Uh Oh

TweetI’ll just start with this: The fundamental purpose of the SFMTA’s massive street sweeping program is to make money for the SFMTA. So that’s been the situation over the years, but then came the rise of the rental car companies, you know, like Hertz and whathaveyou. So then the SFMTA made deals with Hertz and […]

Fantasy Football Week 5: Flex Rankings, Waiver-Wire Targets and Projections

With the first quarter of the NFL season in the books, your fantasy lineup probably looks like the Tune Squad's bench from Space Jam. Injuries are piling up, and we all need to call in some reinforcements. No, not Tweety Bird. Or Bill...Show More Summary

WORD ON THE STREET: “Freshly Made Dog Food, Delivered” – It’s Come To This

TweetI’m not sure if this kind of thing was what the Founders of the Golden Gate Park PANHANDLE COMMUNITY BOARD had in mind: Now let’s give this new bidness a name: DnnrDog (Pronounced “dinner dog”) And here’s your logo. (My creative fee will be 2.5% of DinnrDog.)

Signs of Life in the Outer Richmond

TweetI hadn’t realized the concentration of businesses on this stretch of Balboa until I saw this giant sign:

SURPRISE! Local Airbnb-Type Room Letter OPPOSES Prop F – Let’s Read “Emey” Meyerson’s Take on SF’s Airbnb Mess

TweetI don’t know who Medium Corporation‘s Emey is – what, a Scott Wiener fan, an Airbnb room/unit letter, a person who also makes money from “marketing, politics?” Anywho, I sort of asked for somebody to tell me why Prop F is bad right here, so I’ll read through this and respond, you know, in real […]


TweetI’ll take “Famous Tourist Traps” for $400, Alex!   Oh what’s that, our “urbanists” have recently “activated” the “streetscape” of Jefferson? Well, that makes it EVEN WORSE. prolly DO NOT WANT. HOW ABOUT NO?

Open-Air Paint Booth, Ashbury Street – I’m Thinking Somebody Drove Around Frisco Like This

TweetI know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking, But Will It Drift? Well, with plastic wrapped around the tires, the answer is YES

YES ON PROP F Fever Sweeps Over Frisco (AFAIK) – Spotting New Posters About Town – “FIX THE AIRBNB MESS”

TweetI looked for signs like these afore, but didn’t see them. Now, in mid-September, I’m seeing them – that’s the update:   Here’s a nice write-up from a neutral source: “Prior to February 2015, the city banned private, short-term rentals, but did not dedicate sufficient resources to fully enforce the law.”

Outrageous: Area Attorney Takes It Upon Herself to Issue Subpoenas to Compel Attendance at SF Rent Board Hearings? – WTF

TweetI’ve never heard of this, page 7: What what? “Page 7 of the Minutes of August 18, 2015 A. Status Report Letter to Attorney Regarding Unauthorized Use of Civil Subpoenas in Rent Board Proceedings At the July 14th meeting, Executive Director Wolf told the Board that Attorney Karen Uchiyama has been issuing civil court subpoenas […]

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